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Joan Sedita

Keys to Literacy is about to turn 10 years old! During this decade, I have had the absolute pleasure of working with some pretty remarkable Keys to Literacy trainers and employees, as well as countless educators. We have delivered literacy PD to thousands of educators across the country, which in turn is helping thousands of students grow their literacy skills.
One of my goals over the past 35 years of work in education has been to provide information and support the teaching of literacy skills. I am so proud that we have provided free information and teaching materials on our website resources page that is visited by hundreds of educators every month. We have also expanded our ability to provide free information about literacy instruction through our blog site, Literacy Lineswhere we post regularly.  If you find our newsletters helpful, you should sign up to receive notices about new blog posts. I decided to devote the topic of this newsletter to providing you links to some of our most popular blog posts.
Finally, I also want to note that we are sharing literacy resources using Twitter. I am a bit late to the game, but am so glad I discovered this vehicle for instantly sharing literacy news. If you use Twitter, I hope you follow us: @KeystoLiteracy.


Joan Sedita
Founding Partner & Program Author
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Volume 16
Spring 2016
In this issue, the focus is on topics explored 
in our blog Literacy Lines.

Our newsletter provides guidance and resources about literacy instruction in grades K-12. We hope you find the tips helpful.... and feel free to forward this to your friends and colleagues!
Links to Literacy Lines
Since the fall of 2014, Keys to Literacy has been posting suggestions for new resources, instructional tips, latest research, and stories from the field of literacy. Here are some of our most popular topics - please click on link to read the post!
Keys to Literacy News
Keys to Literacy to Turn 10!
This June marks the beginning of Keys to Literacy's 10th Year Anniversary celebration. Throughout the year we will be sponsoring a variety of events and new products to celebrate the occasion!
New PD Program: Keys to Early Writing
Over a year in the making, we are proud to announce that we have recently launched our newest professional development program. It is a two-day training designed for teachers of grades K-3. The training incorporates the latest research about effective writing instruction for young students and is also highly aligned to Common Core writing and language standards. Check our events calendar for dates of open training or call us to learn more about bringing this PD to your school!
Keys Supports MTSS Efforts
This year our Key Comprehension Routine program was chosen to be the professional development program for a MTSS (Multi-Tiered System of Support) project sponsored by the North Carolina Dept of Education. We have also been working with a number of county districts in NC this past year as they adopt our PD programs to support Tier I and Tier 2 literacy instruction as part of MTSS planning.
NEW BOOKS: This past summer, we published new editions of our Key Comprehension Routine (Grades 4-12) and Keys to Content Writing training books. The new editions include updates related to research on instructional research, connections to state literacy standards, and additional instructional practices and classroom examples. Visit the Keys Store to order new editions.
Follow us on Twitter! Similar to our blog and this newsletter, we pass along information, suggestions, and links to literacy related topics on a daily basis. @KeystoLiteracy.

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