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                                                             March 2015                             (303) 683-8450
I am happy to be back in the U.S. for a few weeks before returning to Uganda again in May.  It was a busy, action-packed time in Uganda in February and early March. I enjoy the opportunity to come back here and reflect and share with you what I saw that makes our programs special.  I see that by continuing to focus both our time and your money in specific, high-impact and mostly low-cost areas we can create steady but significant social change.  I hope you'll read this month's newsletter to find out more about how our programs are creating these positive changes which help Ugandans change their lives for the better.

Volunteers Teach English in Uganda
Christa giving an English lesson
Many thanks to Christa and Rick, long-time sponsors who joined Carol in Jinja this past February to teach English classes to more than 35 of our women  beaders. Rick taught the advanced-basic level, including reading and writing -- skills that are new for many of the ladies. Christa taught introductory level.  Her class was so excited about learning English, they are continuing to meet every week and Christa will join them for a monthly class via Skype to help them continue to learn.

Do you want to teach English or another skill in Uganda? Volunteers help our beaders develop and learn many things. In this case, learning English is incredibly vital because English is the language in which business is conducted in Uganda. But our beaders speak Acholi, a language native to the north of the country and not spoken in the Jinja area. You can make a great impact upon their lives by teaching for as little as one week! Carol goes back in May and again in July if you would like to join her.

Do you know a teacher?
We are looking for a teacher to help create a curriculum for a Girls' Empowerment Program. Suited for our Agwata girls aged 9-13, this program is supplemental to their education and would contain topics such as study habits, goal-setting, making good choices, self-esteem, changes in adolescence, and choosing friends wisely. Over 96 girls meet once a week for two hours after school. We need help in formalizing this curriculum so that we can split the group into two age levels and also to bring the curriculum to another nearby school. If you or someone you know might be interested, please let us know!

Bead Corner
March is Multicolor Madness Month + Featured New Items!
Adong Grace shows off her work. This month, many multicolor items are 20% off!
Acieng Rose displays her creation. These purses are brand new - only 2 made so far!

Agwata Students Move on to Secondary School
We are so proud to announce that when the new school year began in February, 12 out of 13 students from Agwata entered their first year of secondary school (S-1), roughly equivalent to our 7th grade as part of our child sponsorship program. 
Previous to Outreach Uganda's support of the local Cubu Parent School, most children in this small, rural village left school before reaching the final level of primary (P-7) and almost never went on to secondary education.
Staying in school longer brings enormous benefits. It helps to delay marriage and childbirth. Upon completing S-2, these students will be among the most educated members of their community. For those who continue further, it gives them the opportunity of entering a vocational training program to learn a marketable skill. 
This year, there are 28 students, including many girls, in the P-7 class.  Five of these S-1 students still need partial sponsorship.  Can you help? Contact Carol.

New Desks for Agwata Classroom
P-6 students now have a fully-furnished classroom
Outreach Uganda would like to extend our thanks to Chicks with Sticks and other generous donors for donating money for 15 desks, enough to fill one more classroom. Three more classrooms remain! If you are interested in helping us get 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders off of the floor, ($60 per 3-seater desk), please donate now! 
As always, we welcome your feedback about our newsletter and hope that you will forward it along to your friends. Thank you so much for your support.

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