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November 2012
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Give to the Max Day was created in 2009 to increase giving to nonprofit organizations across the state and move more giving online. It is a day for Minnesotans to come together to raise as much money as possible for nonprofits and schools in 24 hours - starting at midnight on November 15, 2012 through midnight on November 16, 2012. By engaging as many donors as possible to give to their favorite Minnesota charities in one day - Give to the Max Day - GiveMN.org is showcasing Minnesota's unparalleled generosity to the world!

Domestic Abuse Project
204 West Franklin Avenue
Minneapolis, MN  55404
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For those of you who were not able to make a donation at DAP's annual luncheon on October 16 - your opportunity to do so is right around the corner!


Next week you will receive an invitation in the mail to financially support an end to domestic abuse for each family member. 


Why are we asking for money again?  DAP's annual Transforming Families luncheon is our biggest opportunity to tell the DAP story to the community in a big way and this year, the DAP luncheon raised 40% of the individual gifts DAP needs to close our annual budget gap of $400K.  That's amazing!  Yet we still have a long way to go towards ensuring that we can meet our current demand for services.


What happens if we don't raise $400K by the end of our fiscal year?  It's simple.  If we fail to close the gap, up to 500 people who need DAP's help won't get it.  


How is this appeal different from the DAP luncheon?  If you made a donation at DAP's annual luncheon this past October 16, you will NOT be receiving an annual appeal in the mail.  That said, if you would like to add to your gift you may do so of course.


What is this Give to Max Day stuff all about?  In short, Give to the Max Day is a virtual event (November 15) to encourage us all to make donations to our favorite charities on the same day.  Nonprofit organizations can win additional funding for the most donations and it is an excellent campaign for building awareness of the social profit industry.  If you decide that you would like to make a donation to DAP you can do so anytime.  But making your contribution on November 15 allows you to be part of something amazing and huge!  


Click to make or schedule your donation today!

Frank's Story
"It's hard to describe the breaking point that brought me to DAP.  It was an abusive event--it was awful, and terrifying, and cruel, and violent just like all the other times I had abused my wife over the preceding 13 years.

There was nothing that made THIS particular act of abuse measurably worse in any way but at the same time I had a deep feeling that this time it had gone too far.  My now ex-wife and I had been in marriage counseling for years at that point and I really felt that things had gotten better.  But there it was again, just as violent as ever. I made all the same promises I always made but this time I realized this was MY problem not a marriage problem." Read more...

If You Are Being Hurt emergency fund
Abuse and Your Relationship
If you are in a violent relationship, one of the most important steps you can take is to make a safety plan both for home and the workplace.  These plans contain simple but critical steps you can take to increase your safety while you deal with the violence you face in your personal life.  Read more...
Helping a Friend or Family Member
Although it may be tempting to advise a victim to leave a relationship, that type of advice often backfires and the victim may no longer seek help.  Instead here are some more effective options. Read more... 

Get Involved!

DAP has many ways for you to engage in our mission to end domestic abuse for every family member.  How can YOU see yourself being involved?


Be a Listener - A volunteer who follows up with former clients who have indicated a willingness to tell their story.  


Odds N Ends - Because DAP invests the vast bulk of the operating budget in staff who work directly with clients, the administrative gang needs assistance doing things like database management, communications, stuffing envelopes, etc.


First Call Operator - A weekly 4-hour shift answering DAP's First Call line helping callers looking for support, looking to register and/or looking for referrals.


More ways to get involved...