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March 6, 2013

Help Fulfill Dreams
International Women's Day is March 8th! 
Let's celebrate by supporting the strong, courageous, tenacious women of Nicaragua!


What's Needed in Nicaragua
Large, light-weight suitcases for carrying donations

gently used or new tools


March 15-22 to Santa Emilia & La Flor with St. Andrew's, Champagne, IL


April 13-21 to Chacraseca with Ktizo UCC, Phoenix, AZ 


May 17-25 Join a group of nursing students from Tulsa Community College on a Service-Learning trip 


May 19-26 Join a group of dental hygiene students from Tulsa Community College on a Service-Learning trip. 


May 25- June 2 Join a group of medical students on a Service-Learning trip to Chacraseca.


June 21-July 2 to Chacraseca for Music Camp with UCV, Murrieta, CA


June 30-July 6 Join Redeemer Church- Tulsa on their "Come & See" trip to Chacraseca! 


June 30-July 6 Join DCC- Bartlesville on their "Come & See" trip to Chacraseca. 


July 20-28 Join a group of medical students on a Service-Learning trip to Chacraseca.


December 14-21 Join a group of medical students on a Service-Learning trip to Chacraseca.


December? Join a group of audio-visual students and psychology students as they travel through Nicaragua.


Click here for more information on any of these trips. And feel free to email us with any questions!

Click here to read some reflections of our travelers.


We can help you or your group find or create a PartnerTrip that meets your needs!


The Dreaming Together Hardware Store (Soando Juntos Ferreteria) was dreamed into being by the 30 women who founded "Mujeres new stock Unidas," JustHope's first women's microcredit project. It opened in January 2011 with a 'social-business' start-up loan from JustHope.  As a 'social business,' both the repayment of the loan, and any profits the project earns, go directly into the microcredit 'bank' to make more loans possible for more women!


Dreaming Together ended both its first and second years "in the black"! Sales during the dry season when groups come to help build homes were strong both years, but the rainy winter season was difficult as the Ferreteria had to depend solely on local sales. 


So...  hoping toward stronger sales and greater self-sustainability, shopping at Ferreteria the Ferreteria added "and Tienda" to its name in January 2013, and expanded the line of products it carries. It now sells basic grains like beans, rice, corn, and sugar; and special food and supplies for the many women who are raising pigs. Soon they will be adding school supplies to their inventory; along with fertilizers for the spring planting.  Ideas for future expansion include used clothing, and a small "cafetin" where people can get a simple meal when they are away from home. Selling these new products will not only increase the viability of the Ferreteria/Tienda, and add new dollars to the microcredit bank --  it will save the people of Chacraseca the cost and time of going to Leon for the items they need.


Dreaming Together...  it's something the people of Chacraseca do well!  And the growing Soando Juntos Ferreteria and Tienda is helping those dreams come true!


There are several ways, you can partner with the women of Soando Juntos to help grow the future! You can make donations of tools for the Ferreteria or school supplies and kitchen items to the Tienda! Or you can donate the funds to help Soando Juntos add new products to its inventory! Visit our website or email us for more information!


We have a new video about the Ferreteria coming soon! 

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In Other News...
Dr. Sampson
Chacraseca's fabulous dentist, Dr. Sampson, is visiting Tulsa, OK April 21 - May 6! 
If your group would like to visit with him, email us for a schedule.

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woman and daughter
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