Wine & Food class
"The Power of Pairing"
November 5th @ 7:33 PM
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Wine & Food Class: 
"The Power of Pairing"
November 5th in Durham
7:33 PM - $48 per person 
   Wine pairing isn't an exact science...or is it? Of course, there are different approaches to marrying meal to swill, but there are some generally accepted rules that can help demystify the art of pairing and enhance enjoyment (not only of wine but of the food that it's destined to accompany). Join us as we lay out the principles and engage your taste buds in exercises of food-drink camaraderie. Give your inner-sommelier a booster shot!
   Class includes comprehensive tasting, nibbles to illustrate the power of pairing, a visual presentation, and handouts.

Call (919) 489-2884 to purchase tickets!

"wafer-thin mint?"

The class includes five "courses" of illustrative nibbles, but it isn't intended to serve as a meal. You will probably want to have had a bite to eat beforehand (or afterward).

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workers are super cute."
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Wine Classes!
(Package Deal) 
     The phrase "back to school" is a somewhat complicated one. It can simultaneously connote scholarship, savings, and...unimaginable horror. Let's keep those first two and check the third at the door, shall we? For the first time ever, we're both announcing a year's worth of classes and giving you the opportunity to save substantially on them!
      Purchase a W.A. Wine Class Certificate either for yourself or as a gift for some wine lovin' someone in your life (or both!), and get up to a $144 value (three classes of your/their choosing) for only $100. The certificate can be used on both fall and spring classes throughout 2015 and 2016. Heck, get one for each semester if you want to bone up in a most unbridled fashion! Have a look at the classes we've scheduled in the side column!
Class Certificate: $100 
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   Autumn is tiptoeing in, and the first yellowish leaves are gathering on the ground. To celebrate the advent of oyster season, crisp autumn aromas, and Thanksgiving feasts, we've prepared a care package of fall favorites to share with you! There's a mineralistically razory bubbly from the land of Muscadet (indispensable for oyster aficionados), a lushly perfumed yet beautifully balanced Viognier, a feast-friendly rosé from southern Portugal, a pair of turkey-lovin' reds (crisp Dolcetto & juicy Syrah), and a Cab Franc-driven ode to fallen forest leaves crunching under our feet. Let's have three (or, in this case, six) cheers for autumn!
(for Halloween Parties)
This Tuesday, October 27th, we present our FREE
 midweek wine tasting! Every Tuesday is tasty...

5:00 - 7:00 pm
  We may feast better at Thanksgiving and rack up on gifts 'round the end of the year, but Halloween is the holiday that  knows how to throw a party. Join us at next week's Tasty Tuesday as we explore fiendishly fun and frighteningly flavorful party wines to help bolster all your Halloween festivities!
  We'll kick things off with a rich yet refreshing rosé whose deep pink coloration would surely get the seal of approval from Bella Lugosi & co. Next, we dive into the autumnal golden-hued beauty that is gorgeously-aged, dry, Alsatian Riesling. We'll end on the banks of Bairrada's Atlantic countryside with a Portuguese red starring the bold, black Baga grape - sure to make your inner werewolf bristle with titillation (the label is also black and orange, which doesn't hurt).! 
Fall Rosé Sale!
20%-25% off
Throughout October!
  We're having a mighty, month-long sale on still rosé throughout the store as we celebrate the wrap of a beautiful summer and a most marvelous harvest of our beloved Rosé Garden! All single rosé bottles are 20% off, and mix-and-match cases of them are a whoppin' 25% off! As always, we're donating a portion of all rosé sales to the Chapel Hill Breast Cancer Foundation. Thank you for supporting them with your rosé purchases at Wine Authorities!
Free Saturday Tasting!
Durham & Raleigh:
From 12-3pm, "try before you buy" 
at our FREE Saturday tastings!
"Frontin' the Fronton"
Chateau la Colombière
    Join us as we boldly venture into the outskirts of Southwestern France's beautiful Toulouse. Fronton is a region armed with a signature grape known as Négrette which is virtually exclusive to its vineyards. Diane and Phillipe Cauvin of Chateau La Colombière are masters of this grape. In fact, you might even call them "Négrette whisperers." Join us this Saturday as we explore two different examples of this earthily floral grape in classic red followed by a lightly sweet sparkling rosé. To kick things off, however, we have a special treat in store. The extremely obscure Bouysselet grape hasn't had a voice in commercial viticulture for generations - effectively extinct for as long as a century and a half. The Cauvins, working with a local nursery, have resuscitated this rarity, bringing it back from the brink and focusing it into a brilliantly bright, full-bodied, hauntingly-perfumed masterpiece. À Votre Santé!
1 Monthly Wine Banner 2
Chateau La Colombière
Bouysselet 2012 
"Le Grand B."
{organic} 100% Bouysselet
(Sud-Ouest, France)
When Philippe and Diane Cauvin were researching the history of winegrowing in their local appellation of Fronton, they came across a grape they didn't know existed. Bouysselet, also called Prunelard Blanc, was previously thought to be the lost green-skinned sibling of the black-skinned Gaillac grape Prunelard. Having found a nursery which kept this vine alive for research purposes (but too little for winemaking), they had it propagated and brought back to life in their vineyard. This is the only Bouysselet in existence, farmed...
1 Weekly Wine Banner 2
Chateau La Colombière 
Fronton Rouge 2010
{organic} 100% Negrette  
(Sud-Ouest, France)
Of all the specialized and unusual appellations of southwestern France, Fronton, less than half an hour north of Toulouse, is quite possibly the most unique. Its exotic Négrette grape is cultivated virtually no where else on Earth. The Cauvin family of Chateau la Colombiere have, with their...
Chateau La Colombiere
Fronton Rouge 2012
{organic} 80% Negrette, 10% Cabernets (Sauv & Franc), 10% Syrah  
(Sud-Ouest, France)
Fronton remains one of Southwestern France's frontiers for wine lovers. Despite being situated less than half an hour from the city of Toulouse, the region keeps a low international profile. Its reds team with deep purple fruit and a wholesome spiciness which is striking yet understated...
Chateau La Colombière 
Ancestrale Rosé 2011
{organic} 100% Negrette
(Sud-Ouest, France)
Philipe and Diane Cauvin have effectively bridled the finicky Négrette grape into graceful submission with their catalog of wines which seems to improve with each passing vintage. This is a newer offering, a delectably refreshing "petnat" sparkling rosé with pretty mousse that evaporates gracefully on the palate...

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