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Issue #4    
April 2014
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Harvesting Honey
Finding Missing Girls
Give Clean Water


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I hope you enjoy this month's news about our northern Uganda women who are persisting in their income-generation efforts, and about our Girls' Education Initiative girls who persist in their efforts to reach more girls. 


This reminded me of another nonprofit's newsletter that I recently read which emphasized that significant change does not happen quickly. Persistence is necessary in most efforts whether we are trying to change the world, generate income or obtain an education.


With your help, encouragement and funding, we have been working with over 1000 women and children in Uganda for seven years.  I hope you too will be persistent with us in seeing through the positive changes that are occurring in the lives of those we serve. In our newsletter stories, you will see month by month and person by person the many positive steps forward that are happening.  These stories of committed persistent actions by our donors and customers, our workers and volunteers, and the women and children we work with, are what will bring lasting change.


Thank you all for your continued partnership in this endeavor. 

Carol Davis
Carol Davis, President
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Carol Davis

President, Outreach Uganda



P.S. Mark your calendars for May 7, the next globalgiving matching day for donations to our Nursery project or our Home Ownership project.

Income Generation: Harvesting Honey  
The Abera beehive project brings sweet returns
Concy with honey.
Concy, an Abera group member, shows the honey collected.

In the village of Agwata, the approximate 90 women with whom we work have organized themselves into five smaller clusters. Each group takes on their own income-generation projects as they work to overcome poverty. The Abera cluster has decided to keep beehives and harvest the honey to sell at market.

The women have just harvested approximately 330 pounds of honey! What happens next?
Read more to learn what the "buzz" is all about!

Education: Finding Our Missing Girls
OU's Girls' Education Initiative Visits Girls Absent from School


Besides working with the girls who take the extra time to attend weekly meetings and who attend school regularly, Outreach Uganda's Girls' Education Initiative is focusing also on encouraging girls who are not there.  


Earlier this month, our Girls' Education Initiative girls began visiting homes of girls in Agwata that the school's teachers said were no longer regularly attending school or attending infrequently. 


Where were these girls? Read more to find out.  


Girls' Education Initiative
These girls are on a mission to keep their peers in school. 
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Give the Gift of Clean Water
You can help save lives! 
Sawyer Walter Filter + Bucket  Many water-borne illnesses cause serious problems in developing nations, from children missing school to medical complications and even death. Diarrhea is the 2nd leading cause of death in children under 5 in Africa. Basic water purification kits are extremely effective in avoiding diarrhea and other preventable diseases. 

The Sawyer filter and adapter kit (seen here with bucket) allows each Ugandan household to attach the unit to their water storage container so they can have clean water.   

Please consider purchasing a Sawyer water kit to benefit the communities we serve. You can have it shipped directly to us. Thank you.

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