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April 25, 2013 through May 2, 2013
WV Calendar Of Events
Dragon Pride Commendations
TSA Shines at States
Counselor Corner
8th Grade Chorus Concert Reminder
7th Grade Advanced Chorus
WV Spring Barbecue - Friday, May 3
Artist in Residence
7th & 8th Grade Spring Athletics
Before & After School Activities
Letter Day 2012-2013 Update
5th-6th Grade Transition Information
Ongoing: Important High School Transition Dates
Parent Volunteer Opportunities for 2013-14
Families Helping Families
LMSD Among First in Nation to Earn US Dept of Education Green Ribbon Schools "District Sustainability Award"
Summary of the April 15, 2013 School Board Meeting
The Coaltion for Youth - "Make the Call, Take the Call" Letter
Join the Sean King Best Buddies Friendship Walk Team
CMITES - Time to Register
The Lower Merion Players Present "Moon Over Buffalo"
Tickets for Harriton Night at the Phillies
Green Council of LMSD - Meeting Schedule
The Nelly Berman School of Music presents a free concert
Save the Date - Bala Cynwyd Library Re-Opening
Register for EFLM's Run for Our Schools
Summer Writing and Reading Enrichment Program Registration
Community Links
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WV Calendar



Thursday, April 25

  • 8th grade Choral Concert 7 pm 



Friday, May 3

  • Spring BBQ (during lunches) (rain date 5/10/13)
  • Jazz Festival 7 pm

Tuesday, May 14

  • ISC General Meeting 9:30 am 
  • 7th & 8th Grade Band/Orchestra Concert

Wednesday, May 15

  • 6th Grade Band/Orchestra Concert

Friday, May 17

  • Movie Night 7:30 pm
  • Music in the Parks (Instrumental & Choral)  

Friday, May 24

  • Early Dismissal 11:55 am (no lunch served) (Staff Development Day)

Monday, May 27

  • School Closed (Administrative Offices Closed)


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Dragon Pride Commendations
Random Acts of Kindness

Weekly Dragon Pride Student Commendations

We are pleased to recognize our Dragon Pride Commendation award winners. The following students were recognized by our staff for demonstrating Random Acts of Kindness or Contributing to the Welsh Valley Community. We encourage all students to do the right thing for the sake of it being the right thing to do.  We want to recognize students for good deeds, sometimes with a smile or thank you, other times with a commendation.  But our overall goal is for our staff with the commendation program is to acknowledge students for doing the right thing in the most genuine sense.  The Character and Citizenship Committee and WVMS faculty would like to thank these students for helping make Welsh Valley a better place.

Congratulations to the following students for receiving a "DRAGON PRIDE" commendation for the Week of April 15th.


8th Grade

Cal Bibeau


7th Grade

Lauren Dymek

Serhat Sakarcan  


6th Grade

Lauren Binnion

Paul Barnhouse
Colin Flanagan
Elle Seward 

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TSA Shines at States

Welsh Valley traveled to Seven Spring, Pennsylvania last week to compete in the 35th  annual TSA State Competition and returned home with more top ten awards and more top three trophies than any other school in the state for the third consecutive year.  Students competed and placed in events ranging from website design and digital photography to manufacturing and construction systems.  Many of the competitions take place onsite while others require months of research and team work on subjects ranging from biotechnology and inventions and innovations.  TSA will be traveling to Orlando, Florida this June to compete at this year's national competition.  Be sure to commend all students involved in TSA, as they all contributed to the team's overall success.

Agriculture & Biotechnology - Auggie Gerike, Elizabeth Wong, Tim Delliville, Jordyn Schwartz, Rishika Reddy, Joyce Gu - 2nd
Agriculture & Biotechnology - Catherine Liu, Sindu Soundararajan, Johanna Doherty, Sophia Sassoli, Katie Lee, Asher Johnson - 7th
CAD Design - Maxwell Koerner - 2nd
CAD Design - Asher Johnson - 4th
CAD Design - Harper Lyon - 10th
Calculator Robots - Zach Masterman - 3rd
Calculator Robots - Octavio Kim - 4th
Career Prep - Josie Blumencwejg - 4th
Career Prep - Anna Swider - 5th
Chapter Team - Evan Hassman, Ryan Kreiser, Josie Blumencwejg, Anila Ghosh, Ron Nafshi, Etan Ginsberg - 1st
Chapter Team Written - Etan Ginsberg - 3rd
Chapter Team Written - Ryan Kreiser - 8th
Chapter Team Written - Anila Ghosh - 9th
Communications - Samarth Gowda - 2nd
Communications - Catherine Liu - 10th
Community Service video - Colin Scholler, Tim Delleville, Filip Barun, Yohann Rurange, Rowan Hassman, Etan Ginsberg, Octavio Kim - 4th
Construction - Yohann Rurange, Maxwell Koerner, Adam Judkowski, Ishan Bhatia, Samarth Gowda, Sophie Rebbeck, - 1st
Delta Dart - Ryan Kreiser - 6th
Digital Photography - Josie Blumencwejg - 5th
Digital Photography - Melanie Metz - 8th
Electrical Applications - Etan Ginsberg - 3rd
Environmental Focus - Ron Nafshi, Johanna Doherty, Samarth Gowda, Catherine Liu, Sophia Sassoli - 2nd
Essays On Technology - Etan Ginsberg - 3rd
Go Green Manufacturing - Colin Scholler, Harper Lyon, Ishan Bhatia, Sophie Rebbeck, Sindu Soundararajan, Kiran Khurana - 4th
Honorable Mention- Mason Jiang
Inventions & Innovations - Jordyn Schwartz, Joyce Gu, Emma Smith, Asher Johnson, Ben A, Zach Masterman, Zeke Millrood - 8th
Leadership Strategies - Anila Ghosh, Elizabeth Wong, Sophia Sassoli - 9th
Medical Technology Issues - Joyce Gu, Anna Swider, Sindu Soundararajan, Sophie Rebbeck, Kiran Khurana, Ron Nafshi - 3rd
Medical Technology Issues - Jordyn Schwartz, Auggie Gerike, Rishika Reddy, Samarth Gowda, Sophia Sassoli, Katie Lee - 6th
Prepared Speech - Anna Swider - 4th
Prepared Speech - Sindu Soundararajan - 7th
Promotional Design - Melanie Metz - 10th
Robotics - Evan Hassman, Andrew Aspesi - 2nd
Robotics - Sophia Sassoli, Ben Abt - 4th
Snapshot Photography - Sindu Soundararajan - 2nd
Structural Engineering - Elizabeth Wong, Ryan Kreiser - 7th
Structural Engineering - Emma Smith, Anila Ghosh - 9th
System Control Technology - Harper Lyon, Filip Barun, Rowan Hassman - 6th
Tech Bowl - Etan Ginsberg, Ryan Kreiser, Graham Dixon - 4th
Tech Bowl Written - Ryan Kreiser - 1st
Technical Design - Maxwell Koerner - 9th
Techno Talk - Ishan Bhatia, Ariana Bhatia - 3rd
Techno Talk - Ben Abt, Zeke Millrood - 5th
Techno Talk - Colin Scholler, Joyce Gu - 6th
Website Design - Etan Ginsberg, Colin Scholler, Ishan Bhatia, Yohann Rurange, Zach Masterman - 2nd
Website Design - Kevin Aspesi, Anna Swider, Josie Blumencwejg, Andrew Aspesi, Ariana Bhatia, Rowan Hassman - 4th

Coaches-  Tim Brockman, Chris Weaver, Katy Morris and Matt Birch  


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Counselor Corner-New WV School Counselor Website

The New Lower Merion website is up and running.  If you have not had a chance, please check out the new Welsh Valley School Counselor Page. Please check out all of the information regarding the School Counseling Department and the Olweus Bullying Prevention program at WV.  Here is how you get there.



Click on Schools

Click on Welsh Valley Middle

Click on Student Services  

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8th Grade Chorus Concert Reminder for Tonight, April 25

Concert Dress: 

  • Girls: WV chorus shirt with light SOLID colored pants (no boots or flip flops)
  • Guys: White collared long or short sleeved shirt (no tie) with khaki or cargo tan or gray pants or shorts

THURSDAY, APRIL 25, 2013-8th GRADE Concert starts at 7:00PM
***students will need to be at WV by 6:45PM

There will be no reception afterwards. Mrs. Vaughan usually receives a discount at a local frozen yogurt place for anyone who brings their program. 


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7th Grade Advanced Chorus

Hello Parents of 7th Grade Advanced Chorus Students:

I deeply apologize for omitting all of their names off the program.  I delivered the new program with the correct information; it is a different color to not get confused with the incorrect program.  Attached, you will find the program with their names on it as well.  I am so excited for their next performance at Music in the Parks!  I am so proud of the 7th Grade Advanced Chorus.

Mrs. Vaughan  


7th Grade Concert Program

7th Grade Chorus and Advanced Chorus Roster 



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WV Spring Barbecue - Friday, May 3

Parent volunteers are needed to help at the Welsh Valley Spring Barbecue on Friday, May 3 (rain date 5/10). This is a fun event: the staff grills up burgers and dogs, prepares all of the side dishes, and the kids get to eat outside picnic-style.

Most parents/guardians choose to work the shift that their child will attend and usually only stay for one shift. Only 10 volunteers are needed per grade.

Shifts run from 10:30 - 11:30 6th grade; 11:30 - 12:30 7th grade; 12:15 - 1:15 8th grade. All food preparation and cooking is done by the cafeteria staff, but everyone must wear a hat since we will be serving the food!

Please reply to Angie Marks angeladmarks@gmail.com to let me know if you can help.


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Artist in Residence

Local fine artist, Constance Culpepper, recently graced WVMS's link for a one week stint as an artist-in-residence. Art and Challenge classes spoke to Connie about the creative process, then created compositions based on the juxtaposition of organic and geometric shapes... trusting only their innate aesthetic sense (photos attached). In addition to lending her time and expertise, Connie wrote the following elegant piece in support of the arts in Lower Merion:

"My name is Constance Culpepper. I am both a working artist and a mother of three children in the Lower Merion School District. Over the last two weeks, I spent a few days at Welsh Valley Middle School, as the Artist in Residence, where I set up a mock studio and began working on a new painting inspired by the space (which was the Link building between the 7th and 8th grades).

I am an oil painter and I started each day as I would in the studio: looking at any notes and sketches I'd made about the work at hand, taking a visual survey of my actual surroundings and finally picking up the paint brush and addressing my canvas.  While I spent focused time speaking to the gifted and art classes, I was also having informal conversations throughout the day with students passing by. Not only did I talk to them all about my creative process and how it is applicable to any idea a person is attempting to express, but I had many lengthy conversations about a plethora of topics: my experience, the materials I use, things that inspire me and them, non-art skills (especially math!) from my education that I use daily, what in the world I was doing and painting, and the business aspects of working as an artist, to name a few.

As an artist, I obviously have a bias about the importance of Art and Music, but as a mother, former consultant at Accenture, and Master's degree student in Neuropsychology, I still feel the importance of the Arts.  I believe exposing students to information and engaging them in thought provoking discussion outside of the exacting curriculum of a classroom, is important to empowering our children and fostering students who are inquisitive and broad-minded. By supplementing the fundamental subjects of Math, Science and English with Music and the Arts, schools can provide an atmosphere where joy, curiosity and creativity can be experienced and explored and then used by students to approach more traditional subject areas in new and unexpected ways. The depth and breadth of knowledge that our children gain from exposure to the creative arts will make them not only more interesting people, but leaders in whatever path they choose to study."



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Spring Athletics - 7th & 8th Grade


With the weather getting warmer:
1. Athletes should eat a good breakfast and lunch and hydrate themselves throughout the day.
2. Bring a snack and water before, during, or after practice or a game/meet.
3. If athletes have meds or emergency meds (inhalers, epipens, etc.), they should bring their own or they can not participate especially during an away game/meet.
4. If they or they see a teammate struggling to breath, they are to let a coach know ASAP.



Spring Sports Schedule: 


Baseball - Boys 8th Grade  

04/25/13 Thu.    3:30    (H)    Eisenhower MS
04/26/13 Fri.     3:30    (A)    Springton Lake MS
05/02/13 Thu.    3:30   (H)    Bala-Cynwyd MS


Baseball - Boys 7th Grade

04/25/13 Thu.    3:30    (H)    EISENHOWER M/HS

04/26/13 Fri.     3:30    (H)    Springton Lake MS

05/02/13 Thu.    3:30    (H)    Bala Cynwyd MS 


Lacrosse - Boys 8th Grade 

04/30/2013 Tue.    3:30 PM    (A)    Beverly Hills                        
05/02/2013 Thu.    3:30 PM    (H)    Tredyfrrin-Easttown  


Lacrosse - Girls 8th Grade

04/25/13 Thu.    3:00  (A)    Lower Merion vs. Harriton   Harriton Turf Field
04/26/13 Fri.     3:30   (A)    Springton Lake    Springton Lake MS

04/30/13 Tue.    3:30   (H)    Bala-Cynwyd
05/02/13 Thu.    3:30   (A)    Paxon Hollow


Lacrosse - Boys 7th Grade

04/30/13 Tue.    3:30   (A)    Beverly Hills          
05/02/13 Thu.    4:30   (H)    Tredyfrrin-Easttown  


Lacrosse - Girls 7th Grade 

04/25/13 Thu.  3:00   (A)    Lower Merion vs. Harriton @Harriton Turf Field
04/26/13 Fri.    3:30   (A)    Springton Lake    Springton Lake MS
04/30/13 Tue.   3:30   (H)    Bala-Cynwyd Middle School
05/02/13 Thu.   3:30   (A)    Paxon Hollow

Softball - Girls 8th Grade

04/26/13 Fri.    3:30    (A)    Springton Lake Middle School  


Softball - Girls 7th Grade

04/26/13 Fri.    3:30    (H)    Springton Lake Middle School

04/30/13 Tue.   3:30   (A)    Bala Cynwyd Middle School    Bala Park   05/01/13 Wed.  3:30   (H)    Bala-Cynwyd Middle School  


Tennis - Boys 8th Grade                   
04/25/13 Thu.    3:30  (H)    Arcola Intermediate School
05/02/13 Thu.    3:30   (A)    Bala-Cynwyd Middle School

Tennis - Boys 7th Grade

04/26/13 Fri.     3:30  (H)    Springton-Lakes MS
04/30/13 Tue.    3:30  (H)    Bala-Cynwyd Middle School

Track - Boys 7th & 8th
05/01/13 Wed.    3:30    (A)    Upper Merion Area Middle School

Track - Girls 7th & 8th

05/01/13 Wed.    3:30   (A)    Upper Merion Area Middle School  


Please check the website: www.wvathletics.org for the most current information.  The site provides parents and student athletes with information regarding Welsh Valley Athletics.  Take advantage of the ability to receive "email blasts" regarding your student's athletic teams and events.   


If you have any photos taken at WV games and would like to share them on the website, you can submit them through www.wvathletics.org.  



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Before & After School Activities

Click on the link below for a calendar of the upcoming April dates and times clubs will be meeting at Welsh Valley.


April Activities Calendar

Click here for more information about WV Student Activities.

Always check the Welsh Valley Hotline for up-to-date information regarding before and after school program cancellations or changes.
Hotline: 610-658-3901


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Letter Day 2012-2013 Update

Letter Days




Pay special attention to the letter day that follows a long weekend or break. This will help you plan for the materials you will need for your personal development classes.



































































































































SSR     = *

Forum = #



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5th to 6th Grade Transition Information 


Please click here for a Power Point Presentation for 5-6th grade transition information.



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8th Grade Families: IMPORTANT
Lower Merion and Harriton High School Transition Dates and Information

Harriton High School 
Lower Merion High School 
8/9 Transition 
for 2013-2014 school year



May 23, 2013:
Harriton and Lower Merion High Schools - 10:00 AM
"Move up Day"


June 1, 2013:
Students will receive copies of the summer assignments in both English and Math.


June 18, 2013:
A list of summer transition activities will be published.




While it is hard to believe, the course selection process for 8th graders transitioning to the high schools is beginning. Parents and students are encouraged to review this process which is outlined on page 15 of the student handbook (http://www.lmsd.org/documents/schools/wvms/handbook.pdf). Also, please consider reviewing the transition dates and/or the presentation which were included in the September 19th 8th grade parent meeting. The presentation and relevant transition dates are located on the website and can be viewed here (https://www.lmsd.org/harritonhs/student-services/transition/index.aspx )


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Parent Volunteer Opportunities for 2013-2014

We are looking for parent volunteers to join our HSA Board.  We have two Co-Vice Presidents positions available for next year.  If being a chair and organizing single events is what you prefer, such as the All School Dance, Fall BBQ, Thanksgiving Luncheon, Staff Appreciation Breakfast/Dinner, Book Fair or Movie Night (to name a few), we could definitely use your help.  We are looking for parents who have enjoyed volunteering in the past, parents new to the area or parents that would like to start getting involved.  If you are interested, please log onto SignUpGenius.Com, click the "Find a Sign Up" tab, use wvhsa1@gmail.com as the creator's email address, then click Parent Volunteers.  If you have any questions, please contact Nanette Taraya-Vonk at ntarayavonk@comcast.net


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Families Helping Families

The WV HSA would like you to know that a group of volunteers is available to help parents and guardians get to WV or a WV event at another LMSD school. If you are in need of a ride for any WV event or meeting, please feel free to contact Amanda Cunningham (mandeebill@gmail.com or 917-560-9849). If anyone would like to help and be on our volunteer list - please contact me.

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Assistance Statement

Assistance is gladly offered to all Welsh Valley families to participate in school-wide events.  For information or help, please contact your school counselor.  Every student is welcome at all school events.

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No Bus Passes Permitted

Reminder:  We are not permitted to issue bus passes to students.  This is a transportation policy, which is written in our handbook.  Please know that this policy is in place for safety reasons and is in the best interest of all students.
We appreciate your understanding.

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LMSD Among First in Nation to Earn US Dept of Education Green Ribbon Schools "District Sustainability Award" 

LMSD is among the 14 nationwide honorees of the first-ever US Department of Education Green Ribbon Schools District Sustainability Award. U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, along with the Chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality Nancy Sutley and Acting Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency Bob Perslacepe, announced the winners. The honored districts were selected for their exemplary efforts to reduce environmental impact and utility costs, promote better health, and ensure effective environmental education, including civics, STEM and green career pathways. Read more



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Summary of the April 15, 2013 School Board Meeting 

The Board of School Directors took action on two items of interest at Monday's Business meeting and provided updates on several important topics. The following is a summary of key items from the meeting.

2013-14 Proposed Final Budget Adopted

The Board approved the 2013-14 Proposed Final Budget, which calls for a 3.82% mills (tax) increase. This is a reduction from the proposed budget, which called for a 4.4% increase. The public can continue to provide feedback on the budget until a Final Budget is approved by the Board in June. To view a presentation on the proposed final budget, click here.


Revisions to Policy 206 Approved

The Board approved revisions to Policy 206 ("Assignment of Pupils within the District"), which provides parameters for the assignment of students to schools within the District. The revised policy:

  •          Requires the Board to review this policy in a public process at least every five years.
  •          Provides the administration the authority to set the date for high school selection for students who live in a high school "choice" area, enabling more efficient planning for the following school year.
  •          Provides the superintendent the authority to assign new residential developments on large parcels of land that were not previously used as housing to a feeder pattern within the District.
    (This is important as several large developments have recently been approved for land that had been used for commercial and industrial purposes. Under the approved Policy 206, if one elementary school could not accommodate students from this new residential community, the District would be able to assign the community to a neighboring school that had space available.)


Community Engagement to Continue for High School Enrollment Planning

The Board has extended the timeline for community input and engagement regarding the plan to accommodate high school enrollment growth. Additionally, the Board will hold a Special Meeting of the Board on Monday, May 13 at 8 PM in the Board Room dedicated entirely to this topic. Items to be discussed/presented on May 13 include:

  •          Updated high school enrollment projections
  •          Information on cost of DAO renovations or other alternatives (construction at Harriton, etc.)
  •          Information on community impact if LMHS choice area is expanded


The Board is expected to formally consider a resolution to address high school enrollment growth at the May 20 Regular Business Board meeting. More information, including an updated set of Frequently Asked Questions, can be found in the Enrollment Growth section of the District website.


Community Engagement to Continue for Elementary Schedule Review

Dr. McGinley presented an update on the elementary school schedule to the community. The District's Curriculum, Instruction and Professional Development Council is seeking changes to the elementary schedule for next year. The goals are to maximize the use of instructional time to support students in their learning and adapt to new state and federal testing and accountability mandates. The elementary principals will continue this conversation over the next week in an effort to provide a formal recommendation to the Board of School Directors on May 6 at the evening meeting of the Curriculum Committee of the Board.  


No decisions or recommendations have been made and there has been no discussion regarding the elimination of any subjects currently in place (art, music, world language, etc.). The District will provide additional information and clarification regarding this topic to parents later this week. This topic will be discussed at the Curriculum Committee meeting on May 6 at 7 PM in the Board Room.



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The Coalition for Youth

"Make the Call,Take the Call" Letter

"Make the Call, Take the Call"

There's always a safe way out



Sometimes people find themselves in what could be a dangerous situation and just don't know a safe way out. They feel they have to choose between taking the risk or getting in trouble with their parents or losing face with their friends if they ask for help. So if you're somewhere and you need a safe way out -- fast -- who can you call or text for a ride home?


"Make the Call, Take the Call" is about making an upfront agreement with someone you can count on as a lifeline - someone who agrees to get you home safely -- no immediate questions asked. (This doesn't mean no questions asked ever - just at that time.)


To read more: 

Link to Letter
Link to Back of Letter 


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Join the Sean King Best Buddies Friendship Walk Team - April 27 

The Sean King Fund for Inclusive Practices has a team for the Best Buddies Friendship Walk on Saturday, April 27th from 9:30 to 12:30 at at Archbishop Carroll High School in Radnor. Best Buddies is an international program to bring together a student with an intellectual developmental disability (IDD) with a peer buddy for one-to-one friendship opportunities in middle school, high school and college settings. There is an active chapter at Lower Merion High School. There is no charge to walk.  Registrations/donations are accepted on-line and on the day of the walk. For more info Contact Mary Mikus at  marymikus309@gmail.com or 267-738-2661. Visit Sean King Fund for Inclusive Practices Best Buddies Friendship Walk page to join or donate.  Thanks and see you on Walk Day!




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C-MITES - April 27 - Time to Register  


C-MITES, a program based at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, provides Weekend Workshops for academically talented students in kindergarten through 9th grade.  The next session is Saturday, April 27, 2013, at Lower Merion High School. C-MITES will be offering 12 classes at this location.  Classes include: American Math Idol, Bug-bots, Bubbleology, Chess for Beginners, Intermediate Chess, Extreme Weather, Eye on the Sky, Fossil Dig, Money Matters, Physics and Our World, The Mysterious Human Heart and The Physics of Toys.

The brochure listing the classes and descriptions is available at  http://www.cmu.edu/cmites/weekend_workshops.html .  You may register online or fax or print and mail the registration form. Register soon because classes fill quickly!  Registrations is on a first-come, first-served basis.  Financial aid is available.



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Moon Over Buffalo

The Lower Merion Players Present "Moon Over Buffalo"
May 2-4
in the
LM Auditorium

The Lower Merion Players are proud to present the spring comedy "Moon Over Buffalo" with three performances May 2, 3 and 4 at 7:00 pm in the LMHS auditorium.

Moon Over Buffalo is a comedy set in the winter of 1953 in Buffalo, New York. This hilarious tale deals with a family of traveling actors - the Hays - whose daughter, Roz, runs away in pursuit of a "normal life." Roz's return to introduce her new fiancee, Howard, incites chaotic adventures involving past-their-prime divas, former lovers, and deaf, blundering old ladies.

The show promises hilarious action and entertainment for those over 12.  Tickets are $6 for students/seniors and $12 for adults.


Read more or get tickets here.    



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Tickets for Harriton Night at the Phillies
Saturday, May 5 


Saturday, May 5th - Harriton Night at Phillies

Limited Tickets Available - Deadline to order is Thursday, April 18th!

Harriton Music Dept Featured and Benefits Harriton Alumni '93 Kyle Helton 



Link to flyer 



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Green Council of LMSD - Meeting - May 8

The Green Council of LMSD is a grass-roots organization consisting of staff, students, and parents which works to promote sustainable practices within all parts of the school district. The Green Council is open to any and all who wish to engage in this important work with others of like mind. Meetings take place monthly at Lower Merion High School in the Large Group Instruction room from 4:00-5:00pm.  The last meeting for this school year is May 8, 2013. 


For more information, please contact Joseph Mudd, Director, Green Council of LMSD, at MuddJ@lmsd.org 


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The Nelly Berman School of Music presents a free concert:
"Celebrating Nelly" Gala Concert: A Tribute to a Life in Music

Saturday, May 11 at 7:00 p.m.

Centennial Hall at The Haverford School for Boys (450 W. Lancaster
Ave, Haverford, PA 19041)

Please join us at the "Celebrating Nelly" Gala Concert to honor the founder of the Nelly Berman School of Music, who is retiring after 30 years of extraordinary contribution to music education in Philadelphia.

The concert will feature local and national award-winning students, ages 8 to 15, performing on piano, violin, viola, cello, clarinet, flute, trumpet, voice and chamber music. If you are looking to open the world of classical music to your kids, as well as pay tribute to an important visionary in our community, this is a great event to attend! Reserve your free tickets at www.nbsmusic.com or call 610-896-5105.


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Save the Date - Bala Cynwyd Library Re-Opening
Sunday, May 19, 1-4 pm


Come to the grand re-opening of the newly renovated and expanded Bala Cynwyd Library. There will be a ribbon cutting, dancing for young children, and music for teens and adults. Books and checkout records from Lower Merion's first library, opened in 1842, will be on display. Come dressed as your favorite literary character (kids and adults alike). The library will be open for all services.
Visit the library's facebook page for details and updates.


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Register for EFLM's Run for Our Schools 
The Education Foundation of Lower Merion's Fifth Annual Run for Our Schools is set for Sunday, June 9th at 9 AM at Harriton High School. The event includes a 5K run, a 1.5M Fun Walk, a Track Trot for children ages 7 and under and a Fitness Fair. For more information, including sponsorship and registration, visit www.educationfoundationoflm.org.

The Run for Our Schools is a popular, family-oriented event that brings students, staff, parents and friends together from across the community. Last year, more than 300 people participated. Proceeds directly benefit educational programs in our schools.

Run for Our Schools Brochure

Run for Our Schools Flyer


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Summer Writing and Reading Enrichment Programs Registration 

Lower Merion School District, in collaboration with the Pennsylvania Writing and Literature Project, is offering Summer Writing and Reading Enrichment Programs for students of all ages.  Students will gain confidence in their reading and writing abilities while focusing on brainstorming, prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, reading response activities and more.  Classes are available the weeks of July 8-19 and July 22-August 2; space is limited. Read more.


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Community Links - Activities & Events
For additional information and links for more information, go to: 
Listserv Information

Dragonbites is published every Thursday during the school year.  New submissions should be emailed by noon on Tuesday to WVDragobites@gmail.com in order to be included in Thursday's email edition.  Dragonbites is intended to publish news and announcements related to Welsh Valley Middle School and the Lower Merion School District.

An Archive of past Dragonbites is available by using the link in this issue or go to the WV page of the LMSD website under Parents/HSA.

To unsubscribe to Dragonbites, click on the "SafeUnsubscribe" link below.

To update your information and/or to sign up for other HSA listservs, click on the "Update Profile/Email Address" link below.

To forward this email to another WV parent who may not be receiving our weekly newsletter, please click on the "Forward email" link below.

Questions?  Please email us at WVDragonbites@gmail.com.  Thank you!

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Middle School
Dr. Orathia T. Bradley

Ms. Beth Persofsky
Assistant Principal

Mr. Jon Fadely  
Interim Assistant Principal

Welsh Valley Middle School 

325 Tower Lane
Narberth, PA 19072 


Phone Number: 610-658-3920


Absentee, Lateness & Safe Arrival Hotline: 610-658-3946

Daily Activities Hotline: 610-658-3901


School Closing Number: 302

School Counselors
6th Grade
Guidance Counselor
Mrs. Beth Cooke
Room D117


7th Grade

Guidance Counselor

Mr. Boris Oden


Room D116

8th Grade

Guidance Counselor
Mr. Josh Gansky
Room D115
Welsh Valley Office
Mrs. Mary Ann Fusaro
Principals Secretary

Mrs. Cheryl Campbell
Mrs. Sherri Pitts

Mrs. Kim Petty

Mrs. Lori Davies

Scheduling Secretary

School Hours  
8:20 am - 3:05 pm

Early Dismissal 
8:20 am - 11:55 am
for absentee procedures, permission slips and current WV calendar
Link for daily schedule, daily before and after school programs and announcements. 

Link for the athletic website with information about the sports at WV.  
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Welsh Valley
Home & School Association
2012-2013 Board 
Kiki McKendrick 


Co-Vice Presidents

Lynn Hertzfeld


Nanette Taraya-Vonk




Bill Cook
Mary Copeland



Mandy Meiler

Kassie Abrams
School Board Meeting Schedule 
April 2013  
April 2, 2013
8:30 AM
Curriculum Committee

April 2, 2013
7:00 PM
Finance Committee

April 5, 2013
8:30 AM
Policy Committee

April 8, 2013
8:00 PM
Education Committee & Supplementary Regular Board Mtg

April 11, 2013
8:00 AM
April 15, 2013
8:00 PM
Regular Board Business Meeting

School Board Members 
Diane DiBonaventuro  
Melissa Gilbert  gilberm@lmsd.org
Gary Friedlander  friedlg@lmsd.org
Marissa Golden golden@lmsd.org
Lyn Kugel

Jerold Novick novickj@lmsd.org
Virginia Pollard
Subha Robinson robins@lmsd.org
Robin Vann Lynch  vannr@lmsd.org

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