NOTE: This is a revised issue of the March 2013 HTA E-Bulletin.

Please see update below under the Airlift Outlook section.

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In Remembrance of March 11, 2011
Continued Growth from One of Hawaii's Fastest Growing Markets
Hawaii Community Foundation to Manage HTA's Product Enrichment Program
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HTA Anticipates Record Airlift in 2013 (Travel Weekly, 2/18/13)
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January 2013                        2013              2012        %Chng

Visitor Expend. ($ mil.)    $1,434.2          $1,356.9           5.7%

Visitor Arrivals                  681,854            643,616           5.9%

The full report is available here


NOTE: The airlift outlook statistics are currently being revised. We will update the HTA website once the report is available. We apologize for any inconvenience.  

In Remembrance of March 11, 2011

March 11 is a day to remember, to be thankful, to live aloha. Two years ago on this day, the people of Japan were shaken by natural disasters that changed their lives forever. Many lost their homes, their way of life, their family and friends. Yet they remained strong and showed the world their resilience and calm during difficult times, and today continue to move forward boldly into the future. However, the sadness and loss they have endured can never be forgotten.


Let us never forget and always remember. We send our aloha and gratitude to the people of Japan. And let us be thankful that we live in Hawai'i, where we have a special connection with the island nation of Japan. Our relationship is more than business and tourism - it is one of historical significance that runs deep within our social DNA.


On behalf of the HTA and Hawai'i's tourism industry, we want to extend our remembrances and our aloha to our family and friends in Japan on this anniversary of the March 11th Tohoku natural disasters.

Continued Growth from One of Hawaii's Fastest Growing Markets

Oceania, which includes Australia and New Zealand, is the one of the state's fastest growing major market areas, reporting year over year growth in 2011 (+32%) and in 2012 (+33%) with 278,919 total visitors who came to the Hawaiian Islands. The HTA anticipates continued growth in 2013, targeting 348,650 visitors and $794.9 million in visitor spending as a result of increased airlift from Oceania. Read more


World's Most Prestigious Hula Festival Celebrates 50th Anniversary

 2011 Merrie Monarch Festival Winners

The Merrie Monarch Festival will be celebrating 50 years of hula from March 31-April 6. The HTA-supported event, held annually on Hawaii Island, perpetuates and promotes the art of hula and Hawaiian culture through a week of exhibits, demonstrations, performances and parade, leading up to the three-day hula competition. Read more

Hawaii Community Foundation to Manage HTA's Product Enrichment Program

The HTA has selected the Hawai'i Community Foundation (HCF) to manage two of its Product Enrichment Program's (PEP) including the Community-Based Natural Resources and Kukulu Ola: Living Hawaiian Culture programs. HCF will be responsible for helping to publicize grant opportunities to the broader community, and assisting with strategic planning to ensure the programs continue to benefit local communities. Read more

HTA recognizes the use of the 'okina ['] or glottal stop, one of the eight consonants of the (modern) Hawaiian language; and the kahakō[ā] or macron (e.g., in place names of  Hawai'i such as Lāna'i).  However, HTA respects the individual use of these markings for names of organizations and businesses.  Due to technological limitations, this current communication may not include all Hawaiian diacritical markings.