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Elms Update

 American elm leaf
Q1, 2010 Activity
SOE planted 23 new trees during the annual spring planting event in March.  Thank you volunteers!  The trees, a mix of resistant elms, maples and birch, were provided and planted free-of-charge to homeowners.  Davey Organicare generously donated stump grinding services, and Multnomah County provided staff to pre-dig holes.
It's still too early in the season to confirm new incidents of Dutch elm disease.  We're watching the elms on Lavender Street, across from the stand lost two years ago, closely and will provide an update with our next newsletter.
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Party This Saturday!
SOE is very fortunate to have tremendous donors and volunteers.  We're hosting a party this Saturday, May 1 to show our sincere appreciation for the collective success we had over the past year.  Please join your neighbors at the Lucky Lab for appetizers and entertainment between 2:00 and 5:00.  Whether you stay a little while or the whole while, just be sure to join us.  The food and your first beer are on us!
If you know of others in the neighborhood who may be interested in becoming a supporter, please forward this invite along.  It's a great opportunity to get involved with SOE.
Tree Care: The End, and the Beginning
In March, SOE concluded a three-year project in conjunction with the Bureau of Environmental Services to help homeowners with street tree maintenance.  The project was designed primarily to clean dead elm wood from the canopy.  SOE provided vital maintenance to 80 elm trees and 85 other tree varieties.  The matching funds resulted in over $71,000 worth of pruning!  We thank the homeowners who made this important investment in the neighborhood.  Learn more about pruning elms.
Also in March, SOE and neighborhood volunteers planted 23 new trees in Ladd's Addition.  If one of these beautiful trees was planted in front of your home, please give it the essential watering care it needs this summer - 10 gallons of water per week.  Make the job simple to remember by drilling a small hole in the bottom of a 5 gallon bucket and placing it at the base of the new tree.  Fill it up twice a week. Easy!
Spring Pledge Drive 
In addition to helping preserve the wonderful street trees that make Portland so livable, SOE coordinates tree planting, stump removal, pruning and much more.  It's expensive and essential work that improves the value and beauty of our neighborhoods.
In 2009, 73 donors contributed over $9,000 to support SAVE OUR ELMS  programs. Individual contributions make up two thirds of SOE's annual budget and are the foundation of the program's success.
Please make a donation today!  You can help the 2010 pledge drive by sending a tax-deductible contribution to: SAVE OUR ELMS, 1630 SE Elliott Ave  Portland, Oregon  97214. Thank you!
Tree Inoculation Day - Join Us! 


SOE's annual elm tree inoculation is just around the corner.  Please join us and your neighbors for this very important event.  Approximately 90 trees will receive treatment this year.  Inoculation has had a significant positive impact on saving the majestic American Elms that grace our neighborhood.  Contact Toby Deming at to become a volunteer.
Inoculation Day is happening June 26. We'll get started in Palios' Elm Room. Agenda:
   8:00 am: Annual SOE meeting.  (Everyone is welcome.  Optional for volunteers.) 
   8:30: Volunteers meet for orientation and instructions
   9:00: Inoculation begins
   11:30: Break for lunch
   12:30: Finish inoculating any remaining trees


Greener Than Ever 
The photos at left are before and after examples of a neighborhood decimated by Dutch elm disease. It's not difficult to see the similarities between the top photo and Ladd Ave.  Thankfully, our streets have been spared the aftermath of the bottom photo due to your support of the inoculation of 600+ trees AND the planting of 600+ trees in Ladd's Addition over the past 20 years.
Would you like to see how our neighborhood has changed since 1990?  Give Google Earth a try; it's free. It's Google Maps on steroids, and it has a very cool "historical imagery" feature that allows you to see the changes in Ladd's Addition over time. The best thing you'll see?  A canopy that is larger and more complete than ever.
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