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Janna Marie Vukelich  
National Director 
Sr. Board of Directors

Phone: 612-860-0225
Office Hours
Mon 7pm-9pm

(Please note: Calls made Sunday will be returned Monday)

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These Girls Are On FIRE!! 

Miranda Ness Andover, MN

Miranda in February!

A consultant since 2010, Miranda (sponsored by Kari Obert) is known for her exuberant spirit and has truly hit her stride this year!  She has consistently maintained her place  among the top 5 for our entire All Star Team.  Not one to let anything slow her down, this powerhouse ended February with almost $6k in retail sales...


  and gave birth to her new daughter Mollie Flynn March 17th. Congrats Miranda!!!         



Anjila Olsen
St. Paul, MN
Holy fast start Batman! Where did she come from?! Anjila (goes by "Anj") surprised herself (and her sponsor) by joining Pure Romance at the bus tour in January. She has since blazed full throttle ahead achieving over $6k in sales her first 2 months in the business along with sponsoring new team members (we will be celebrating her promotion next month!) Anj is an outside the box thinker and has sought creative venues and partnerships to market her business while establishing strong connections with the women she comes into contact with.  CONGRATS Anj! 


Who is the All Star Leadership Team? 
Our All Star Leadership Team includes consultants who are at the top of their game and have demonstrated commitment not only to their personal business, but to growing and supporting a strong organization through collaboration with others who have similar goals (not always easy, but SO worth it!) 

All Star members receive an invitation to join the Leadership Team in July of each new fiscal year  by:

1.  Achieving and maintaining Director Status
2. Achieving $20k in personal sales in a fiscal year and having 3 active consultants in their first line.

Participation is optional and with this title comes responsibility.

Our Leadership Team makes the  networking opportunities,  education, meetings, events, challenges and incentives offered to the All Star Team possible. 

Will YOU be the next
All Star Team Leader?

Our Team  Mission:
To support each woman who has joined our Pure Romance family in achieving her own uniquely defined version of success! We do this by always striving to provide the best training, networking, support and recognition for our All Star Team members. 
 All Star Team Leaders 

Jody Goad, Director
Leadership Team /
Sr. Leader 
True Lee, Director
Leadership Team /
Sr. Leader 

Missy Martin
Leadership Team  
Tyla Pream
Leadership Team 

Top All Stars YTD
Contest Year to date from July 1, 2012 - Feb 28 2013

$20k+  Executive Suite

$26,763  Mary Schmidt (MN)
$25,674  True Lee (MN) 
$25,424  Jamie Grossmann (MN) 
$20,247  Miranda Ness (MN) 

$10k +  Lounge

$19,918   Amanda Sturges (MN) 
$19,362   Stephanie Walczak (MI) 
$19,316   Jody Goad (MN) 
$17,306   Missy Martin (MN) 
$15,144  Jena Bancroft (MN) 
$14,717   Tascha Kinney (WI) 
$14,457   Tyla Pream (MN) 
$14,013   Aimee Mielke (OH) 
$12,752   Kari Obert (MN)
$12,668  Tammy Greene (MN)
$12,315   Sherry Teoli (OK) 
$11,995  Pearl Vasseur (MN) 
$11,366  Christine Anderson (MN) 

$5k + Club

$9,693 Ashley Diskerud (MN) 
$9,342  Nikki Anderson (WI) 
$9.275  Kerri Owsiak (OH)
$9068  Jessica Damken (IL) 
$8.727  Jennifer McComb (CA)
$8,184  Becky Barsness (MN)
$7,061  Brandi Stewart (MN) 
$6,840  Christine Sontag (MN) 
$6,657  Stephanie Gunnink (SD)
$6,645  ReShunda Walton (AL) 
$6,615  Kristin Mckelvey (MN)
$6,432  Anjila Kozel Olsen (MN)
$6,304  Cora Murph (MN) 
$6,046  Danielle Keesling (CA) 
$5,883  Mariann Wolff (MN)
$5,861  Mary Manders (MN) 
$5,514  Jennifer Graetz (WI)
$5,475  Jennifer Flynn (MN)
$5,447  Nicole Danberry (MN
$5,391  Jordan Jones (MN)
$5,378  Misty Gendron (ND)
$5,188  Dana Wenneson (MN)


All Stars Represent!

PRU is coming to a city near YOU???   

Do you know consultants have driven 6 hours or more to attend this FREE training?!  If you are lucky enough to have it in your backyard, NO EXCUSES!!!
Make it happen!

4/8 Lansing, MI
4/9 Minnneapolis, MN 
4/9 Raleigh, NC 
4/10 Atlanta, GA 
4/10 Portland, OR 
4/11 Milwaukee, WI
4/11 Phoenix, AZ 
4/14 White Plains, NY 
4/15 Charlotte, NC 
4/16 Dallas, TX 
4/17 St. Louis, MO 
4/18 Cleveland, OH 

4/18 Indianapolis, IN


Visit for a list of Minnesota meetings conducted by MN Directors!

Not in MN? Not a problem! Contact your team leader to get connected with a local group (where avail
able) or join us VIRTUALLY via Ustream!

All Star Central Meeting
is the 3rd Monday of every month from 6-8:30pm Central (New Brighton Family Service Center) and broadcast LIVE on Ustream! 

It's no coincidence that you see top consultants at training events and opportunities!  

Greetings Amazing All Star Team!  

February was another strong month for our All Star Team with many personal sales records smashed last month!  Our group sales continue to soar and we also welcomed over 25 new women to our team...from nine different states! 

As our National team continues to grow, so does our Leadership Team's commitment to expanding resources available to support you in growing your business.

Regardless of where you live, as an All Star Team member you have access to TONS of supplemental resources beyond what is offered by our corporate office from an exclusive team website, virtual meetings, training videos, a private Facebook group comprised of over 200 consultants across the U.S to support and cheer you on, special incentives and contests and more! 

Is there something you'd like to see ?  Please let one of our leadership team members know! We are here to support YOU! 

To YOUR success!        

Janna Marie Vukelich 

All Star Team Group Sales   
February 2013 Total: $139,821.50


March 2012 Total: $120,227.00
March 2013 Goal: $130,000      
Quote of the Month 


"People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget the way you made them feel."   


--Maya Angelou





Tell your Pure Romance story by earning charms for your achievements.  A fantastic "brag" piece and Pure Romance conversation opener!  The All Star Bracelet incentive is offered  by by participating Team Leaders.  Ask your sponsor if you are eligible for this incentive

How do you earn/receive incentives? check out the All Star team website for details :)  Meeting attendance (any meeting!) is required for those within a 75 mile radius to receive earned incentives. Questions? Ask your team leader.  



Vintage Purse Charm 
(these ladies are making bank!) 


Each of these ladies achieved $25k Contest Year to Date in February!*

Jamie Grossmann
True Lee
Mary Schmidt

*Charm Incentive is offered by participating Team Leaders.  How do you earn/receive incentives? check out the All Star team website for details :) Contact your team leader with questions



($1200+ in Retail Sales February 2013)

HIGH FIVE (All Levels) 

1. True Lee (Keifer) - $7,238.50

2. Jamie Grossmann (Vukelich) - $6,143.50

3. Miranda Ness (Obert) - $5,968.00

4. Jennifer Bancroft (Vukelich) - $4,943.50

5. Stephanie Walczak (Vukelich) - $4,411.50 

$5000+ Achievers!


$7238.50 True Lee (Keifer)  
$6143.50 Jamie Grossmann (Vukelich)
$5968.00 Miranda Ness (Obert) 

$3000+ Achievers!


Jennifer Bancroft (Vukelich)

$4411.50 Stephanie Walczak (Vukelich) 

$4291.00 Anjila Kozel Olsen (Vukelich)

$3851.50 Amanda Sturges (Kinney)

$3773.00 Cora Murph (Kietzer)

$3161.00 Jody Goad (Vukelich)

$3099.00 Kristin Mckelvey (Vukelich)


$2400+ Achievers



$2971.50 Jennifer Mccomb (Vukelich)

$2797.00 Jessica Damken (Vukelich)

$2627.50 Ashley Diskerud (Lee)

$2585.50 Melissa Martin (Vukelich)

$2472.50 Jennifer Graetz (Sturges)

$2449.50 Mary Schmidt (Vukelich)

$2447.00 Tammy Greene (Martin)

$2408.00 Aimee Mielke (Keifer)

$2401.00 Ashly Keifer (Vukelich)       


$1200+ Achievers!   


$1200+ Achievers! 

$2304.00  Danielle Keesling (Mccomb)   
$2151.00  Tyla Pream (Vukelich) 

$2145.00  Michaela Gislason (Stewart)

$2012.00  Tasha Kinney (Vukelich)

$1786.00  Jenni Fritz (Gunnink)

$1707.00  Tara Petrich (Vukelich)

$1682.00  Blair Bartholomew (Vukelich)

$1625.00  Becky Barsness (Sturges)

$1589.50  Alexis Szudarek (Mielke)

$1520.50  Pearl Vasseur (Keifer)

$1504.50  Kerri Owsiak (Mielke)

$1361.50  Sherry Teoli (Vukelich)

$1327.00  Talicia Jackson (Keifer)

$1326.00  Kari Obert (Vukelich)

$1284.00  Nicole Tiglio (Mccomb)

$1283.50  Christine Hendrickson (Bancroft)

$1244.00  Christine Anderson (Goad)

$1226.00  Nicki Anderson (Ruff)

$1200.00  Jennifer Demars (Goad)



Amanda Sturges (Buysse) +4
True Lee (Keifer) +4
Jennifer Mccomb (Vukelich) +3
Melissa Martin (Vukelich) +2
Talicia Jackson (Keifer) +2
Anjila Kozel Olsen (Vukelich) +1
Elizabeth Jerome ( Vukelich) +1
Jenni Fritz (Gunnink) +1
Mary Schmidt (Vukelich) +1
Michon Nelson (Keifer) +1
Nicole Tiglio (Mccomb) +1
Stephanie Walczak (Vukelich) +1
Tascha Kinney (Vukelich) +1

mie Gros
Shawn McLauglin, Senior Consultant (Vukelich)
Michon Nelson, Advanced Consultant (Keifer)
Nicole Tiglio, Advanced Consultant (Mccomb)  

(Apologies! tracker is temporarily out of service. CONGRATS those who achieved Fast Track in


New Consultant Missions empower you with knowledge and confidence! Did you know All Stars who complete all 10 missions have sales that average over twice those who don't complete them? 

The Following Consultants Completed their missions in February!*

Michaela Gislason
Erin Jondahl

Hilda Rocha

This is just the beginning!  
Look for these names again soon!

*missions are complete when post mission survey is submitted

  The following new consultants joined our All Star Team in FEBRUARY  please welcome these new ladies and congratulate their PR "moms!" 

Consultant                      Sponsor
Elizabeth Brock                 Amanda Sturges
Heidi Strusz                      Amanda Sturges  

Candy Williams                  Amanda Sturges

Jackie Johnson                  Amanda Sturges

Lizeth Elizondo                  Jennifer Mccomb

Jessica Boone                     Jennifer Mccomb

Candice Moreno                 Jennifer Mccomb

Kathryn Harvey                  Anjila Kozel Olsen

Nicole Otto                       Elizabeth Jerome

Kayla Blake                        Jenni Fritz

Sue Maher                         Mary Schmidt

Amanda Flier                     Melissa Martin

Alyssa Olson                      Melissa Martin

Leslie Cruz                        Michon Nelson

Antoinette Johnson            Nicole Tiglio
Ashley Lyon                       Stephanie Walczak
Chaun Eggleston                Talicia Jackson
Michelle Parker                  Talicia Jackson
Samantha Haughian            Tascha Kinney  
Youa Vang                         True Lee
Mai Xiong                          True Lee
Michelle Seefeldt               True Lee
Jamie Waterhouse              True Lee
Tammie Peterson               Janna Vukelich
Jenna Shaff                        Janna Vukelich
Alice Santell                       Janna Vukelich
Cheyla Wallace                   Janna Vukelich
Laura Diedrich                    Janna Vukelich
Erin Jondahl                       Janna Vukelich


Congratulations to the following consultants who are celebrating Anniversaries in March!   


4 Year Anniversary
Kari Obert - 3/13/09 
3 Year Anniversary 
Melissa Martin - 3/31/10
Mary Schmidt - 3/31/10
2 Year Anniversary  

Mariann Wolff - 3/21/11
Kassy Johnson - 3/24/11