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+ Grenache! Grenache!! Grenache!!! 
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Grenache! Grenache! Grenache!
Harvest Dinner
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Saturday's Tasting: Rosé for Labor Day

Another Year Older

and deeper
     As we prepare to turn eight next Thursday, September 10th, we're feeling enormous gratitude to all of the loyal friends and customers in the Triangle and beyond who've unfailingly shown us support for almost a decade!  We've bonded with you over our shared thirst for food and wine (what else?) and passion for the delicious silver lining which lies beyond industrialized corporate wineries.
    What better way to celebrate than with a hefty birthday sale?  Next week, starting on Sunday (the 6th) and ending on Saturday (the 12th), we're offering a righteous sale on all Wine Authorities Selections (check out the list of producers and links below)! Choose from any (or all!) of the wines among our portfolio of carefully selected, exclusive gems and get 20% off half cases and 25% off full cases of Wine Authorities Selections!  Feel free to take advantage of the sale as often as you like and stock up. There's just one simple catch!
    Give us a double fist bump when you check out to take advantage of this fanatically festive offer!

Look for the Wine Authorities Selections tags
throughout the stacks and bins or ask for
Wine Authorities Selections recommendations!

Closed For
Labor Day!
We're closed on Monday, September 7th
and will return with our normal hours
on Tuesday, September 8th.
Have a great holiday weekend!
Why, thank you! 
Real Customer Comment:

"The staff here is super friendly and very knowledgeable but not to the point you feel they are looking down their nose at you. They want to share their passion with you
and it shows."
  -  Lisa W. (via Yelp)     
The Day of
Reckoning is 
Almost Upon Us!
Grenache & Gallets
    Yes, we've always reckoned Grenache to be among our absolute favorite grapes. Now, it's time to unleash that reckoning on the world! Well, we're not necessarily going to unleash it on the world, per se, but we are certainly going to help celebrate the variety and it's greatness.     
     International Grenache Day is the third Friday each September, and we've come to realize that a day is simply not long enough to savor the wonders of the great Garnacha's Mediterranean majesty! So, we're rolling out a six-pack that celebrates the grape's diversity and the reds, whites, and rosés that result from it. These wines clock in at a deep discount, and we're also throwing in a stylish tote for your Cotes-du-Rhone (and company)! It's only $69.99 (plus tax) after a 30% discount! Click here to read more. 
  Harvest Dinner! 
   Please join us for a magical evening under the stars with Chef Caroline Morrison and Raleigh City Farm! Click here for information on tickets, reservations and how to become a sponsor! 

Far from Topless...
    We've got all kinds of shirts up in the house! Our "WINE FROM FARMERS NOT FACTORIES" Pitchforkscrew™ shirts have returned in deepest, azure-i-est, "Ocean" teal. For the first time, we are also offering dedicated shapes for both gals and guys! Each style ranges from small to XXL, and are $15.99. Now you've absolutely no excuse to go around naked (not that you necessarily need an excuse).

    That's not all, however! We're also offering (currently at our Raleigh store only) a sharply-designed "Brewed NC" shirt to quench the thirst for our passion for local beer! The silhouette of our fair state becomes a horizontally-oriented beer bottle. Available in sky blue and red! $24.99 each.
   Both the Wine From Farmers: Pitchforkscrew™ and Brewed NC shirts are grown and entirely made right here in NC by our friends at TS Designs!

Rosé Garden 2015!
   The dry, pink oasis that refreshes our mouths and nourishes our souls is in full bloom! As always, a portion of each and every bottle of rosé sold is being donated to the fight against breast cancer!  
  • Tempore - Rosado de Garnacha 2014  $9.99
  • J. Mourat - Rosé "Collection" 2014  $11.99
  • Mas de Libian - Rosé "Bout d'Zan" 2014  $14.99 
  • Palama - Negroamaro Rosato "Arcangelo" 2014  $15.99
  • Casa Los Frailes - Monastrell Rosado 2014  $9.99 
  • Tenuta Sant'Antonio - Corvina Rosato "Scaia" 2014  $12.99
  • Aliaga - Lagrima de Garnacha 2014  $9.99
  • Domaine Robert Serol - Cotes de Roannaise Rosé "Cabochard" 2014  $13.99


Tasty Tuesday!
Birthday Toast 
This Tuesday, September 8th, we present our FREE
 midweek wine tasting! Every Tuesday is tasty...

5:00 - 7:00 pm
Birthday Toast  
     Join us on Tuesday as we celebrate Wine Authorities' eighth anniversary in style!  In accord with tradition, we're sampling three Wine Authorities Selections bubblies!  First up is the infinitely refreshing Prosecco Brut from Bedin! Following that, we'll present the newest Wine Authorities Selection sparkler, Domaine Cady's beautiful Chenin-based Cremant de Loire. Finally, we'll reach the rich yet refreshing Cava Rosado from Mas Codina! Toasting to the exploration and adoration of wines that come to us from farmers - not factories, we share these favorites with you. Remember, these are eligible for the 8th birthday double-fist bump discount at check out (20% on half-cases and 25% on full cases). Cheers! 
Free Saturday Tasting!
Durham & Raleigh:
From 12 to 3 PM, "try before you buy" 
at our FREE Saturday tastings!
This Labor Day Weekend and Beyond,
We're Working the Rosé! 
   You know, after Labor Day, fashion snobs say it's verboten to wear white pants...and shoes. Some wine snobs say that you also can't drink Rosé. We don't count ourselves among that contingency. No! Just as there are innumerable benefits for keeping your white wardrobe ready to go in fall and winter (just ask the humble snowshoe hare), there are plenty of great reasons to break out the rosé after summer recedes!
     At our final tasting before labor day, we raise our glasses in thanks to the gallant pink that's perennially primed to drink! We're not saying goodbye (although it's true that our Rosé Garden will hibernate at the end of this month). What we're saying to rosé is "kick off your shoes, be they white or otherwise, and stay a while." We're almost always in need of refreshment, and rosé is always chomping at the bit to oblige! 
1 Daily Wine Banner
Casa Los Frailes 
Monastrell Rosé 2014 
{biodynamic} 100% Monastrell
(Valencia, Spain)
This lovely pink wine forged from the robust Monastrell grape is an exercise in treading lightly. Though bold in flavor and personality, this gem is spry, clean, and light on its feet. The Los Frailes wines from the Velazquez family are rising stars in our store. Biodynamic goodness from an estate that was
1 Daily Wine Banner
Domaine La Ligière 
Vaucluse Rosé 2014 
"Sud Absolu" 
{organic} 100% Carignan 
(Southern Rhone, France)
Carignan, with its reputation for robust rusticity, is probably not the grape that you'd immediately suspect upon tasting this vibrantly berryish, lean, clean, and by no means mean rosé from the northwestern fringe of the Provençal countryside. As eloquently balanced as this wine is, we can't help but think of it as the adult equivalent of a raspberry-lemon...
Anton Bauer 
Wagram Rosé 2014 
{sustainable} Zweigelt, Syrah, Merlot 
(Wagram, Austria)
 A fourth generation winemaker, Anton Bauer has built a reputation for his exacting attention to detail while making traditionally-styled wines in the hills of Wagram. Dry, minerally, and floral with fruit character reminiscent of tangy red berries, and white cherry, this rosé leans a bit more...  
Domaine La Grangette 
Piquepoul Noir Rosé 2014
{sustainable} 100% Piquepoul Noir 
(Central Languedoc, France)
Piquepoul Noir, an ancient Mediterranean varietal best known through its lighter skinned mutation (typically called Picpoul) was once a much more prominent force in the world of Rhone and Languedoc reds. Traceable to the 1300s, the grape is most often now encountered in minuscule percentages...
Sustain a Bull logo
Hope to see you Saturday!

Our best to you,
Grand Poobah & the Wine Authorities staff 
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