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Volume 6, Issue 24
February 27, 2014
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"Look and you will find it - what is unsought will go undetected."


Kings and Queens of the Court

Middle School Teams Bring Home Trophies

The Lakehill Middle School Boys Basketball team capped off their season with a resounding 40-18 win over the Akiba Bulldogs in the IAA Championship Game on Monday night at the Winston School. 


With the win, Lakehill finishes the season with an amazing 16-1 record. The Warriors' lone loss was to Akiba back in December, making Monday's win doubly special. 


Lakehill quickly jumped out to a 17-2 lead after the first quarter, and led 29-5 at the half in route to an easy victory. All ten players participated in the game, with parents and fans joining the team on the floor for the post-game trophy presentation and celebration.


  The Lakehill Middle School girls team ended their season with a tough 36-27 loss to Dallas Covenant in the Girls IAA Championship Game. 


After a back-and-forth first half, the Lady Warriors and Lady Knights continued trading baskets until an 8-0 run by Covenant late in the third quarter gave them a small cushion. In the fourth quarter, Lakehill tried several times to cut into the Lady Knights lead, but Covenant made several key baskets to ultimately secure the win. Despite falling just short of the title, the Lady Warriors completed a very successful year with a final record of 9-2.   

Widgets, Wax, and Wigs  

Lower School Projects and Performances Bring Learning to Life 

Lakehill's Lower School teachers are well known for their creative projects and programs that bring learning to life for their students. In the past week alone, Lower School students have become inventors, explorers, and delegates to the Constitutional Convention. Who knew learning could be so much fun?    


Third Grade Living Wax Museum 

On February 20, Lakehill's third grade students stepped into a museum. Not as visitors, but this time as the exhibits themselves. 


To culminate a unit on explorers, students had the unique opportunity to bring the explorer that they had researched to life, complete with amazing costumes, backdrops, and props. They filled the auditorium stage and aisles. One by one, each explorer came to life, sharing their tales of exploration and their contributions to the world. See more pictures of Lakehill explorers. 


Fourth Grade Invention Convention

On February 25, Lakehill fourth grade students gathered for the Invention Convention, a much anticipated event that tests students' ability to link simple machines together in order to perform a task. The annual event is inspired by the works of cartoonist and engineer Rube Goldberg.


After careful planning, students built their contraptions out of scavenged materials, such as school supplies, duct tape, and cardboard boxes. Many inventions turned an electronic device on or off, such as an alarm clock or an iPad. Other machines solved common household problems, such as topping ice cream with sprinkles.
Inventions were judged on creativity, use of simple machines, and the ability to explain what steps in the invention required the most trial and error to perfect. If a particular mechanism failed to work as planned, students were given credit for the step if they could explain how they would adjust or replace the malfunctioning part in order to fix the machine. Students learned that plans and models must often be modified in order to achieve the desired result, and that inventors rarely get it right the first time.


See more pictures from Invention Convention.


Fourth Grade Mini-Musical  

To coincide with their study of American history, Lakehill's fourth grade students brought history to life students as they performed the mini-musical, Shh! We're Writing the Constitution on February 26 for Lower School students and parents.  

The story focuses on the Constitutional Convention of 1787 and the trials and tribulations of the delegates as they worked to create an ordered system of government.

The cast featured the fourth grade students as delegates to the Convention, and included Jaeden Pippins as George Washington, Mara Sandberg as James Madison, Madison Deason as Alexander Hamilton, and Nico Montez as Benjamin Franklin. Soloists included Claire Blomquist, Cullen McCaleb, Ella Berry, Blake Perry, Lucie Daudelin, Laurel Way, and Alexander Dondis. The students were under the direction of Linda Booth. 


See more pictures and video.

Class Acts 

Seventh Graders Present Grand Rounds

On February 21, seventh grade held Grand Rounds, the culminating project for their month-long human body unit. The class was divided into six clinics, each with six specialists (cardiologist, gastroenterologist, immunologist, neurologist, orthopaedic surgeon, and pulmonologist). 


To begin the project, specialty groups learned about their respective body systems together. After taking Board Exams in their field, they built models and made diagrams to help them teach their body system to their clinics. All students took a Physiology exam before groups were given a patient.  


Each clinic had to put together a Grand Rounds presentation, focusing on information about their patient, the health issues faced, and possible solutions. Two "hospital administrators" and four "attending physicians and practitioners" attended the presentations. After the presentations, each clinic was asked questions pertaining to the project by the "attendings," which included Lakehill parents and medical professionals Sarah Davis, Dev Desai, Paula Gillman, and Ty McCall. 

The project was organized by seventh grade science teacher Bryna Thomson, who was thrilled with the way the students embraced the assignment. "I enjoyed working in groups and presenting the Grand Rounds with real physicians there to observe," said seventh grader Maya Desai. 
The professionals who participated were equally impressed. "I appreciate Ms. Thompson giving the students such a challenging assignment to pull together all of the physiology that they have been studying," said Nurse Practitioner Paula Gillman. "They really rose to the occasion with presentations that were both medically accurate and very creative."


Dr. Sarah Davis agreed. "I was so impressed with the students' knowledge and presentation skills. It was apparent how well they had researched their subject matter. They also added quite a bit of flair, making it some of the most entertaining grand rounds I had ever experienced!"


See more pictures from Grand Rounds.


The Olympic Muddle

The Olympic Muddle, a case of mixed-up mythology, was brought to life by Lakehill fifth and sixth grade students in Drama Club on February 24. 
Erys, the goddess of strife, in cahoots with Hades, tricks the Olympians into believing that they have lost their powers and they must redeem themselves by living among mortals and sharing their problems. Forced to find jobs, Apollo becomes a lifeguard, Poseidon volunteers to help the Cousteau Society, and Venus has a relationship advice call-in show. 


In the end, Erys is no match for the power of love. The immortals rediscover their powers and return to Mount Olympus. After bringing Julie Riggs's original play to life, these young drama club students may have discovered a few new powers of their own.  


See more pictures.


DSO Brass Visits 

On Friday, February 21,  the Dallas Symphony Brass Quintet performed for students in grades 3-6. They explained how their instruments work and shared a little about the history of brass instruments and how music is constructed. They then played classical and jazz selections for the students enjoyment.  

Community Spotlight

National Speaker Addresses Lakehill Audience - TONIGHT

Don't miss a special presentation on Thursday, February 27 by Brooks Gibbs, a renowned author and motivational speaker, who will address parents and educators on ways to help children become more resilient. 


The program will challenge basic assumptions about bullying and share practical tools and techniques for children to develop resiliency and learn how not to be victims. The presentation is open to the public at no cost. 


The presentation is at 7:00 p.m. in the AuditoriumStudents from the National Honor Society will provide free childcare for Lakehill students and siblings with snacks and a showing of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. in the school cafeteria. (Voluntary donations are accepted). Middle and Upper School students will attend sessions with Brooks Gibbs on Friday. 

Read more about Brooks Gibbs here.
Sports Snippets
Successful Basketball Seasons Come to a Close

The Varsity Boys took on Denton Calvary on February 22 in a home game not soon forgotten. The boys fought to the finish, but suffered a heart-breaking 59-61 loss in the Area Round of the State Playoffs. 


The Boys claim success for their 20-3 season, the Bi-District Championship, and the first Lakehill District Championship in 15 years.


The Varsity Girls wrapped up a successful with a 48-69 playoff loss on the road to Texoma Christian in the Area Round of the State Playoffs.


The girls enjoyed a fantastic season and claimed the title of Bi-District Champions.


See more pictures from the Varsity Playoff games here


Many thanks to Robert Walton, Irwin Thompson, and David Crutchfield for sharing their amazing photographs this season.

This Week at the ESC

Fifth grade helped move 30 bags of soil up to the stone circle so that the eighth grade could redo the bed around the big Red Oak. 


The old soil lacked the nutrients and minerals to sustain a good butterfly garden. The fifth grade has been testing the soil around the ESC for pH, Potassium, Phosphorus, and Nitrogen. They extracted the nutrients from soil samples by dissolving them in a liquid that pulls the nutrients from the soil to test. Through this process, the fifth graders learned of the soil deficit. 


The eighth grade persevered through the cold with the first group weeding and refilling the flower bed with fresh soil while the second planted colorful "flowers" in preparation to welcome parents and children to ESCape to Nature next week. The eighth grade also finished their fishing poles and are ready to try them out on their next visit to the ESC! 


See more pictures from the ESC.

Auction Update
finger with stringWhat's Happening?   

February 27
Parent-Teacher Conferences - No classes


February 27

TAAPS Academic and Speech Competition


February 27
Speaker: Brooks Gibbs, 7:00 p.m.
Open to the Community
FREE child care provided by National Honor Society 


February 28
National Latin Exam - 8:55 - 9:45 a.m.


February 28
Middle and Upper School Speaker: Brooks Gibbs 


March 3-6
Middle School Adventure Week 
Middle School students leave on Adventure Week on Monday morning! Please contact Kaye Hauschild with any questions.
March 7
Middle School Holiday
March 10-14
Spring Break - No Classes! 
Enjoy your holiday! 


March 18
Lakehill Day at Genghis Grill
March 24
Lakehill Day at Liberty Burger 


March 26
NJHS/NHS Induction
7:00 p.m., Auditorium


March 28
Early Release


March 29
Upper School Prom, 8:00 - 11:00 p.m. 

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