Newsletter of Contemporary Artists of Southern Arizona           April 2012

Board of Directors




Sandy Brittain and

Marti White


Lorrie Parsell



JoAnne Hungate



Miriam Otte


Immediate Past President

Jo Ann Daly



Carol Ann

Paula Porter (helper)

Fran McNeely (helper)



Pat Duncan

Vanessa Dearing

Jennifer Clark (helper)



Carmen Williams

Jill Ballesteros (helper)



Eileen Dudley

Sharyn Binam


Website Manager

Cherrie Lucerne-Martin



Carol Chambers



Marti White

50/50 for 2011-2012


The board has decided that the money from the 50/50/raffle this year will go to help members who find their dues or mini-workshop fees are more than their budget can manage. Please contact the appropriate chairperson, Pat Duncan for dues or Carmen Williams for mini-workshops, to apply for help.

Class Listings for

Catherine Nash and Robert Renfrow


click for class schedule

Monotype Workshops

with JoAnne Hungate 


JoAnne offers watercolor monotype workshops in her studio for 2 or 3 people. $65 for a half day workshop with al materials furnished. Contact JoAnne at: johungate3@gmail.com.

 Wisdom Words
Steps to Deal with Failure
1. Reframe - try to look at the situation from different angles.
2. Revise - change your direction - look for new ideas to help you move forward.
3. Refocus - put your old plan behind you and embrace your new path.
"No great work has ever been produced except after a long interval of still and musing meditation."
    __Walter Begehot
"The creative person wants to be a know-it-all. He wants to know about all kinds of things: ancient history, nineteenth century mathematics, current manufacturing techniques flower arranging, and hog futures. Because you never know when these ideas might come together to form a new idea. It may happen six minutes later or six years down the road. But creative people have faith that it will happen."
    __Carl Ally
"Daily silence experienced in humility and fervor as an indispensable exercise in spiritual nourishment gradually creates within us a permanent state of silence. The soul discovers in such a silence unsuspected possibilities. It realizes that life can be lived at different levels."
     __Pierre Lacout
"It's not uncommon for people to spend their whole life waiting to start living."
     __Eckhart Tolle
"The possibilities are numerous once we decide to act and not react."
     __George B. Shaw
Workshops with
Andy Burgess
Andy Burgess is an artist offering one-day workshops in his newly built studio in mid-town Tucson. His first workshop is scheduled for March 31, 2012. The cost is $110, time is 10am to 5pm with lunch included. Discounts are available. Contact Andy at:

Journey in Art


At our December meeting, we shared stories that related to our lives as artists. Sharyn Binam has compiled them into a very readable and informative article called "Journey in Art." Click on the link below to read about your fellow CASA members and get to know them better.


Click for stories 

Ruth Canada
Look for this painting in the April issue of
Southwest Art
Mad Bad Bird  Ruth Canada
It is time to pay your dues for 2012-2013. $35.00 is due March 1 and overdue after April 1. Please see the membership chair at a meeting or get a form from the website and mail in your dues to the post office box.

Archived Newsletters 


Please check the web site for archived newsletters. Go to the contact page and click on "archives" to see back issues.


Sharyn Binam
Commercial Stamps   Sharyn Binam

Next Meeting: Friday, April 6, 2012


9:30 am (social time 9:00-9:25 come early)


St. Francis in the Foothills United Methodist Church 

4625 E. River Road, Tucson, AZ 85718



Impressing and Imprinting with Stamps

 with Sharyn Binam


Sharyn Binam is a self-educated artist who believes that a little knowledge is, indeed, a dangerous thing. And a great deal of knowledge offers even more fun. Thus, one of her first three words was 'Why?'. This particular attitude continues to define her personal and artistic life. And so, Sharyn is an avid researcher and experimenter (and note taker at CASA meetings).


Sharyn has written 17 books on decorative painting and was a contributor to 6 multi-author books including Painting with the Pros. She is a Certified Decorative Artist with the Society of Decorative Painters; a Certified Professional Demonstrator and Certified Craft Designer with the Craft and Hobby Association. Sharyn taught acrylic painting internationally for over 20 years.   Her present fascination is with drawing and she specializes in pen and ink, graphite, silverpoint and colored pencils. She loves collage simply because it is fun and there are so many new things to learn.


Reap the benefits of Sharyn's recent investigations on Impressing and Imprinting with Stamps at the April meeting. She has prepared 12 pages of detailed information that will be included with the next newsletter.


One of the principle aspects of collage and mixed media is the attention given to placing interesting textural elements in art work. Stamps are used to make texture, pattern and imagery. This presentation is technique oriented: using objects and recycled materials as stamps; incorporating commercially made stamps; and making handmade stamps. Sharyn will cover all the 'Hows', the 'Whys' and the 'What ifs' and has 125 samples prepared. These will be passed around for up close examination.


There will be no mini-workshop in April as our meeting falls on Good Friday and the church needs to use the space in the afternoon. Minis will be back in May!


Have you got an idea for a program or mini-workshop that you would like to see on the calendar for next year? Is there something about mixed media art that you would like to learn or something about art in general? Please share your ideas with Carmen Williams before the end of May. Plans are already in the works for next year and we want to bring you what you want to hear and do!

  Carmen's phone number is 575-8064 and her e-mail is carmengw@cox.net

  New Way to Accept Credit Card Payments


Artists who wish to accept credit card payments for their work now have two options if they have a smart phone. Intuit Go Payment and SquareUp offer credit card readers that attach to these phones and allow credit card payments on the spot. There is a set-up process for each service which is easy to do and it is free. Once the account is set up and the card reader delivered the service can be used immediately. The service also lets you know instantly if the credit card you are reading is OK. Your portion of the sale is directly deposited into your account. Each service, GoPayment and Square, provides free credit card readers and charge 2.75% on all major credit cards including American Express.


 Check out these links for further information:




Either are an artist's dream come true.


Thank you, Jo Ann Daly for this information!

New Officers for 2012-2013

Elected at our March 2012 meeting


President - Marti White

Vice-President - Sandy Brittain

Secretary - Jan Huthoefer

Treasurer - Miriam Otte


Thanks to these members who stepped up to the plate and agreed to lead CASA for the next year.



Exhibit Opportunities at Tohono Chul Park Gallery


Mesquite Exhibit


click here for prospectus


Pollinator Exhibit


click here for prospectus

Valentine Thank You
One hundred Valentines were distributed to hospitalized children at TMC Pediatric Ward and UMC Diamond Children's Center. Thank you to the members who made cards, especially those who made more than one. Also a special thank you to Paula Sherick-Jimenez and her family who made 20 cards. All the cards were great and were very much appreciated by the children's wards. THANK YOU!
Bernita Brisson, Project Chair

Want to Show Your Work?


You may have noticed the small gallery to the left as you enter the narthex at St. Francis for a CASA meeting. The art committee at St. Francis reviews prospective exhibitors once a year. You may exhibit your work for a month in the gallery. The church takes a 40% commission on any sales. All sales go directly through you. You may have a small reception either on a Sunday when there are lots of people there or on another day if you arrange with the office to use the room that day. To apply for an appointment to show your work to the committee, call Ellie Vought at 250-8777 or e-mail her at archeort@gmail.com. The committee will be meeting on March 24 to set up the schedule for the next year (beginning this spring).



  Classes with Deanna Thibault


Mondays at the SAWG Gallery

Wednesdays in her new studio

Tuesdays in Green Valley at

the Performing Art Center


Call Deanna for details and to sign up at 907-6108



Your Most Important To-do List
from The Tiny Buddha
1. Smile at yourself - Smiling at yourself can make you feel just as good as when someone else smiles at you. You smile at your friends your family colleagues, peers, even strangers, so why not show that same love to yourself?
2. Smile at others - Whether you smile at a loved one or smile at a stranger, it's a great happiness booster for all involved.
3. Commit an act of kindness - Whatever you do, being kind to others is a win-win situation, and one kind act can often lead to another, and another, and another - creating a ripple effect of kidness and love.
4. Laugh - Everyone loves to laugh, and with all the scientific research showing just how much we benefit from it, there's no reason not to enjoy a good giggle everyday.
5. Say thank you - Taking time every day to think of, or write down, everything you are grateful for is an amazing way to boost your happiness and see the world in a more positive light. Gratitude shared is even better, so say thank you to someone who helped you out, buy a card or send an e-mail.

Committee Chairs for 2012-2013 
The following persons have agreed to fill the appointed positions for standing committees for 2012-2013:
Programs: MaryEllen Passaro
Exhibits: Carol Chambers
Membership: Sandy Brittain and Paula Porter - co-chairs
Workshop: Lorrie Parsell and Jo Ann Daly - co-chairs
Mini-Workshops: Carmen Williams and Jill Ballesteros - co-chairs
Publicity/Website: OPEN
Newsletter: Marti White

We are still looking for someone to manage the website with our webmaster, Ryan Lanigan, and design and order postcards for some of our shows. We are also looking for someone who would be an assistant treasurer at meetings to manage the collection of money and checks and to train with Miriam to become treasurer in 2013-2014. Contact Lorrie Parsell if you are interested in either of these positions.
Changes to the CASA Constitution

The following changes to the constitution were voted on and passed at the February meeting of CASA:
Article I - Name and Purpose
Section 2 - Purpose
2. These purposes shall include, but are not limited to, promoting mixed media (changed from collage) as a fine art medium, encouraging fellowship and mutual support among mixed media artists, providing a variety of educational opportunities to expand skills and enabling public exhibitions of members' art work.
3. CASA has as its primary purpose the advancement and development of mixed media (changed from collage) as an important art medium. To achieve that objective CASA shall provide for its members and supporters as many educational and cultural benefts as are deemed practical. CASA shall provide carefully planned programs that include activities such as workshops, study programs, demonstrations, and meetings designed to stimulate its members in the art of mixed media. (omit collage)
4. Mixed media shall be defined as using more than one medium in a work of art. (added #4 line)

 CASA Spring Workshop Features
Robert Burridge

Two more participants are needed for this workshop to happen! If you have just been thinking about doing the workshop but not sure about it, please consider making the commitment and joining the group. You will be glad you did!
Robert Burridge, an internationally recognized, award-winning California artist, teacher, author and publisher is coming to Tucson on March 21,22 and 23, 2012 to present one of his dynamic workshops at the Unitarian Universalist Church, 4831 East 22nd Street, Tucson.
Burridge has been winning prizes for his art since he was in the sixth grade. He was named some years ago by the Los Angeles Times as one of California's top ten emerging artists and is a winner of the prestigious Philadelphia Watercolor Society Crest Medal, previously won by such artists as Georgia O'Keeffe, Andrew Wyeth and Pablo Picasso. He created twelve huge abstract paintings for the film, "Dean Quixote," and won first place honors for his abstract painting at "Affair in the Gardens" in Beverly Hills.
Burridge currently exhibits his work in California, North Carolina, Arizona, Oregon and Hawaii. He is on the faculty at Allan Hancock College in Santa Maria where he teaches painting, and has been presenting workshops all over the U.S. and abroad for the past twenty years.
Here are some workshop attendees' unsolicited written comments:
"Out of 25 workshops - this is the best I've ever attended."
"A shot of confidence."
"Learned new ways to let go and paint!"
"Not like any workshop teacher I've ever had."
"I liked the freedom and permission to do my own thing."
"The hardest I've ever worked, the most I've ever learned."
Check out Bob's website by clicking here. You can sign up for his free e-mail newsletters which are full of art tips and Bob-news.



Contents Exhibit



 Last Show of the Year at Northwestern Mutual Financial Network 


Your last opportunity to show your work with CASA this year is set for April 16 through July 6, 2012 at Northwestern Mutual Financial Network, 1760 E. River Road, Suite 247. Jurying for this show will be April 6, 2012, during the April meeting at St. Francis in the Foothills. The show will be juried by Cynthia Miller. A prospectus is available by clicking on the link below. 

click here for a prospectus

Letter from the Presidents


Our year is almost over and it has seemed to fly by. We have two more meetings in this season and one more exhibit for you to enter. April will find our own Sharyn Binam demonstrating her expertise at stamp making and the use of both personal stamps and commercial stamps in texture development for your paintings. In May, Mary Ellen Palmeri will return to do another demonstration and workshop on using pen and ink in your mixed media art work. We hope that many of you will continue to enjoy the fellowship and educational opportunities of CASA. We will be asking you to help us with planning for next year with a survey in April of the kinds of programs that you would like to see next year. What are you wishing someone would help you learn that would be of value in your own work? Are there things about the art world that you would just like to know more about? What have you liked about this year's programs and what have you not liked? Would you like us to help you start some small groups that are focused on a particular aspect of mixed media work or just fellowship and support? How can we, your board of directors, serve you better? We always want to be sensitive to what you want and how we can make CASA more valuable to you, its members. We have appreciated all the ways you have been supportive to us as your presidents this year. We think CASA is a very special group of people and are looking forward to yet another great year.


Sandy Brittain and Marti White, Co-Presidents

Sheryl Holland at Kirk Bear Canyon Library




Shirley Wagner  Urban Composition #3
Carol Ann                      Percussion


Carol Ann invites you to see her exhibition at the Jewish Community Center.
Pease come to the reception on Tuesday, March 20, from 2-7pm. 

Arizona Encaustics 2012 at The Drawing Studio


 Look for work by CASA member Diane Bailey-Haug









Abstract Acrylic Paintings



by Sheryl Holland

Tucson International Airport

Upper Level, Far East End

February 6 - May


Be sure to see them during your next trip to the airport! 

Treasurer's Report 


Bank Accounts



          Balance as of February 9, 2012              7401.86

          Revenue                                                2670.82

                         Disbursements                                        -653.89

                         Ending Balance                                       9418.79                        


 Savings            Balance as of February 9, 2012               4488.67

                         Revenue                                                      0.18

                         Disbursements                                              000

                         Ending Balance                                       4488.85


Petty Cash                                                                          60.00


Grand Total                                                                                  13,967.64




Collage 101 Articles from Sharyn Binam


Sharyn has made these interesting tutorial articles available for you to use in better understanding how to work in mixed media/collage.


Air Dry Clay

click here for downloadable pdf file


Picture Planning Worksheet

click here for downloadable pdf file  


Seven Principles

click here for downloadable pdf file


Color Theory

click here for downloadable pdf file

Collage Inventory

click here for downloadable pdf document


Acrylic Mediums

click here for a downloadable pdf file

The Basics of Collage

click here for a downloadable pdf

Pouring Class with Francheskaa


Arizona Art Supply


Four classes in each session - Fridays from 10:00am to 12:30pm.

Session One begins March 9

Session Two begins April 13

Session Three begins May 11

Session Four begins June 8


The cost is $80.00 for the four classes


Call 388-5555 to register


CASA Members in the News 


Mary Kunkel has a continuous show of abstract art at Wild Orchids Salon and also at Etna Insurance on First Ave.


Wanda Hein has one of her watercolor paintings in a recent book, Shall We Gather at the River, by E. Reid Gilbert. The book is available in book stores and at www.Amazon.com  in both hard and soft cover. 

Pat Dickson taught a class in color basics January 10 through March 6 for The Drawing Studio's OATS program. The OATS program provides free classes for seniors at a number of libraries in the Tucson area.


JoAnne Hungate teaches watercolor monotype workshops in her studio. The workshops are one half day for $65 with all materials furnished. Contact JoAnne at johungate3@gmail.com.


Carol Ann will be exhibiting at the Jewish Community Center from March 15 - April 12. The opening reception is Tuesday, March 20, from 5-7pm.


Southwest Art Magazine has invited Ruth Canada to participate in a special section. Mad, Bad Bird can be seen in the April, 2012 issue.


Mary Jane Lyon sold a large abstract from the Sheraton SAAG show.


Jan Huthoefer's work will be displayed at a new shop in Old Bisbee, "K's" at 52 Main Street. The new store is operated by Katie and Jim Harrelson, Jan's daughter and son-in-law. Also for sale will be Jim's jewelry and music DCs and Katie's photographs, as well as serapes, pottery and many beautiful and inexpensive baskets all made by the Tarahumara Indians located in a remote area of Mexico. The shop hopes to open March 3. Contact Jan for more info at Jhuthoefer@cox.net or 520-803-9657.


Carolyn Quarnberg has a collage/assemblage piece accepted into the National Collage Association's 100th Anniversary Exhibition in Pagosa Springs. The work will be placed in a permanent museum collection at the end of the exhibition.

Marti White's collages, Asian Journey and Circle Dance, have been accepted into Galex 46, a national juried show at the Galesburg, IL, Civic Art Center. The show will run from March 10-April 7, 2012.

Marti White's paintings, A Golden Glow, All That Jazz and Basket Fragments  have been accepted into Fayetteville, NC, Technical Community College's 3rd Annual Juried Exhibition. The show opens on February 17 and runs through March 23, 2012. A Golden Glow is also included in "All Women," Light, Space,Time's international online competition for February. Visit the show at www.lightspacetime.com. Her piece is in the mixed media show.


Marti White's collage, Heaven Meets Earth, is included in the special recognition section of the March on- line exhibition of Light, Space, Time. Look for it at www.YouTube.com. There are two sections of the exhibit. Marti's piece is in the second video. The whole show is worth a look.


Carol Ann will be at the Jewish Community Center from March 15 - April 12. The reception, open to the public, will be held on March 20 from 5-7pm. 


Francheskaa and Deanna Thibault are showing at Northwestern Mutual Financial Network, 1760 N. River (at Campbell.)


Nina Beland has a painting in the current exhibit at Old Pueblo Grille, 60 N. Alvernon. Enjoy lunch and a great exhibit now through April 9.


Lorrie Parsell and Barbara Brandel will be exhibiting work in the lobby and Suite 109 of the Pioneer Building at 100 N. Stone Ave. in Tucson. The show is the seventh in a series of exhibitions organized by the Tucson Pima Arts Council to showcase artwork by Pima County artists. Both artists will be exhibiting collage work. Lorrie creates her work with a no-brush method that produces intense color and multiple textures. The exhibit will continue through March 28, 2012. Viewing hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm.


The International Society of Acrylic Painters 4th Annual Signature Member's Show (online) includes paintings by Carol Ann, Glass House XXVII, and Marti White, Yellow Spot.


Deanna Thibault's painting, Sabino, has been juried into the Western Federation Watercolor Society's 37th Annual Exhibit.


Ten of Ruth Canada's bird paintings are hanging in the Fire and Spice Southwestern Grill at the Sheraton Hotel, 5151 E. Grand Rd., through April 16, 2012. Run for Your Life was sold at the SAAG Sheraton Show.


Sandy Brittain and Carol Chambers will have a show at the Campus Christian Center, 715 North Park Avenue, Tucson, AZ 85719 (across from the main entrance to the U of A campus), January 9, 2012 through March 12, 2012. 


Del Marinello has a permanent display at the Coyote Grill on La Canada in Green Valley.


Lois McDonald has four paintings at the SAAG Sheraton show continuing until April, 2012. 


Diane Haug has two pieces accepted into the Columbia River Gallery in Troutdale, OR.  


Carol Ann is currently represented by Artworks in Austin, TX and Convergence Gallery in Santa Fe, NM. Carol Ann will also have two pieces in the Attorney General's Office Exhibition, Tucson, which is sponsored by the Arizona Arts Alliance. These pieces will hang from October through February. 


Elizabeth Quinn-Worrall will be advertised in the Arizona Collector's Guide for 2012.


Marti White and Lois McDonald are featured in a new online book by Sue St. John called, "A Walk Into Abstracts, Vol. 3." 


Lisa Mishler will be teaching at The Drawing Studio this year. Abstract Painting April 9 - May 4. She will also be teaching ongoing Abstract Painting classes at Toscana Gallery on Wednesdays from 10am - 1pm starting September 14.


Blue Raven Gallery and Gifts new show, "Crazy for Color" features work by Sandy Brittain, Jo Ann Daly, JoAnne Hungate, Patti Lewis, Carolyn Quarnberg, Gwen Sossong and Marti White. The show runs through March 24, 2012.

Jo Ann Daly is represented in the SLFA show at Old Pueblo Grille which runs until early April. She also has two of her works in the SAAG "Artist Showcase" at the Sheraton Hotel.  


Deanna Thibault won an Award of Excellence and Marti Wite won an Award of Merit at SAWG Gallery's "Experimental and Innovative Works in Water Media" exhibit. Marti's collage, Remnants, sold during the exhibit.


Del Marinello and Romy Angle will be in a new show "Vive Les Artistes" at the Community Performing Arts Center Gallery in Green Valley from March 2 - April 1, 2012. The reception is on Friday, March 9, 5 to 7pm. Del and Romy will also be participating in TCA's Open Studio Tour at the Gallery on March 16-18 from 10:00am - 4:00pm. They will both be painting that day.

Look for work by CASA artists Sandy Brittain,
Jo Ann Daly, JoAnne Hungate, Patti Lewis,
                        Gwen Sossong and Marti White                            

Notes from Kathleen Sharp's Presentation


Sharyn Binam generously takes notes on our presentations and prepares them for you to print out for yourself. Attached is a downloadable pdf file that you can access by clicking below.


click here for notes from Kathleen's presentation

Members Who Have Need of Our Thoughts and Prayers 


Wanda Hein has been doing better and is looking for a new apartment. She would welcome your phone calls and cards.


Naomi Spitzer recently had corrective eye surgery in San Francisco. The surgery was not successful and she is recuperating at home. Please keep her in your thoughts. 


Cleo Teissedre has recovered well from her recent surgery. However she is tied down at home caring for her husband, Jack. She would love to hear from you - calls and visits are welcome.


Sara Luz recently had shoulder replacement surgery and is doing well at home. She would enjoy hearing from members.



Please send any items for the newsletter to Marti White at martiaz@simplybits.net. The deadline for the May, 2012, newsletter is April 10, 2012. The May newsletter is the last one until the September, 2012 newsletter - deadline August 10, 2012.

Marti White

Contemporary Artists of Southern Arizona

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