This Saturday, we're venturing to 
Italy's hip "hip," the great northwest! 
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Tasty Tuesday: (Almost) April Fool's!
Saturday Tasting: "Hips Don't Lie!"

These Just In! 
So Many Recent Arrivals! 
   We've just unrolled a startling assortment of new arrivals from around the world, and if we may say so, they are absolutely all up in the house! Austria, France, Israel (see more details about the two Kosher for Passover selections from Barkan below), Italy, Spain, and the United States are represented beautifully, and our first five 2014 rosés have landed. Check it out!
  • Peirano Estate - Zinfandel "The Immortal Zin" Old Vine 2012  $11.99
  • Peirano Estate - Petite Sirah "Heritage" 2013  $11.99
  • Stolpman Vineyards - "La Cuadrilla" 2013  $24.99
  • Barnard Griffin - "Rosé of" Sangiovese 2014  $14.99
  • Barkan - Chardonnay "Classic" 2014  $14.99
  • Barkan - Cabernet Sauvignon "Classic" 2013   $13.99
  • Arrocal - Ribera del Duero Tinto 2013  $19.99
  • Arrocal - Ribera del Duero Rosado "Rosa" 2014  $12.99
  • Ameztoi - Txakoli Rosé "Rubentis" 2014  $19.99
  • El Maestro Sierra - Oloroso Sherry 15 Years (375ml)  $16.99
  • Bodegas Cesar Florido - Fino Sherry "Chipona" (375ml)  13.99
  • Primitivo Quiles - Vermouth Rojo (1 LITER!)  $21.99
  • Buil & Giné - Priorat Blanc "Joan Giné" 2013  $24.99
  • Paul D. - Rosé 2014  $12.99 (1 LITER!)
  • Mittelbach/Tegernseerhof - Zweigelt Rosé 2014  $14.99
  • Chateau Marjolet - Cotes du Rhone Blanc 2013  $14.99
  • Chateau Marjolet - Cotes du Rhone Village Laudun 2012  $16.99
  • Mas de Libian - Cotes du Rhone Rouge "Khazan" 2013  $16.99
  • Chateau Rispail - Gigondas 2011  $29.99
  • Chateau du Raux - Haut Médoc 2010  $19.99
  • Chateau La Fon du Berger - Haut Médoc Cru Bourgeois 2011  $21.99
  • Chateau Jeandeman - Fronsac Rouge "Chenerale" 2009  $24.99
  • Les Betes Curieuses - Muscadet Sevre et Maine "Clisson" 2010  $21.99
  • Domaine de Saint-Just - Saumur Blanc "Les Perrières" 2012  $20.99
  • Domaine La Bouysse - Corbières Rouge "Valensol" 2013  $14.99
  • Aureto - Ventoux "Cuvée Maestrale" 2011  42.99
  • Aureto - Luberon "Petit Miracle" 2012  $37.99
  • Aureto - Vaucluse "Tramontane" 2012  $42.99
  • Inama - Soave Classico 2013  $14.99
  • Monzio Compagnoni - Franciacorta Brut Rosato 2008  $27.99
  • Fratelli Pardi - Montefalco Sagrantino 2009  $38.99
  • Prinsi - Barbaresco "Gaia Principe" 2009  $49.99
Kosher for Passover! 
    Two delicious, estate-produced Kosher for Passover wines have arrived from Israel's Barkan Vineyards. The wines from the estate's Ed Salzberg (pictured above) have exemplified quality, value, and great varietal character, making them our most trusted and most often returned to Passover selections year after year. Chag Sameach!
  • Barkan - Chardonnay "Classic" 2014  $14.99
  • Barkan - Cabernet Sauvignon"Classic" 2013  14.99
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Tasty Tuesday:
April Fool's! 
This Tuesday, March 31st, we present our FREE
 midweek wine tasting!  Every Tuesday is tasty...

5:00 - 7:00 pm
   Prepare to be dynamically un-fooled this Tuesday as we celebrate this year's impending April 1st by eroding a few falsehoods about grape varietals which are well-overdue for quashing.
   Join us as we explore the fact that there's not anything inherently oaky or buttery about Chardonnay. We'll explain why there's no whisper more sweetness in Riesling that's had all of its sugar fermented into alcohol than there would be in a wine made from any other grape. We'll also tear right into the mystifyingly still fashionable anti-Merlot sentiment whose foundation was laid by overproduction and cemented by Hollywood. You won't get fooled again!
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Hips Don't Lie! 

(Northeastern Italy)
   Hot on the heels (pun absolutely intended) of last week's tasting of Italy's foot-shaped south, we're setting our sights further north, honing on on the country's shapely hip! Italy's northeastern regions of Friuly, the Veneto, and Lombardy (yeah, yeah, more north-central than northeast on that one) provide us with a few of the nation's most singular and unmistakable specialties. Join us as we hone in on the beautiful bubbles of Franciacorta, the elegant minerality and balance of Soave, the exotic perfume of Friuli's Friulano, and the concentrated black nectar of Valpolicella and its resplendent Ripasso. Shake your booty, Italy! 


1 Monthly Wine Banner 2
Monzio Compagnoni 
Franciacorta Brut Rosato 2008 

80% Pinot Noir, 20% Chardonnay 

(Lombardy, Italy)

Not far from Milan, Lombardy's Franciacorta region has provided Italy since 1967 with an official (and very eloquent) answer to France's Champagne. Viticulture has existed here, however, much longer. Today, both the grapes used and the methods employed are, by law, modeled after those of Champagne while guidelines and restrictions are, impressively, even more stringent...

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Soave Classico 2013 

{organic} 100% Garganega 

(Verona, Italy)

RIPE PEAR & GOLDEN APPLE, VIBRANT FLINT, RICH ALMOND The province of Verona's signature white specialty hails from the region of Soave and is forged from its native grape, Garganega. The Inama estate is among the brightest stars of the area, robustly championing both the grape and its terroir. Stefano Inama follows in his father's footsteps, producing Soave that harnesses Garganega's potential for quality as opposed to its vigorous tendency toward quantity... 



1 Weekly Wine Banner 2
Visintini Friulano
Friulano 2012 
{organic} 100% Friulano

(Friuli, Italy)


The Friulano grape's Bordelais origins are belied by its contemporary northeastern Italian name, but this signature specialty of Friuli and neighboring Slovenia has recently found the appreciation of a wider audience than ever before. Brimming with flavors that find their balance happily between the familiar and the exotic, this...
Corte Majoli 
Valpolicella Ripasso 2011 
65% Corvina, 30% Rondinella,
5% Molinara   

(Verona, Italy)

Verona's Valpolicella region is home to several distinct styles including basic Valpolicella, the dried grape version called "Amarone", and the "Ripasso" style featured here (which falls somewhere between) -- all starring the Corvina grape. The technique involved in Ripasso is to first make a regular wine from standard grapes, but in February, dried grapes...
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Six for Sixty

Here's our deal this month; a package of six reds or six whites for $60 plus tax.  You can double down and buy two: one of each or two of one for $110 plus tax.  Sorry, no other discounts apply.

Show me the six

Show me the six

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on the Enomatic
in Durham:
Here's what's on tap!
Subject to change on
a whim or fancy...

Whites (48˚F):




$9.99 on sale



Pacherenc du Vic Bilh 


$21.99 on sale


Dr. Heyden 


"Alte Reben"

$15.99 on sale



$14.99 on sale


Reds (65˚F):


La Casaccia 

Barbera de Monferrato


$15.99 on sale





$17.99 on sale


Lua Cheia 


"Lua Nova" 

$11.99 on sale


Chateau Marjolet 
Cotes du Rhone Village

$16.99 on sale


Clos de Pavillon 


"La Petite Folie 



Domaine Cedric Bardin

Coteaux du Giennois 

$19.99 on sale

Chateau Lusseau

Graves Rouge 

"Cuvée Berengere" 

$19.99 on sale



Pinot Noir


 $22.99 on sale


on the Enomatic
in Raleigh:
Here's what's on tap!
Subject to change on 
  a whim or fancy...

Whites (48º F):


Chateau Marjolet  

Cotes du Rhone Blanc 

$14.99 on sale


Estiban Martin 



$8.99 on sale




$18.99 on sale

Akarregi Txiki  

Txakolina Getariako 

$13.99 on sale




$15.99 on sale



Orvieto Classico 

"Terre Vineate"

$15.99 on sale


Jean-Paul Brun 

Beaujolais Rosé

$16.99 on sale

Dr. H Thanisch 

Riesling Bernkasteler


$19.99 on sale



Reds (65º F):


Viña Aliaga 


$9.99 on sale


Lua Cheia 



$14.99 on sale


Mas Codina 

Cabernet Sauvignon 

$15.99 on sale



$16.99 on sale







Casa Ibidini 

Nero d'Avola 

$12.99 on sale

Mas Montel 


$17.99 on sale


La Cossacia 



$16.99 on sale



Cabernet Franc 

$16.99 on sale



Pinot Noir

"Old Coach Road" 

$19.99 on sale



Cabernet Sauvignon 

$11.99 on sale


Pyren Vineyard 
Cabernet Sauvignon 

$23.99 on sale


Pulenta Estate 





La Garrigon 

Cotes du Rhone Rouge 

$11.99 on sale

Chateau de Mendis 


Cotes de Bordeaux 

$14.99 on sale


Domaine Bardin 

Coteaux du Giennois

 $19.99 on sale 




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