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If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic abuse as a victim or perpetrator...

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014
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On February 14, 2013 one billion women and men in 207 countries rose and danced to end violence against women and girls. 
This is what it looked like.     
Rising (trailer for One Billion Rising short film) 

Amaal's Story
Get a behind the scenes look at the legal system as it relates to domestic abuse at a free, one-hour DAP Justice Tour.  Click here to RSVP.

Amaal enters the Public Safety Facility in downtown Minneapolis alone, anxious and afraid.  She waits in line to go through the metal detector.  Security staff are giving her instructions, but she speaks no English, so she does her best to follow their gestures.  Then, she makes her way to the last courtroom in the hall, the Domestic Abuse Courtroom.  Her husband, in jail for assaulting her, will be in front of a judge today.  She is afraid they are going to let him go.  In the crowded hallway where she waits, she feels the stares of her husband's family, community elders and the translator.  They are not there for her; they have appeared for her husband.  They believe she has shamed her family and community by involving the police.


                       Read the rest of Amaal's story... 
Angela Lewis-Dmello,
DAP Youth Services Supervisor

The movement to end domestic violence, at its core, is greater than eradicating violence toward women in their intimate relationships. It is more than a desire for women to be allowed to choose a partner without concern for their safety. The domestic violence movement is about creating a just society in which women are treated as equals deserving of dignity, respect, and freedom. These are basic human rights. In communities across the world, women are treated as less than human. The perception that women lack humanity is what allows those who use violence toward women to justify its use. Our goal is to help connect the eradication of violence in the home to the global movement to regard women and girls as worthy of their humanity.


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The one question our culture often asks of victims/survivors of domestic abuse is: "Why do you stay in an abusive relationship?" or "Why don't you just leave?"  Sometimes the question is meant as an honest inquiry.  However, often it is spoken with an undercurrent of hostility or disbelief, sending a message that women who stay in abusive relationships are somehow to blame for their abuse.


Our culture also sends equally powerful messages that women are expected to fill roles in their relationships that keep them dependent on their partners.  This combination of messages sets women up to feel ashamed, isolated and stuck. Some may feel that they have no real choices.

March 26
Action Day to End Violence Against Women is a collective effort by six statewide coalitions to raise awareness about the prevalence and devastating impact of violence against women in Minnesota.


This one-day event includes orientation on educating legislators, meetings with legislators, youth involvement events, networking opportunities, and a men's rally, all of which culminates in a powerful rally in the State Capitol Rotunda at 12:00 p.m. on March 26, 2014.