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The Cars for Homes program provides you an opportunity to get rid of that old car, boat, truck, or RV and to help Habitat for Humanity build affordable homes in our community. When you donate your vehicle, it is sold at auction and the proceeds are used to build and renovate homes for local families in need. This tax-deductible donation benefits you and Habitat, but you're also helping the environment - recycling your car saves energy and natural resources. Your donation goes a long way, so call us today!

For more information, visit the Cars for Homes website here or call 1-877-277-4344.
There's a lot happening at Habitat these days, and we have volunteer opportunities all over the county!  We need volunteer assistance at several construction sites and in both ReStores.  Please visit to sign up!
A BIG "thank you" to our recent sponsors who make our home-building possible!






Chalice Unitarian Universalist Congregation 
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Seeking to put God's love into action, Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope.
Volume XVI, 2014

Building Homes in Three Minutes Flat!


Have you ever wondered what it looks like to build a house in five days? Now you can see the action in three minutes flat! The Home Builders Blitz took place in Escondido last month, and during all five days of the building process Habitat had a camera set up, constantly recording the progress of the homes. This footage was put together to make a time-lapse video that can be viewed below. Watch to see the amazing work of Habitat, its volunteers, and sponsors! 

2014 Home Builders Blitz Timelapse Video
2014 Home Builders Blitz Timelapse Video
Habitat Is Coming To The Heart Of San Diego


For people who are not Habitat volunteers, it's rare to get a chance to see a build in action. From August 14-19, we will give those who live and work in the downtown San Diego community an opportunity to see what Habitat's mission is all about. 


Habitat is bringing its newest homes to Horton Square for the third annual Habitat Off Broadway event.  Throughout the week, sponsors and volunteers will build the frame of one of the homes for this new affordable community. When they are finished, the home will be broken down into manageable pieces and moved to the final build site in El Cajon. 


Bringing awareness to Habitat and its mission is crucial to its success. Habitat Off Broadway does just that. Come downtown and witness this unique event!  A big thank you goes out to all of our generous sponsors who make Habitat Off Broadway possible:


First Building For the Brave Veteran Homeowner Purchases Home


From 2004 to 2010, Stephanie proudly served our country as a member of the United States Navy. Now, she is serving her family by purchasing a home through Habitat for Humanity's Building for the Brave program that provides affordable homeownership opportunities for wounded veterans. Stephanie works hard to provide for her family and wants nothing more than to have a safe place for her two daughters and her son (pictured below with Stephanie) to call home. Stephanie is the first homeowner to purchase a Habitat Building for the Brave home in Lakeside. 


Stephanie and her family currently live in a small apartment in Lemon Grove. Her landlord does not respond to maintenance requests, leaving the responsibility to Stephanie to find temporary and potentially hazardous solutions to those problems. The apartment is poorly insulated and extremely cold during the winter, but the landlord will not allow SDG&E to provide free weatherization services. In addition, the neighbors on either side of the apartment play loud music late into the night, despite multiple requests to turn the music down.  The kids are awakened from their much-needed slumber several times a week.  


Stephanie never thought she would realize the dream of homeownership, but Habitat is turning that dream into a reality. She really enjoys the work she does at the build site to complete her "sweat equity" and is quickly completing those hours. Stephanie and her family were present at the Home Builders Blitz in June and she spoke a few words at the closing ceremony. The Building for the Brave program can provide so much to families in need, just like Stephanie's, one home at a time. 



photo credit: Resolusean Photography 

AmeriCorps Team Helps Revitalize Neighborhoods
The AmeriCorps NCCC team with NRI Manager, Anne Marie. 
photo credit: Resolusean Photography

The Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRI) kicked off at San Diego Habitat for Humanity in 2013 and it has made quite an impact. The program aims to provide necessary housing renovations/repairs and community engagement throughout San Diego County.  


Habitat recently had the honor of hosting an AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC) team that was here for five weeks.  During their stay, they made major strides in the Escondido community, where they focused their NRI efforts. 


The AmeriCorps team consisted of ten members between the ages of 18-25 who have chosen to dedicate about 46 weeks of service to a certain region, traveling within that region during their term of service. During the five-week stay in San Diego, the team provided some incredible assistance with quite a few projects, including the 2014 Home Builders Blitz, the renovation of rundown Rustic Park, and the A Brush with Kindness program. Work ranged from conducting surveys before work on a community begins, to clearing out brush and debris from a build site, and working on the home build sites.   


The team went beyond their day projects and engaged fully in the communities with whom they interacted with at Interfaith Community Services, the organization that housed them for the five weeks. They became close to the homeless and veterans they met there and gave back to Interfaith by cleaning up and restoring one of their yards. This was the first AmeriCorps NCCC team that SDHFH has hosted.  We could not have asked for a better group of people to partner and work with.  Thank you, AmeriCorps NCCC Class 20 Team Blue 4

Meet Cindy Lindahl, ReStore Dispatch Associate

Working at Habitat has meant heading in an entirely new career direction for Cindy. She has been a stay-at-home-mom, worked in mortgage banking, and in the medical field.  Working at Habitat is definitely a readjustment for her, but she is reminded, "It's just a different way of serving God and serving people."   


Cindy says that being part of Habitat and working in the ReStore is rewarding because she knows that what we all do together, whether it be dispatcher, receptionist, cashier, general customer service, a driver or a volunteer, the ReStore's end goal of taking in and selling donated items is what helps Habitat accomplish its goal of building homes and making home ownership a reality for those in need in our communities.  


It is a very rewarding feeling knowing that she gets to play a role in the life-changing process that Habitat provides. It makes her happy to know that these new homeowners are in a safe environment and are getting a brand new start; their children, if they have them, have a safe place to play and don't have to worry when they lay their heads down at night. Also, her faith is important to her, and she appreciates that she can live it every day while she works to better our community. 


She says,"Working with a great group of people who work their hearts out and help each other just adds to of the many reasons why I choose to be part of the Habitat For Humanity ReStore Team."


We're glad you're a part of the team, too, Cindy!


You can give Cindy a call at 619-516-5267 to arrange for pickup of your donation of home furnishings or building materials. 

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