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I am very excited to welcome you all to the First Edition of Breakthroughs' Newsletter!  We will be providing you with new research and life strategies to help with challenges you or your child might be facing.  Check out our Newsletter for some great resources, which could include: informative articles, brain benefiting recipes, helpful hints and specials on effective learning tools.  Keep your eyes open for contests and great savings!


With the fall comes cooler temperatures, beautiful colours and "Back to School"!  I encourage you to think about routines that you can set at home that will help your family work together as a team.  At this time of year, many parents get excited about all the great new opportunities for their children outside of school.  This can turn into a hectic time for all, so be careful not to overbook your calendar.  It's very healthy for children to have free time: time to interact with their family, time to decompress after school and time to spend time on their own.


Hope you enjoy the Newsletter and Happy Thanksgiving!


Making a Difference Together,


Pauline Turton

Founder and Director
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Back to School Contest
Share your favorite back to school memory to be entered to win a Free Brain Booster of your choice! Open to any age.

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I sent my daughters off to their first day of school this week, what a wide array of emotions I experienced! I was excited, nervous, proud, unsure, confident and nostalgic too. Here are some great tips to make the most of your back to school season.  more...
Sad Kid at schoolI think reading was perhaps one of the most liberating experiences of my childhood so I am troubled by how many children struggle with reading. more...


You won't find the word "flexabilities" in the dictionary, but if you parent or teach children with learning disabilities, you likely find it in your life, every day. more...


"Parents [or teachers] of a child with a memory for information deficit are often convinced the child is irresponsible, lazy or stubborn..." What if behaviour wasn't just behaviour, but a cry for help? more... 
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Information night is an great opportunity to find out how Breakthroughs in Learning can help you move forward. Matthew Turton will talk about some of the assessment tools used at Breakthroughs, different types of learning challenges and more.


For instance:

      • Show before and after results of real clients
      • Question and answer period to ask specific questions

The brain is like a muscle. If you exercise it, it will grow!


Attention Teachers!

Are you going to be at the ACSI Eastern Canada convention in November? It's a great opportunity to access resources and learn how to help your students even more. Breakthroughs in Learning is a proud sponsor of the conference and excited to offer the following seminars to help you help your students!

  • Brain to Body Connections: The root of all learning
  • How Auditory and Visual Processing Affect Learning
  • Behaviour Issues: Underlying Root Causes and Strategies
  • Classroom Strategies for Teaching Children with Learning Disabilities - 2 Sessions

And for the first time a special workshop on the Spacewalk!

We look forward to seeing you there!  

Study Tip
WV Educate A Girl
Back To School Study Tip
      • Study in bursts with frequent short brakes in-between. Your memory is better equipped to remember the information that you study at the beginning and the end than what you study in the middle.

 Do you or your child:
      • Have hands that hurt when printing or writing?
      • Get complaints about your messy writing?
      • Resist cursive writing all together?
      • Push really hard on your pencil or pen?
      • Resist seat work, printing or colouring?
      • Feel embarrassed about your hand writing?   

This training DVD kit discusses how graphomotor development affects our daily lives and demonstrates simple exercises you can do at home to develop and strengthen your graphomotor skills!


Regular Price: $49.95
Deal of the Day Price: $39.95  

We are excited to bring you these great resources and information. Please feel free to share these articles on Facebook or other social media. You never know who may need the information.

We hope you've enjoyed your back to school season. If you are not familiar with who we are and how we help people move forward, or perhaps know a friend that could use our service, check out our website:

Our next Information Night would also be a great opportunity to find out about how we help students and adults develop their brains! 

Your Breakthroughs Team 
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Every time you recall a memory or have a new thought, you are creating new neural connections in your brain! (source

The average student learns about 3,000 words per year in the early school years (8 words per day). (source

Cognitive Comedy
Boy: Are you cold? 
Girl: Yes... 
Boy: Go sit in the's 90 degrees! 
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Logan S. age 8