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Dec 2012 
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December is a wonderful time of the year to read together as a family. there are many books available with collections of Christmas stories, old and new. these stories can lead to family discussions about values, priorities, giving, ect. There is something very special about coming together to read. 


In today's newsletter we've included an free interest inventory. These are questions you can ask your children or students. The answers to these questions can help you find library books that your children will enjoy throughout the new year. 


My husband and I started reading together with our children when they were young, and continued well into their teens. We would read a few pages together daily, discussing what was happening and guessing what would come next. I believe that time was a wise investment and today both of my children enjoy reading. I hope they will draw their children together to pass on their love of reading.


According to's federal report "Reading to young children promotes language acquisition and Dad reading to children correlates with literacy development and, later on, with achievement in reading comprehension and overall success in school." I highly encourage you to make a new family tradition of reading aloud together. To help you find books they'll love just download our free interest inventory! This Christmas, let's make reading Fun!


From all of us at Breakthroughs, have a Merry Christmas. 


Making a Difference Together,


Pauline Turton

Founder and Director
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Congratulations to last month's winner Dori who wrote:


"My favorite subject was reading. The characters in the various books became my friends and together we had many adventures. I visited far away places and learned about many different cultures from the past and present. Reading instilled in me a strong desire to travel the world."

Covering Ears A parent once asked me "How hard can it be? I mean really, a little extra help and they should be fine." The short answer? Very hard.  more...
Mom & Daughter hug Has your child or student ever been ready to just give up? Today was one of those days. She walked in this morning with puffy red eyes. I knew then that the next couple of hours were going to look a lot different than I had planned. more...


Parent & Child Argue Have you ever felt like your child must not be paying attention because they seem to remember a completely different conversation? Have you ever had your child or spouse tell you that you said something you're sure you never said? Does your child 'make things up' and seem convinced they're right? more...


Auditory Memory is an important social skill For the student who works hard to pay attention every class, this means they would be unable to retrieve most of the lecture information at test time. For a child this often leads to trouble. Mom or Dad gave them specific instructions to follow and the child will be unable to follow through as requested, leaving everyone frustrated.more... 
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Study Tip 
Child Writing
Put it in your own words.
Take the information you've learned and rewrite it in your own words. Paraphrasing is a great technique to help you really understand the material. This will increase your comprehension and ability to recall the information when needed. You need to understand the material to succeed!
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Did You Know?

For children who learn two languages before the age of five the brain alters it's structure and as adults they have much denser gray matter. (source)  


85% of all juvenile offenders have reading problems.

U.S. Department of Education 

Cognitive Comedy
Q: Why did the chicken cross the playground? 

A: To get to the other slide!

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Carson S. age 8   
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