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Issue #1
April 2013
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We work hard to keep costs down and make the best possible use of your donations. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization headquartered in Colorado. Our nonprofit taxpayer ID is 26-0767575.


Thank you for supporting Outreach Uganda through your donations, child sponsorships, and bead purchases. Your support makes it possible for women in our beader groups to invest in their own businesses, provide for their families, and lift their communities out of poverty. I hope you enjoy this first issue of our newsletter, with updates on the progress made so far and news about future projects you can help bring into reality.
From the Ground Up
Jinja women to build a new community of their own
Women from the Jinja bead group

Women from the Jinja beader group are saving money from their businesses to build decent homes in a new community of their own.

With your help, about 100 women from the small Ugandan city of Jinja have been working hard to lift their families out of poverty. 


These families were displaced by the 20-year LRA war. Many of the women lost husbands, children and other family to the war, accidents, and illnesses like HIV and malaria. They've been forced to live in make-shift huts constructed from little more than cardboard or dirt in some of the poorest parts of Jinja.


But with the help of Outreach Uganda supporters like you, they've made real progress. The women set up a formal structure with a board, committees and a general assembly. They are registered as a community-based association. They're getting business training and earning income from their beading and other ventures. With their earnings they created a revolving loan fund to help the entire group, and they're saving money to build safe, modern homes in a community they can call their own.


The women found ideal land for their homes. But land in Jinja is expensive and they need more money than they've been able to save. Although the women and Outreach Uganda have accumulated $40,000 so far, another $10,000 is needed quickly. The owner is moving and wants to sell now.


We've set up a Global Giving campaign to raise the $10,000. This is a unique opportunity for Outreach Uganda supporters to help create something very special. An anonymous donor will match your initial gift if you sign up as a new monthly donor through the campaign. So your gift will have twice the impact. 


If you can please help the women and children of our Jinja group with this hurdle, they will not only have real houses, they'll have an entire community to call home.

New home in Jinja, Uganda
The Jinja women are $10,000 away from leaving scattered slums and creating a community of safe, modern homes like this one, together.

Latigo Grace heads up the subgroup for Pittek women who are HIV positive. She says the land, and the community the women will build there, will make an even bigger difference for women with HIV. She points out that the women in her subgroup are more likely to get advice, treatment, friendship and support once they are living close to each other in their new community.


"If we have a good house . . . if you're sleeping in a comfortable bed and your roof isn't leaking, you can think positively, you can do business. If we have that . . . We shall live for many more years to come," she says.


Joy Otim is the chairperson of Pittek's board of directors and also their business trainer. She says the women of the group are suffering because they can't go back to where they belong. Building their own community will give the women and their families a new place to belong.


"If they can get that land, that would be the best thing you can do. So we forget about the problems. If you can help Outreach Uganda and get this land, you will have helped very many people, the ladies and their children," says Joy.


Please visit the Global Giving campaign page for more information or to make a contribution now.

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Child Sponsorship
Brightening futures through education and more Akello Teddy, a sponsored child from Agwata, shows a gift she received.

Akello Teddy, from Agwata, shows a gift she received from her sponsor. Akello is one of more than 170 children who are sponsored by generous supporters like you. With your help, through the Outreach Uganda Child Sponsorship program, parents learn about the benefits of regular education for their children, and the children themselves receive:

  • The chance to attend school regularly
  • A mid-day meal at the Agwata school
  • School supplies and access to books
  • Holiday tutoring
  • Awards and recognition for high achieving students
  • Correspondence with a mentor like you
Sponsoring a single child can brighten the future of an entire community. Thank you.


Making Wishes Come True
School items, including note pads and a pen. When you donate badly needed items for the Agwata school and our 3 beader groups, you help women and children improve their lives. By donating program supplies, you also help us stretch cash donations even more. Some items needed are: 
  • USB drives
  • SD cards for cameras
  • Juice Plus powder
  • calculators
  • school supplies
  • sewing scissors
Carol Davis
Carol Davis

Thank you so much for your support. You make such a difference to the women and children we work with in Uganda
. And t
here's an easy way you can have even more impact right now. Please and invite a friend to join us. 


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Carol Davis
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