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Sale Continues!
     This year's Sustain-A-Bull sale continues through Saturday (the 5th)! The annual tradition celebrates the vibrant local-shopping experience in the Bull City, and numerous retailers participate. Our contribution to the festivities and savings is a whopping 20% discount on all Wine Authorities Selections (look for the tag on these hand-picked exclusives and check out the list below). What's more, you can save 25% on cases made up entirely of these WA-only offerings. Don't worry if you're a Raleigh customer! We appreciate your support and enthusiasm, and you can take advantage of the sale in the City of Oaks as well. Print out the list below for some sensational shopping ideas!
As usual, a "secret signal" is required to get in on the action. Don't forget to show us the horn sign in the Bull City or the
wolf in Packtown/ Oak City at check out! 

Look for the Wine Authorities Selections tags throughout the stacks and bins or ask for W.A. Selections recommendations!
Four Nouveaus!
  "Est arrivé," as they say... 
   The time has come to once again embrace the wine world's eternal symbol of youth and renewal. Every year on the third Thursday of November, the arrival of Beaujolais Nouveau celebrates the completion of (virtually all) grape harvests throughout Europe. In fact, it tends to be the first commercially available wine of the year from anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere. Vive la France! Vive la Beaujolais!
     Just as we do every year, this time we'll only be selling artisan Beaujolais Nouveau from small, family-owned estates. You'll find none of that artificial tasting stuff that they hawk in grocery stores and big box stores. These are truly delicious, and truly a revelation if you've never had the good stuff before.
Our 2015 Nouveau selections:
  • Jean-Paul Brun - Beaujolais Nouveau "L'Ancien" Terres Dorees 2015  $16.99
  • Domaine Vissoux (Pierre-Marie Chermette) - Beaujolais Primeur "Pierre Chermette" 2015  $14.99
  • Domaine Vissoux (Pierre-Marie Chermette) - Beaujolais Primeur Vieilles Vignes 2015  $16.99
  • Domaine Vissoux (Pierre-Marie Chermette) - Beaujolais Primeur Rosé "Les Griottes" 2015  $14.99
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go to Wine Authorities, whatever I pick
up will be excellent."
  -  John V.      
Rioja Class!
December 3rd
7:33pm in Raleigh 
    Join us tonight (December 3rd) for an intensive and creative look at one of the world's greatest wine regions. Rioja has both traditional producers and resolutely modern ones, but isn't the real story here one of varied terroirs that greatly influence the character of the area's wines? Taste and learn why and how the soil is unique, the output distinct, and the flavors muy, muy bien! The class includes a comprehensive tasting and visual presentation.
Tickets: 919-831-9463
$48 per person
Tasty Tuesday! 
"Once in a Blue Moon"
feat. Lua Cheia
This Tuesday, December 8th, we present our FREE
 midweek wine tasting! Every Tuesday is tasty...

5:00 - 7:00 pm
      At our next Tasty Tuesday, we bathe in the light of a blue moon - a situation which is fabulously rare in more ways than one! For starters, the featured producer is tiny yet owns vineyards at the northern and southern extremes of Portugal. What's even more astounding is the value that these dramatically different wines offer. We'll begin with two selections from their southerly estate's Alentejo-based "Album" series before venturing to the gorgeous Douro Valley for the "Andreza" Touriga Nacional / Touriga Franca blend. It's a portal to Portugal! Obrigado! 
Free Saturday Tasting!
Durham & Raleigh:
From 12-3pm, "try before you buy" 
at our FREE Saturday tastings!
Sustain-A-Bull w/
W.A. Selections:
Elegance & Decadence
   Sustain that Bull while you shop and save in elegant, decadent style! We're presenting four crowning jewels in our portfolio of exclusive Wine Authorities Selections* at this Saturday's free tasting! From a Burgundian Crémant that truly rivals vintage Champagne (one of the earliest W.A. Selections) to a Portuguese powerhouse made from the iconic Touriga Nacional (one of the newest arrivals), this is truly an all-star cast. Any of these offerings would make a resplendently memorable gift for the various wine-lovin' loved ones that you might be shopping for this holiday season...
 *Don't forget to show us the aforementioned hand signals at check out in order to take advantage of our current spectacular sale
1 Weekly Wine Banner 2
Tripoz Cr_mant
Domaine Tripoz 
Crémant de Bourgogne Brut 
{biodynamic} 100% Chardonnay
(Southern Burgundy, France)
This micro-production cremant is crafted like many of the finest grower Champagnes, and it shows. Rich, mature, and elegantly vinous, it is perfectly at home at the table, and not to be delegated merely to celebrations. Lush and rich, this is great sparkling wine that happens to be biodynamic. Celine & Laurent Tripoz, who...

1 Weekly Wine Banner 2
_Cave Vinum MMXII_  
Mas de Libian 
Ardèche Blanc 2014
"Cave Vinum" 
{biodynamic} 45% Viognier,
35% Roussanne, 20% Clairette 
(Southern Rhone, France)
The soeurs Thibon of Mas de Libian are as thoughtful about naming their wines as they are about creating them. For their single white offering, they play on the "cave canem" ("beware of dog") signs that were discovered in the ruins of Pompeii. Not that there is anything to fear with this delicious Viognier-based blend, 20% of which is fermented in oak before joining with aromatic Roussanne and...
1 Monthly Wine Banner 2
Eric de Suremain 
Rully Rouge 1er Cru 2011
{biodynamic} 100% Pinot Noir 
(Burgundy, France) 
Although better renowned for its white wines, Rully produces incredible reds in warmer years. Eric works the soil of this single vineyard biodynamically, and you can taste the vibrant life and soul in this wine. This is what fine red Burgundy is about; beautifully elegant cherry fruit, rich but with subtle complexity, slightly earthy flavors as singular as... 
1 Monthly Wine Banner 2
Sant_Ana Touriga
Quinta de Sant'Ana 
Touriga Nacional 2011 
{sustainable} 100% Touriga Nacional 
(Lisboa, Portugal)
Touriga Nacional, associated more with northern Portugal's Douro and Dao than with southerly regions like Lisboa, is undisputedly a national treasure. While significantly less famous than France's Cabernet Sauvignon or Italy's Nebbiolo, this too seldom-sung nobleman of the red grape royal court is conducive to exceptionally elegant, structured, imposing...

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   Our classic "WINE FROM FARMERS NOT FACTORIES" Pitchforkscrew™ shirts have returned in deepest, azure-i-est, "Ocean" teal. For the first time, we are also offering dedicated shapes for both gals and guys! Each style ranges from small to XXL, and are $15.99. Now you've absolutely no excuse to go around naked (not that you necessarily need an excuse).
   The Wine From Farmers: Pitchforkscrew™ shirts are grown and entirely made right here in NC by our friends at TS Designs!
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"Once in a Blue Moon"
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December 12th
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December 15th
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