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August 2013  
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Back to School!

Tips for Back to School Success!  


September is here and the school buses are running. Many children are excited to go back to school again, see their old friends and get back into routine. This month is also typically more of a review month from last year, so the work isn't too hard yet.

 But as the weather turns colder, work will begin to get harder and that excitement can turn into dread. So what is a parent to do?

  • Set them up for success in their home habits.
    • Make sure they get to bed early enough.
    • Send them with healthy lunches and plenty of wholesome snacks.
    • Encourage them to bring a reusable water bottle and refill it as needed.
    • Help them set up a homework space and help them as needed.
  • Get to know your child's teacher.
    • Stop in before or after class to introduce yourself to your child's teacher.
    • Offer whatever help you can to the teacher.
    • Ask her to let you know if your child is struggling at all - don't wait until report cards!
  • Keep an eye out for warning signs.
    • Complaining about how hard reading is
    • Difficulty following directions
    • Lowered self-esteem
    • Short attention span
You can download a complete list of Warning Signs from our website.There is no better time than now to help your child have the most successful year possible!


Making a Difference Together,

Pauline Turton

Founder and Director
Click To Download the Warning Signs Checklist!
Experiencing anxiety is quite normal.  Anxiety helps us avoid danger and it is often the typical response to particular situations, such as important tests and public speaking.  However, when anxiety becomes a generalized reaction to many situations, no matter their actual danger, then it starts to negatively affect quality of life and achievement. more...
The event no child wants to see in mid-summer: a parent making a back-to-school checklist! Stores feature all the usual school supplies, the season's most current clothing fashions and accessories for students, and all other back-to-school related items.
This is a typical checklist for any child returning to school, but parents of children with ADHD have a different kind of back-to-school checklist to prepare. It takes more than school supplies and stylish outfits to help students with ADHD be successful in school.
As we find ourselves at the start of the school year again, it can feel overwhelming to consider all of the things that have to be bought, done and scheduled before you can send the kids off on the yellow bus. However, the back to school rush doesn't have to be chaos. If you start organizing and shopping ahead of time, you should be ready in plenty of time for when the kids head back. more...

Moms have long known that what their kids eat can promote physical health, but their diet can also be the key to mental well-being. As back-to-school time approaches, incorporating these brain foods into daily meals is a delicious way to provide the nutrients necessary for learning, memory and other cognitive functions.  more... 


Dealing effectively with learning disabilities and emotional challenges is not only solvable, but at Breakthroughs in Learning we have specific programs that can help almost any situation.  Matthew Turton, Learning Disabilities Expert, will share specific techniques to help your child or adolescent get past their particular learning issues and thrive.   

At Our Seminar You Will:

  • Learn that the brain is like a muscle: when you exercise it, it will grow.
  • Discuss case studies indicating the specific changes that take place in the brain which will help your child achieve success over their particular learning issue
  • Discover that overcoming learning issues is not only possible, but that we also have targetted strategies that will help you deal with them on a daily basis
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Study Tip 
Study Skills 101

Help your child start developing their study skills now, early in the school year before they need them. Set aside a specific amount of time to study for each subject several times a week. Make notes of important topics from class or the text book along with anything the teacher seemed to emphasize. By developing these habits now when there is less pressure, you will be prepared for the big test!
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Did You Know?

Out-of-school reading habits of students has shown that even 15 minutes a day of independent reading can expose students to more than a million words of text in a year. (Anderson, Wilson, & Fielding ) 


High school dropouts have a life expectancy 9.2 years shorter than high school graduates.

(Columbia University)