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Wesley, Angela, and Landon Linam
Wesley, Angela, and Landon currently live in a home built in the 1950s. The house has old wiring, lead-based paint, and termites in the roof, while poor insulation makes it very cold in the winter and hot in the summer.
The Linams
have long desired to own their own home and hope to grow their family and provide their children with a safe place to call home. Owning a home in Lakeside will completely change their lives!

Wesley proudly served our country for five years as a member of the United States Navy and now works with veterans at the VA.  The Linam Family is currently working on their sweat equity (little Landon is a favorite around the office!) and are looking forward to joining the "Building for the Brave" community in Lakeside. 
Many hands make light work!

Habitat Restores in Escondido and Mission Valley are in need of volunteers!

Assist customers in this dynamic retail environment, or help organize and present merchandise.  The ReStore provides integral support to SDHFH, and your time makes a difference!

Click here for a detailed description of activities.

Contact Shandy Arwood at 619-283-4663 x116 or click here to sign up today! 
A BIG "thank you" to our recent sponsors who make our home-building possible!

















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Seeking to put God's love into action, Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope.
Volume XVII, 2014

Remembering Our Mission - Doing God's Work Through Service 
On a day that began like most any other, Rick Rodriguez, Manager of the San Diego Habitat for Humanity ReStores, appreciated the classic beauty of San Diego from behind the wheel of his Habitat truck on a morning donation pickup. His route led him to a nice neighborhood to pick up some "old tools" and "old building materials," where a very sweet elderly lady answered the door at his first stop.  She directed him to meet her in front of the garage and thoughtfully proceeded to tell him what was to be taken and what wasn't, to avoid any misunderstandings.  As a veteran to the trade, Rick recognized many carpenter's tools and asked her if they were her husband's. She meekly replied they were and asked how he knew. Upon admitting that he had once been a carpenter himself, she looked at him intently and asked Rick if he might have known him. When he explained that he was from the Coachella Valley and doubted he had ever met her husband, she grew sad. Moved by her emotion, Rick asked if her husband was still with us, and she replied that, sadly, he had passed away last year.


When she began to weep, Rick comfortingly touched her shoulder and reminded the woman that her husband was surely still with her. She expressed how difficult it would be to let these cherished items go, but despite Rick's offers to do otherwise, asked that he please take them. He promised that the tools would be treated with the respect that they deserved, which was met with a smile and sincere thanks for his kindness. 


Too often we become complacent in the things we do daily at work and tend to forget the "mission" we are on. Rick was deeply humbled by this experience and in being reminded of his commitment to doing God's work. If you stop into the Restore and ask, Rick will admit that he will never forget the faces and the sentiments these generous and grateful people have had on his life.


"I pray and hope all of us at Habitat for Humanity, especially the ReStore, always remember, never forget, and understand the depth of the work we do. If we can get "ourselves" out of the way, it will inevitably be a memorable and moving experience-I know it has been for me." -Rick Rodriguez 

San Diego Habitat Welcomes Sarah Fields
San Diego Habitat for Humanity is happy to welcome its newest member, Sarah Fields, to the team! A San Diego native, Sarah's background in urban planning and faith-based community organizing makes her a deeply appreciated asset in fulfilling Habitat's mission to build simple, decent and affordable homes for ownership by local families in need.

Despite her San Diego roots, Sarah has spent most of her professional life in New York, after completing her Bachelor's degree in Metropolitan Studies and Politics, and Master's degree in urban planning and economic development, in the city that never sleeps. Sarah joins Habitat as Faith Relations and Community Development Coordinator after serving in roles as diverse as field researcher, program director, and service learning educator-not to mention a year-long fellowship in Tel Aviv, Israel to study religious and cultural meaning of the region.


As a member of AmeriCorps, Sarah channels her background in religious after-school programs and Jewish community organizing into resource development, while acting as a liaison to unify diverse partners. Through the AmeriCorps Volunteer in Service to America (VISTA) program, Sarah offers a year of national service with the aim of building the capacity of our nonprofit organization. Sarah seeks to bolster San Diego Habitat's faith-relations and community development by building and maintaining relationships with local religious institutions and communities.


Sarah embodies Habitat's mission as a nonprofit organization to build partnerships on common ground and to put faith into action. Houses of faith in San Diego, that reflect the diversity of this beautiful county, can support Habitat by volunteering or sponsoring home building. Inspired by theological and religious principles of the Jewish community, she calls her own; Sarah facilitates collaboration of these faith communities to secure housing as an inalienable tenant of human rights.


Sarah looks forward to connecting with you and your church, synagogue, temple or mosque, to create brighter futures for all San Diegans in need. 


Welcome, Sarah! 

Serving Those That Have Served Us
Habitat for Humanity is committed to serving more than 400,000 veterans that proudly call San Diego County their home. The Repair Corps program is designed to help veterans thrive by creating healthier, safer home environments through critical repairs and improvements.


This month, with the help of The Home Depot Foundation funding, the Repair Corps program purchased a brand new trailer for a veteran and his wife living in terrible conditions. For the past six years, this humble couple had been living in a poorly constructed trailer room addition with huge holes in the boards and walls, a dirt floor, and a blanket for a front door. They had slept on the ground and curled up in a loveseat, where neither could stretch out entirely.  Habitat was able to finally provide them the bed that they deserved! The veteran's wife is blind and plagued by diabetes, making walking difficult. Her life, she explained, has improved immensely because she is able to sleep on a real bed!


In a single day, their old home was demolished and after spending their last night sleeping on the ground, their new home was delivered by the next morning! Habitat offered to put them up in a hotel but they declined. Their attitude was that they would sleep under the stars and enjoy the outdoor experience.


These humble and happy individuals act as a testament to resiliency and the inspirational ability to be content with whatever life has in store. The couple could not be happier! They are very appreciative and grateful for their new home and the change it has made in their lives!  



All A-Board!
Four prestigious business and community leaders have recently become members of the Board of Directors of San Diego Habitat for Humanity.

Dan McAllister
San Diego County Treasurer-Tax Collector  

Paul Yong
VP of Corporate Tax, Chief Tax Counsel, Sempra Energy       

Cami Mattson
Director of Community Relations,
Cox Communications

James (Jim) Mastrogany  
Senior Vice President,
Bank of America 

These members join a dynamic Board of Directors committed to strengthening San Diego Habitat for Humanity's mission to create home ownership opportunities for low-income families in need by offering a hand up, rather than a handout.
You're Invited!
San Diego Habitat's most recent community in Lakeside is complete!  Countless volunteers and sponsors came together to make SDHFH's first "Building for the Brave" community a reality. 

Join us on Saturday, October 11th at an open house to learn about current homeownership and volunteer opportunities.

This is a rare chance to see a Habitat home completed and staged, so we hope to see you there!  Click here for more details.

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