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May 2013  
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To Parents & Teachers:


Sometimes we sense that something isn't right at a gut level long before a diagnosis is possible. No parent wants to believe something is wrong with their child so they often push these thoughts away. Often we can't find the words to communicate our concerns even if we wanted to. Today I want to share with you warning signs that I really wish I had known about when my children from 3 to 4 years old and up. At early ages so many simple, fun activities could be done to develop skills needed for early learning. Do yourself and your children a favour by checking out our "Warning Signs Checklist" today. The sooner you address these areas, the lower the likelihood your child will struggle to learn.


Making a Difference Together,


Pauline Turton

Founder and Director

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One of the questions we hear on a regular basis is "How do I know if my child needs help?" Today we are going to start answering that question for the early years. more...
This month our focus is on getting early access to help or interventions. Far too often we see children, and even adults, who have struggled for years before getting help. more... 
She had the brightest blue eyes that you can imagine, and her smile could light up the darkest of nights.  She had long vibrant red hair and her freckles (or should I say angel kisses) always made me smile.  There was a time when she would spend many nights with severe upset stomach to the point of sickness.  She did not want to go to school and her parents were concerned. more...

Dealing effectively with learning disabilities and emotional challenges is not only solvable, but at Breakthroughs in Learning we have specific programs that can help almost any situation.  Matthew Turton, Learning Disabilities Expert, will share specific techniques to

help your child or adolescent get past their specific learning issues and thrive.   



At Our Seminar You Will:

  • Learn that the brain is like a muscle: when you exercise it, it will grow.
  • Discuss case studies indicating the specific changes that take place in the brain which will help your child achieve success over their specific learning issue
  • Discover that overcoming learning issues is not only possible, but that we also have specific strategies that will help you deal with them on a daily basis
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A high school dropout will earn about $260,000 less than high school graduates and $800,000 less than college graduates in their lifetime. (source)


Frequent jet lag can impair your memory, probably due to the release of stress hormones released. (source)