West Coast Wines Tag Team
+ Lots of New Wine Authorities Selections to Explore
In This Issue:
Meinklang Dinner @ Garland!
Tasty Tuesday: WCW 2 - Pacific Northwest
Saturday Tasting: WCW 1 - California

So Much New Wine!

   We're bouncing off the walls with excitement to share this week's arrival of many new (and newly returning) Wine Authorities Selections! These are the wines that we've travelled the globe and discovered expressly for the purpose of sharing with our Triangle customers. You won't find these gems anywhere else in this part of the world, and some of them cannot even be found outside of their immediate areas of production...
Brand New from France & Spain:
  • Bodegas Tempore - Garnacha "Finca La Cañada" 2014  $7.99
  • Bodegas Tempore - Tempranillo "Finca La Cañada" 2014  $7.99
  • Domaine La Grangette - Piquepoul Noir Rosé 2014  $11.99
  • Domaine des Grandes Bruyères - Beaujolais Villages "Domaine de Vieilles Cadoles" 2014  $9.99
  • Domaine des Grandes Bruyères - Beaujolais Villages Rosé 2014  $12.99
  • Domaine des Grandes Bruyères - Beaujolais Villages 2013  $12.99
  • Domaine des Grandes Bruyères - Beaujolais Villages "Prestige" 2013  $17.99
  • Domaine La Rocalière - Lirac Blanc "Le Classique" 2014  $15.99
  • Domaine La Rocalière - Lirac Rouge "Le Classique"  2013  $15.99
  • Domaine La Rocalière - Tavel "Le Classique" 2014  $14.99
  • Domaine La Ligiére - Rouge Vaucluse "Sud Absolu"
    2012  $10.99
  • Domaine La Ligière - Blanc Vaucluse "Sud Absolu" 2014  $10.99
  • Domaine La Ligière - Rosé Vaucluse "Sud Absolu" 2014  $10.99
  • Domaine La Ligière - Cotes du Rhone Rouge 2013  $14.99
  • Domaine La Ligière - Vacqueyras 2012  $19.99
  • Domaine La Ligière - Vacqueyras "Point G" 2012  $34.99
  • J. Mourat - Blanc "Collection" (Fiefs Vendèens) 2014  $11.99
  • J. Mourat - Rosé "Collection" (Fiefs Vendèens) 2014  $11.99
  • J. Mourat - Rouge "Collection" (Fiefs Vendèens) 2014  $11.99
  • J. Mourat - Rouge "Ch Marie du Fou" (Fiefs Vendèens) 2014  $14.99
  • J. Mourat - Blanc "Clos Saint André" (Fiefs Vendèens) 2013  $18.99
  • Domaine Cady - Anjou Blanc 2014  $11.99
  • Domaine Cady - Coteaux du Layon 2014  $15.99
  • Domaine Cady - Coteaux du Layon - Selection de Grains Nobles "Cuvée Volupté" 2011 $45.99
  • Domaine Cady - Crémant de Loire Blanc  $15.99
  • Domaine Cady - Rosé de Loire 2014  $10.99
  • Chateau La Colombière - Blanc "Les Jacquaires" 2014  $14.99

Back in stock from Spain & Italy:

(AKA: awesome new vintages)

  • Bodegas Tempore - Rosado de Garnacha "Terrae" 2014  $9.99
  • Viña Aliaga - Navarra Rosado "Lagrima de Garnacha" 2014  $9.99
  • Bodegas Los Frailes - Monastrell Rosado 2014  $9.99
  • Akarregi Txiki - Txakolina Getariako 2014  $12.99
  • Bedin - Prosecco Brut "Corte Giovanni"  $13.99
  • Bedin - Prosecco Frizzante "Corte Giovanni"  $11.99
Speaking of Wine Authorities and selection...
Indy's Best of the Triangle: 

Durham & Wake Counties!

    Allow us to take a moment and express our gratitude to our dynamite customers for once again selecting us as Best of the Triangle! We can't express how much we appreciate your affection for us and our mission! You've voted Wine Authorities the Best Wine Store of the Triangle in Indyweek for the seventh time in seven years.  As we approach our eight year mark, we know that we have the best friends and customers that anyone could wish for. Thank you!  
West Coast Wine
Tag Team Tastings! 
   Our next two tastings focus on wines from the great American west! On Saturday, we're piledriving some of our favorite California values - wines that display the signature, singular flair of the Golden State while remaining exquisitely inexpensive. Then, at next week's Tasty Tuesday, the Pacific Northwest gets tagged into the ring and given the opportunity to Full Nelson its most beloved specialties in an all out brawl where everybody wins and nobody loses any teeth! Read on for more information below! 
Why, thank you!    
Real Customer Comment:

"I don't pretend to be a wine guy. I come here because
I trust you to always make the right suggestions."

  -  Alex S.       


Meinklang Dinner!

Wednesday, June 17th 
   A few seats are still available at the upcoming Garland wine dinner focusing on the biodynamic Meinklang estate of Austria's Burgenland! Raleigh's extraordinary and unique Garland restaurant and Chef Cheetie Kumar's adventurous, Southeast Asian and Indian cuisine promise to be a perfect partner for the iconic producer's flavorful and distinctive wines! This is a match made in heaven... 

Wednesday, June 17th
6:30 PM @ Garland 
14 W Martin St. Raleigh, NC 27601
$60 (PLUS TAX & TIP)
Garland: (919) 833-6886
Menu TBA


Rosé Garden 2015!
   The pink oasis that refreshes our mouths and nourishes our souls is once again in bloom!  The Rosé Garden has arrived. As always, a portion of each and every bottle of rosé sold will be donated to the fight against breast cancer! We recently donated $2,500 from last year's rosé sales thanks to you!!
  • Dr. Heyden - Rosé Trocken 2014  $11.99
  • Chateau Roustan - Costieres de Nimes Rosé 2014  $11.99
  • Mas de Libian - Rosé "Bout d'Zan" 2014  $14.99 
  • Domaine Magellan - Hérault Rosé "Le Fruit Défendu" 2014  $10.99
  • Domaine Saint Croix - Rosé "Roséphine" 2014  $9.99 
  • Meinklang - Pinot Noir Rosé "Prosa" 2013  $16.99
  • Domaine Pinchinat - "Venus" Rosé 2014  $9.99
  • Domaine Pinchinat - "Venus" Rosé [3-L!] 2014  $29.99


Tasty Tuesday:
North by (the Pacific)
This Tuesday, May 2nd, we present our FREE
 midweek wine tasting!  Every Tuesday is tasty...

5:00 - 7:00 pm 
Pacific (North by) Northwest
   At next week's Tasty Tuesday, we'll pick up where we left off at this Saturday's tasting and head northward for the remainder of our west coast's fabulous states of wine. Oregon and Washington will be well represented with regional favorites including Pinot Gris, dry Riesling, and Pinot Noir! There's no need to run to catch (or avoid) low flying aircraft. Your round-trip ticket is just a W.A. away!
And don't forget:
Our Tasty Tuesday 15% Half-Case Discount!
After you taste, put together 6 bottles from our Tasty Tuesday lineup, and we'll take an entire 15% off!

 This Saturday from 12 to 3 PM 
"try before you buy" at
our FREE tasting
    At this week's free Saturday tasting, we're stepping into the ring with some of California's most agile and spirited examples of the state's signature white specialties as well as an elegant Pinot Noir and a muscular red which robustly represents the Golden State's heavyweight champi-zin! These champion wines not only excel at being wonderfully delicious and distinctive but also impress with their generosity and commitment to value. Don't pinch yourself! No, you're not dreamin'. These California classics are unequivocally the real deal!
1 Weekly Wine Banner 2
Bliss SB!
Bliss Family Vineyards 
Sauvignon Blanc 2013 

{sustainable} 100% Sauvignon Blanc 

(Mendocino, California)

For three generations (beginning in the late nineteen thirties), the Bliss family has been dedicated to nurturing their vines and the vibrant wines which they yield. The 450 acres of vineyard are farmed sustainably and benefit from the Pacific's...

1 Weekly Wine Banner 2
Laetita Chard
Chardonnay 2013 

{sustainable} 100% Chardonnay 

(Arroyo Grande, California)

We know Laetitia Winery as the producer of some of our absolute favorite domestic sparklers (which you should also try), but they make fantastic non-sparkling estate wines in their far-south corner of California's central coast. This is a perfectly balanced Chardonnay with interplay between a solid oak base and bright acidity...
1 Monthly Wine Banner 2
Paraiso PN
Pinot Noir 
{sustainable} 100% Pinot Noir 

(Santa Lucia Highlands, California)

The Smith family has maintained their course in central California producing very California style wines for two generations. They are largely responsible for the Monterey region's rise to prominence and started out as vineyard farmers... 
Ancient Peaks 
Zinfandel 2012
{sustainable} 100% Zinfandel

(Paso Robles, California)

This bold red has everything we look for in Zin with all the fat trimmed away, leaving a wine which is still big and powerful but well balanced, solidly structured, and carrying its 15% alcohol impeccably. Terroir including volcanic soil and the calcium-rich remnants of an ancient seabed...

Hope to see you Saturday!

Our best to you,
Grand Poobah & the Wine Authorities staff 
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