MHEC Supplier News
Hello MHEC suppliers and future bidders, 

Recently the MHEC made significant changes to our website in an effort to create efficiencies for our member and supplier community.  This update included the migration from the current manual bidding process to an on-line electronic bidding platform.  At this time, we are asking all contracted suppliers and future bidders to take a moment to become familiar with and register for the new online bidding service.  Registration is easy.  Just follow the steps below or visit our website for more information and instructions.  
Step 1:
Bid Express Registration
Links to MHEC bids will be posted online and available for suppliers from the MHEC Bid Express Postings Page.  Clicking on the link will direct suppliers to the Bid Express login and registration. 

There is no cost to register with Bid Express.  Select the pay as you go model and proceed through the registration process.  The MHEC has pre-paid the $25 fee for interested bidders.  Please note that this is for MHEC bids only. 

IMPORTANT:  Once you have completed step1, you will have access to view any published MHEC bids but you will be unable to submit your offer until you have completed step 2. 
Link to Bid Express Registration
Step 2:
Digital ID Signature

All bidders must create a digital ID with Bid Express to be eligible to respond to a bid.  There is no cost to create your digital ID.  The process does require you to register with Bid Express and mail in a notarized signature. 

It is recommended that future bidders sign up now to be prepared to respond to future bids. 

Link to Register and Obtain a Digital ID

Visit the Bid Express Postings page to view helpful hints and videos to answer all of your questions about Bid Express. 
Bid Posting Dates

The MHEC has over 50 master contracts and 600 supplier contracts.  Below is a link to the complete bid posting schedule.  Note that posting dates are subject to change. 

We look forward to working with you and are pleased to now offer a more efficient bidding tool.  If you have any questions please click on the assistance link above and feel free to contact the MHEC at 413-545-4669.


Stacey Wikar
Director of Operations