Tourism Month 2013: In This Issue
Mark Your Calendars for the 2013 Hawaii Tourism Conference
Tourism Recovery Benefits Us All
Local Teens Find Value in Hospitality Industry
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More visitors going 'off the beaten path' (Pacific Business News, 4/12/13)

Tourism Authority gives $1.4M in grants (Honolulu Star-Advertiser, 4/16/13)  
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Aug. 22-23
HTA Tourism Conference 
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YTD through March                    2013               2012        %Chng

Visitor Expend. ($ mil.)          $3,933.9          $3,654.6           7.6%

Visitor Arrivals                     2,126,418         1,984,956           7.1%

The full report is available here


May-July 2013                           2013               2012        %Chng

TOTAL SEATS:                       2,752,288        2,570,032            7.1%

Domestic:                             1,908,046        1,823,961            4.6% International:                          844,242           746,071          13.2%

The full report is available here.

Mark Your Calendars for the 2013 Hawaii Tourism Conference, Aug. 22-23, 2013

Headlining the 2013 Hawaii Tourism Conference is editor-at-large for National Geographic Traveler, author of The New York Times best-selling travel memoir, "The Longest Way Home," and actor of a number of films including,  "Pretty in Pink," "St. Elmo's Fire" and "Less Than Zero," Andrew McCarthy.  Conference attendees will hear some of his personal stories of the transforming effect of travel and his perspective on what visitors seek in travel. Read more 

Tourism's Recovery Benefits Us All
This Op-Ed by Mike McCartney, president & CEO, HTA, ran in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser on May 12 in celebration of Hawaii's Tourism Month and National Travel & Tourism Week.

We are thankful that 2012 was an exceptional year for Hawaii's visitor industry, highlighting record highs in arrivals and expenditures, and we are working hard to exceed these records this year. While it is easy to see how the visitor industry is prospering, the benefits reach far beyond Hawaii's tourism economy.

Every day, an average $44 million was spent in Hawaii from January through March 2013: $21 million on Oahu, $12 million in Maui County, $6 million on Hawaii Island and $4 million on Kauai. This money was generated by visitor spending from meals and transportation to souvenirs and experiences, supporting hundreds of businesses across the state, contributing $5 million in state tax revenue per day. Read more

Local Teens Find Value in Hospitality Industry

Written by a Mililani High School Student after attending the Second Annual Lead, Expose, and Inspire (LEI) on April 5. LEI is organized by ClimbHI and supported by the HTA.
In today's day and age, Hawaii's local teenagers are not fully aware of the importance of the hospitality industry to Hawaii's economy. And as Hawaii's next generation, it is crucial that we understand the role that the hospitality industry plays in our local economy so that we can improve it. The LEI program aims to educate Hawaii's teens about the hospitality industry and hopes to bring more awareness to the wide variety of possible careers. Read more
HTA recognizes the use of the 'okina ['] or glottal stop, one of the eight consonants of the (modern) Hawaiian language; and the kahakō[ā] or macron (e.g., in place names of  Hawai'i such as Lāna'i).  However, HTA respects the individual use of these markings for names of organizations and businesses.  Due to technological limitations, this current communication may not include all Hawaiian diacritical markings.