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I hope you'll enjoy reading about the impact sponsors are making in the lives of our over 200 sponsored children, and also how bead sales and other income-generation opportunities are helping our Ugandan women provide for their families. It's always inspiring to have the privilege to see and hear about these things first hand when I am in Uganda.  I hope our newsletter, through its stories and photos, will help convey to you the significance of the life changing things we are accomplishing together.                    

Agwata, Kitgum and Jinja: 3 Faces of Income Generation

- When Carol first met the Agwata women in 2009, many of them were struggling with extreme hunger and often eating barely a meal per day. Today they are not only growing enough food to feed themselves, but they are able to produce and sell the surplus. They raise cash crops such as simsim (sesame seeds), sorghum, millet, and maize (corn).

Kitgum - In February, ladies from our Kitgum group pose with Carol Davis ,  and several sacks of simsim (sesame seeds), a crop grown in northern Uganda. They are now concentrating on growing cash crops as an activity for their entire group so they can earn much needed income. 

Jinja - Our beaders take part in a "market day" in which they display their handmade creations (such as the beaded jewelry we sell in our online store.)  Bead-making is an income-generating activity in addition to their primary, individual businesses. There is a benefit to having two sources of income, particularly if and when the women apply for a loan. 

Why is income generation so important? Employment is scarce in Uganda, therefore it is critical that each women creates her own "work." The money earned from her small business endeavor will allow her to feed her children, send them to school, access basic medical care, and put money back into her business. Through investing in the next generation and reinvesting in herself, these women are working to break the cycle of poverty.  

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Bead Corner
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Joyce, a beader from Jinja, shows off her work. Joyce is one of our more advanced beaders who can make the more difficult specialty necklaces. Bead sales provide Joyce and others a means to help change their lives.

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Ugandan Students Happy to Hear from Sponsors
Apoko Franka writing to her sponsor.
A special component of our child sponsorship program is the correspondence between Ugandan students and their sponsors in the US and Canada. Students and sponsors alike are often excited to discuss daily life and share stories with one another.

A lot of behind-the-scenes work goes into these exchanges. Most students need a little help from a teacher or the child sponsorship coordinator to read and write out their letters. Often, they require translation between English and Acholi-Luo, their native language. 

With secondary students timing can be complicated because they often attend boarding schools outside of their village and are only home for holidays. Because shipping costs between the two countries are high, we collect child letters all at once, at the end of each term, and mail them all together. In the US, we collect sponsor letters and mail them to Uganda approximately every 4 weeks.

The smiles on students' faces when they receive mail, and knowing how much sponsors enjoy the children's letters make all of the efforts worthwhile.  Letters from sponsors and the knowledge that sponsors pay their school fees motivate students to stay in school and perform their best, and remind them that someone cares a great deal about them. 

Agwata students happily pose with letters they received from their sponsors.

As always, we welcome your feedback about our newsletter and hope that you will forward it along to your friends. Thank you so much for your support.

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