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Jan 2013  
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Child WritingThis month's focus is on Homework: The Great Debate! If we conducted a survey asking teachers, parents and students the pros and cons of homework, I'm sure the answers would vary greatly, even within each group. I've been involved in the field of education for over 40 years. During that time I've watched philosophical cycles come and go. At this point in history homework is fairly common even in the early grades!


Personally, I didn't experience homework until grade seven. A child was expected to do their best in school. Not everyone was required to finish each assignment. Those that finished early helped those having difficulty. After school hours we had one or two chores to do to help the family and then we were allowed free play. In the evenings we played games together as a family, visited neighbours or watched one family television show together. I'm grateful for those times and watch with concern as families seem pressured to include homework daily along with extra-curricular group activities.


Setting aside the debate, homework is a factor of almost every student's life and homework avoidance is a common result. If your child is avoiding homework like Brussels sprouts check out this month's video below to discover four main root causes of Homework Avoidance.


Making a Difference Together,


Pauline Turton

Founder and Director

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Homework is a part of every child's education, but many avoid it like the plague...  more...
Homework is inevitable but many children avoid it like brussel sprouts! Are our expectations reasonable? Is it a learning disability, anxiety or something else? more...
Auditory Memory is an important social skill
Do your child's eyes get a glazed over look when you're talking to them? Do they have a hard time following through on instructions you've given them? more... 
Take a minute to think of all the ways you use your memory from sun up to sun down; it's pretty incredible isn't it? Memory affects homework too!



Dealing effectively with learning disabilities and emotional challenges is not only solvable, but at Breakthroughs in Learning we have specific programs that can help almost any situation.  Matthew Turton, Learning Disabilities Expert, will share specific techniques to

help your child or adolescent get past their specific learning issues and thrive.   



At Our Seminar You Will:

  • Learn that the brain is like a muscle: when you exercise it, it will grow.
  • Discuss case studies indicating the specific changes that take place in the brain which will help your child achieve success over their specific learning issue
  • Discover that overcoming learning issues is not only possible, but that we also have specific strategies that will help you deal with them on a daily basis
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Study Tip 
Child Writing
Set priorities

Spend the most time time studying what is most important for the test. If you're not sure what's most important, ask your teacher. Another clue is to look back at what your teacher has spent a lot of time on in class. It's probably important to know!  

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A: Because all of his Uncles were Ants!

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