The Eight Knuckle Discount!
(Read on to learn about our 8th annual birthday sale and how it works)
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Grinning for Grenache all September!
Tasty Tuesday: "Gotcha Garnacha"
Take the shirts right off our backs!
Harvest Dinner
Saturday's Tasting: W.A. Selections Featurette

Eight Knuckle

     As we continue to celebrate the week of our eighth birthday (today, the tenth of September!), so continues our hefty birthday sale!  Ending on Saturday, September 12th, this righteous sale applies to all Wine Authorities Selections!
    Choose from any (or all!) of the wines among our portfolio of carefully selected, exclusive gems and get 20% off half cases and 25% off full cases!  Feel free to take advantage of the sale as often as you like and stock up. There's just one simple catch!
    Give us a double fist bump when you check out to take advantage of this fanatically festive offer!

Look for the Wine Authorities Selections tags
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and it shows."
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Grinning for Grenache
Throughout September! 
   International Grenache Day falls on the third Friday of each September, and we've come to realize that a single day far to short to sufficiently savor the wonders of great Garnacha's Mediterranean majesty! So, we've rolled out a six-pack that celebrates the diversity of the reds, whites, and rosés that result from the variety. These wines clock in at a deep discount, and we're also throwing in a stylish tote for your Cotes-du-Rhone (and company)! It's only $69.99 (plus tax) after a 30% discount! Click here to read more. 
Tasty Tuesday!
Gotcha Garnacha 
This Tuesday, September 15th, we present our FREE
 midweek wine tasting! Every Tuesday is tasty...

5:00 - 7:00 pm
Grenache & Gallets  
   You may have recently heard that Grenache is all up in the house. Even if you didn't hear, you probably knew. A lot of us have a preternatural sense that Grenache is a grape to be unabashedly adored. It brings us delicious wines of all shapes and sizes, and, while it's not uncommon for a Grenache-based offering to cost a pretty penny, there is positively a wealth of wines that deliver on deliciousness, character, balance, and adventure at exceptionally gentle prices.
   Join us on Tuesday as we taste through three hues of great Grenache. We'll begin in the Languedoc for a blend which stars the white-skinned mutation of the grape, commonly known as "Grenache Blanc." Next, we'll head southward to the northeastern Spanish birthplace of the variety for a vibrant, intensely flavorful rosé. We'll end in the Southern Rhone, where, in the Vacqueyras appellation, we've come to rely on voluptuous, intoxicatingly-perfumed renditions of the variety. By gosh, we've got Grenache!

Far from Topless...
    We've got all kinds of shirts up in the house! Our "WINE FROM FARMERS NOT FACTORIES" Pitchforkscrew™ shirts have returned in deepest, azure-i-est, "Ocean" teal. For the first time, we are also offering dedicated shapes for both gals and guys! Each style ranges from small to XXL, and are $15.99. Now you've absolutely no excuse to go around naked (not that you necessarily need an excuse).

    That's not all, however! We're also offering (currently at our Raleigh store only) a sharply-designed "Brewed NC" shirt to quench the thirst for our passion for local beer! The silhouette of our fair state becomes a horizontally-oriented beer bottle. Available in sky blue and red! $24.99 each.
   Both the Wine From Farmers: Pitchforkscrew™ and Brewed NC shirts are grown and entirely made right here in NC by our friends at TS Designs!
  Harvest Dinner! 
   Please join us for a magical evening under the stars with Chef Caroline Morrison and Raleigh City Farm! Click here for information on tickets, reservations and how to become a sponsor! 
Free Saturday Tasting!
Durham & Raleigh:
From 12 to 3 PM, "try before you buy" 
at our FREE Saturday tastings!
Wine Authorities Selections:
A Fearless Featurette
(don't forget the fist bump!) 
     As the grand finale of our week-long Wine Authorities Selections sale, we're featuring five fabulously different offerings, both old and new, from our portfolio to give you some last minute ideas for how to take advantage of our eighth birthday, eight-knuckle savings
     Hailing from France's Alsace & Loire, Portugal's Lisboa, Italy's Piemonte, and Spain's Valencia, this quintet is comprised of some of our very favorite, most versatile values, but with the potential for 20% half-case discounts and 25% case discounts on these guys (remember the double fist bump at checkout!), minds are about to be resolutely blown! Come and celebrate with us in fantastic, free, tasterriffic fashion!
A Wine Authorities Selection
1 Weekly Wine Banner 2
Cave Freudenreich 
Crémant d'Alsace  
{sustainable} Pinot Blanc,
Riesling, Pinot Noir 
(Alsace, France)
From Alsace, quite possibly the origin of France's most haunting and ephemeral whites, comes this intensely flavorful and bright Cremant. Striking a very satisfying balance between powerfully tangy fruit character and complex mineralistic and floral
1 Daily Wine Banner
J. Mourat 
Blanc "Collection" 2014 
 Fiefs Vendéens 
{organic} 50% Chenin, 50% Chard  
(Loire Méridionale, France)
Hailing from the Atlantic coast of the Loire, this radiant blend of (equal parts) Chenin and Chardonnay glows a pale gold in the glass and illuminates the palate with pristinely crisp pear/apple and a flourish of tangy, mimosa-like citrus on the finish...
Quinta de Sant'Ana 
Rosé 2014 
{sustainable} Touriga Nacional, Pinot Noir, Aragonez, Merlot 
(Lisboa, Portugal)
To look at Portugal's Lisboa on a map, one would understandably envision it as probably hot and best suited to dense, extracted reds like the ones associated with many similarly southerly Iberian regions. The reality is astonishingly mild - conducive less to unwieldily powerhouse wines than to elegance and balance
Docetto d'Alba 2013
100% Dolcetto
(Piemonte, Italy)
Here we have a another delicious Dolcetto from Terrabianca, albeit a richer and more full-bodied example than one typically finds. This is a vivacious and approachable wine, but with added depth, length, and maturity thanks to fruit from 70-90 year old vines that grow on the sunniest part of the hill. In fact, the name "Brichet" derives from Bricco, which relates to the most advantageously sunny...
Casa Los Frailes 
Valencia Tinto 2011
{biodynamic} 50% Monastrell,
50% Syrah 
(Valencia, Spain)
Casa Los Frailes, taking its name from the friars which once inhabited the estate, produces wine with the utmost respect for nature and its vineyards. Monastrell, the premier varietal of Spain's southeast, is clearly their first priority. For the Bilogía cuvée, they blend it with its classic blending partner of France, Syrah...
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Hope to see you Saturday!

Our best to you,
Grand Poobah & the Wine Authorities staff 
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