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Austrian and German wines this Saturday!
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Tasty Tuesday: Southern Portugal
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Leap Year!
   We were shocked and saddened to learn this morning that it's no longer the Year of the Horse (and hasn't been for approximately 372 days). Well, it was really good while it lasted, and now we have the Year of the Monkey to keep us company for a while. Theoretically, we'll have to stop horsing around and start monkeying around, but we're sure to get the hang of it.
   In other news, we have an extra day to enjoy this year. Monday is that rare February 29th, and we're opened for business, so come and stock up on Cava and Cremant to ring in the exotic calendrical hiccup that happens only once every four years! What happened to the Year of the Goat?
Wine Class

"An Undiscovered Iberia"
   Many wine drinkers know enough about Portugal to know that they love it, and yet there's so much more to know! Portugal seems like a new wine frontier to many of us on this side of the Atlantic, but the western Iberian country has a rich viticultural history just begging to be more deeply explored. Join us on March 3rd at our Durham shop
as we treat ourselves to wines made from the many exotic, often exclusive grape varieties of Portugal's diverse array of wine regions! Class includes comprehensive tasting, visual presentation, and handouts.
Thursday, March 3rd, 7:33pm 
at our Durham location
$48 / person
Reservations Required: (919)489-2884
   Mix it up... 
Charleston Style

feat. Charleston Beverage Co.
   We're joined this afternoon/evening by our friends from the Charleston Beverage Company, who will be performing demos of their delightful Bloody Mary Mix! We're proud to offer this indispensable elixir at our shops, and it is very much part of the current climate and zeitgeist of quality cocktailery that's successfully swept our fair Triangle and much of the American Southeast in recent years. Cheers!
Tonight (Thursday the 25th) 
4:00-7:00 PM 
Durham & Raleigh Locations
Indy's Best of 
the Triangle!
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"Y'all make shopping easy!"
  -  Beth G.      
Tasty Tuesday:
Southern Portugal!
This Tuesday, March 1st, we present our FREE
 midweek wine tasting! Every Tuesday is tasty...

5:00 - 7:00 pm
West Portugal
  At the next Tasty Tuesday, in anticipation of our upcoming Portugal wine class, we'll turn our sights to the southern reaches of the Iberian nation. We'll explore Lisbon courtesy of Quinta de Sant'Ana, a tiny estate half an hour north of Lisbon with admirers from all over the world, and Casa Santos Lima, whose juicy red blend never lets us down. We'll also travel further southeast into the arid depths of Alentejo, where we'll sample one of the best values in white wine around from our friends at Lua Cheia. Saúde!  
Free Saturday Tastings!
Durham & Raleigh:
From Noon to 3 pm, "try before you buy"
at our FREE tastings!
Austria & Germany 
   We're practicing our German this Saturday with the aid of that most universal of guides: wine! Journeying into the heart of central Europe, we'll explore Austria's Burgenland and Kamptal before venturing westward into Germany's Rheinhessen (which doesn't translate to "wine haven" but probably should). Sprechen Sie Deutsch? You will this Saturday with a prolonged glimpse of the glorious diversity of Austrian and German wine. Zum wohl!
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Meinklang Prosa
Pinot Noir Frizzante Rosé 2014
{biodynamic} 100% Pinot Noir 
(Burgenland, Austria)
Werner and Angela first produced this rosé for their wedding. The marriage is still going strong and the wine is regularly produced in small quantities. Lush fruit, slight effervescence, and full mouth-feel is the perfect way to start a meal or afternoon...

1 Weekly Wine Banner 2
Steininger Kamptal GV
Grüner Veltliner 2014 
100% Grüner Veltliner 
(Kamptal, Austria)
Best known for its elegant, powerful sparkling wines which can rival Champagne, Weingut Steininger consistently produces profound wines with exemplary purity and focus. Karl, the estate's proprietor, prefers that his wines showcase the distinctive characteristics of the grape varietals with which he...

1 Daily Wine Banner
Binz Riesling
Weingut Binz 
Riesling 2014
One Liter!  
100% Riesling 
(Rheinhessen, Germany)
Half a decade ago, we visited this winery while on a German wine-buying trip. Five years later, we can still confirm that the Binz estate is responsible for some of the Rheinhessen's (and Germany's) greatest values. Located on the "red slope" between Nackenheim and Oppenheim, beautiful red...
1 Daily Wine Banner
Weingut Schäfer
"Red Sheep" 2015
Rotwein Feinherb 
40% Malbec, 40% Dornfelder
15% Merlot, 15% Cabernet S. 
(Rheinhessen, Germany)
"Schäfer" translates from German to "shepherd" in English, so it's only right that this wine is the ultra-rare red sheep. It is flocking delicious! It's wooly, wooly good. All puns aside, this is that rarest of combinations, the highly complex, but enjoyably soft, lightly sweet red. Made in miniscule quantities by...

Far from Topless...
   Our classic "WINE FROM FARMERS NOT FACTORIES" Pitchforkscrew™ shirts have returned in deepest, azure-i-est, "Ocean" teal. For the first time, we are also offering dedicated shapes for both gals and guys! Each style ranges from small to XXL, and are $15.99. Now you've absolutely no excuse to go around naked (not that you necessarily need an excuse).
   The Wine From Farmers: Pitchforkscrew™ shirts are grown and entirely made right here in NC by our friends at TS Designs!
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Hope to see you Saturday!

Our best to you,
Grand Poobah & the Wine Authorities staff 
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Saturday Tasting 
February 27th
Sprechen Sie Deutsch?
(Germany & Austria)

Tasty Tuesday
March 1st
Alentejo, Tejo, & Lisboa
Southern Portugal 

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March 5th
Bursting with Burgundy!

Tasty Tuesday  
March 8th
Domaine La Bouysse

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March 12th
Western Australia's
Woodlands & Xabregas

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March 15th
Saint Paddy's
Seeing Green

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