The HTA will continue to monitor Tropical Storm Ana as it nears the Hawaiian Islands through updates from the National Weather Service and Hawaii Emergency Management Agency. 

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October 2014: In This Issue
HTA Announces Ahamele Concert Lineup for November
Hawaii to Reach a Record 11.1 Million Air Seats in 2014
Meet Our Team Member: Miki Wakai
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Oct. 16-18 (Kauai)

Oct. 26 (Maui)

Oct. 30-Nov. 9 (Oahu
Nov. 13-15 (Hawaii Island and Kauai)

Nov. 1 (Hawaii Island)
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Market Updates 


YTD through August                      2014              2013       %Chng

Visitor Expend. ($ mil.)            $9,993.2         $9,787.0          2.1%

Visitor Arrivals                        5,597,764       5,591,531          0.1%

The full report is available here


Oct-Dec                                        2014                2013      %Chng

TOTAL SEATS                         2,813,804         2,653,936         6.0%

Domestic                                1,886,347         1,731,604         8.9%

International                             927,457            922,332         0.6%

The full report is available here.

HTA Announces Ahamele Concert Lineup 

for November

Next month, the HTA will be hosting two free concerts as part of its 2014 Ahamele: Monthly Hawaiian Music Series on Hawaii Island and Oahu. Read more

Hawaii to Reach a Record 11.1 Million Air Seats in 2014

Maintaining air access to the state is a key priority for the HTA, as it provides Hawaii's visitors and residents with the ability to travel to and from the Hawaiian Islands. As an island state, this is essential for a thriving visitor industry and tourism economy.


In 2014, the HTA is projecting that total nonstop scheduled air seats to the state will reach a record 11.1 million seats, which is 3.9 percent higher than 2013. Air seats from major market areas, including North America, Oceania and parts of Other Asia continue to increase. Read more


Inaugural Beach Volleyball Championship

in November 2014


The HTA is supporting the first-ever Pac Rim Sand Volleyball Championship as a new HTA Signature Event this year. The four-day event will be held over the Thanksgiving Day weekend from Nov. 27-30 at Queen's Beach in Waikiki.


Beach volleyball has become one of the fastest growing and most successful emerging sports in the world, and is ranked among the top most watched sports during the summer Olympics, according to the event organizers. Read more

Meet Our Team Member: Miki Wakai

Last year, Miki Wakai joined the HTA as a brand manager to oversee Hawaii's largest international market, Japan. Working collaboratively with the HTA's contractor, Hawaii Tourism Japan (HTJ), Miki helps to ensure that HTJ's marketing efforts are in line with the HTA's strategic plan to drive demand and revenue for the state. 


Recent economic reforms in Japan have led to the first consumption tax increase in 17 years (from 5% to 8%), with another increase planned in 2015. Coupled with the strengthening of the dollar against the yen, Japanese travelers have recently become more cautious in their discretionary spending. With these market changes, Miki has been working with HTJ to find new and innovative ways to promote travel to the Hawaiian Islands in this mature market. Read more.

HTA recognizes the use of the 'okina ['] or glottal stop, one of the eight consonants of the (modern) Hawaiian language; and the kahakō[ā] or macron (e.g., in place names of Hawai'i such as Lāna'i). However, HTA respects the individual use of these markings for names of organizations and businesses. Due to technological limitations, this current communication may not include all Hawaiian diacritical markings.