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The Rosé Garden
Tasty Tuesday: "From Iberia With Love"
Saturday Tasting: 2007 Time Capsule

Our 7th Birthday Celebration Continues! 
    According to many varied worldwide traditions, seven is a fortuitous and even magical number. Well, it's been seven wonderful years since we first flung open our doors, and we are certainly feeling lucky...and slightly magical. We're incredibly fortunate to have BOTH our stores situated among such discerning, involved, and fun communities. To celebrate our blessings, we're throwing a huge sale on Wine Authorities Selections that continues through this weekend. Read on for details.
   Many thanks to you, once again, and happy birthday to us!

The Wine Authorities Selections

    Continuing through Sunday (September 14th), we're offering a robust 20% discount on every purchase of 6 or more Wine Authorities Selections  and a 25% discount on every purchase of 12 or moreWine Authorities Selections™!  These are some of our very favorite wines - ones which we've invited to the Triangle, bringing them exclusively to our shops! It's like a birthday discount for everyone, and you can take advantage of it as often as you like over the course of the seven-day sale. There's only one catch, you'll need to give us the ultra-secret, ultra-special hand signal at checkout in order to congratulate us on our seven years of existence:

   Seriously, you have to give us the signal... 
Rosé Limericks! 
Pink Haikus!
    Every year at about this time, we invite our customers to submit rosé-themed limericks. These are then expertly judged, and prizes are distributed to the most deserving poets. A good laugh is had by all. So, with all appropriate pomp and ceremony, let the 2014 Rosé Limerick Contest begin! (cannons fire, doves are released)
   BUT WAIT! We have two stores now, so this year we are having TWO CONTESTS. Ladies and gentlemen, it is our great honor to announce the first ever Rosé Haiku Contest. While the limericks are stored in a secret location and judged by a stern and patriarchal panel of adjudicators, the haikus will be judged by you, in what will surely be a breathtaking use of social media. As tech nerds like to say (probably), the haiku contest is "open source".
   Feel free to submit your work to both contests! Read on for rules, details, and examples. Remember, no matter which format you choose, your muse MUST be dry rosé!

From Wikipedia: A Limerick is a form of poetry in five-line anapestic meter with a strict AABBA rhyme scheme (no, not the Swedish pop band). Limericks are usually humorous and sometimes obscene. Here's an example:

The limerick packs laughs anatomical 
Into space that is quite economical 
But the good ones I've seen 
So seldom are clean 
And the clean ones so seldom are comical


1. You must be at least 21 to submit an entry.
2. Multiple entries are allowed, but each must be sent in a separate email.
3. Poems MUST BE IN STRICT LIMERICK FORMAT. Only true limericks are eligible to win.
4. Entries must be "clean enough" to print publicly. Please don't say a cussie.
5. All entries are due by Friday, September 12th at midnight.
6. All limericks must have a rosé-based theme.

Please email all entries to, with LIMERICK as the subject line.


A haiku is an ancient Japanese poetic form, usually meant to inspire contemplation of the dignity and solemnity of nature. For our purposes, your haiku should follow a strict format: three lines, the first and third containing five syllables, and the second containing seven syllables. Here's a truly stirring example:


As the sun rises 
My underwear goes with it 
I have a wedgie

-Andrew Fiore circa 1995  


1. You must be at least 21 to submit an entry.
2. Multiple entries are allowed, but each must be sent in a separate email.
3. Poems MUST BE IN STRICT HAIKU FORMAT. Only true haikus are eligible to win.
4. Entries must be "clean enough" to print publicly. Again, please refrain from the invocation of cussies.
5. All entries are due by Friday, September 12th at midnight.
6. Each haiku must have a rosé-based theme.

Please Tweet or Instagram your submissions @wineauthorities, and be sure to tag them #rosehaiku2014. You can also post your entries on our Facebook page with the #rosehaiku2014 hashtag.



  • 1st Prize - $50 Wine Authorities Gift Certificate! 
  • 2nd Prize - $30 Enomatic Card!
  • 3rd prize - Two bottles of any DAILY-priced rosés!


    All entries must be submitted before midnight on Monday, September 22nd (the final day of Summer). Our panel of celebrity limerick judges will be announced soon. Stay tuned for more info!



 Please, please...


Why, thank you!      
Real Customer Comment:

"Y'all are always so helpful. Y'all are awesome!"

    -  Kim G.        

Rosé Garden 2014
   The ninth wonder of the world (our beautiful Rosé Garden) continues to bloom in all it's pink, juicy glory. In fact, we have two gardens for the first time this year and a whole new cadre of gardeners to tend our Raleigh Rosé. Old favorites have returned along with the requisite new arrivals, and (as always) we will donate a portion of our rosé sales throughout the year to breast cancer research. So come shop in our magnificent garden. New rosé selections are continuously blooming, and you never know what might surface next!  
Currently in the Garden:
  • Viña Aliaga - Navarra Rosado "Lagrima de Garnacha" 2013  $9.99
  • Tegernseerhof - Zweigelt Rosé "Mittelbach" 2013  $14.99  
  • Bodegas Tempore - Garnacha Rosado "Terrae" 2013  $9.99 
  • Bodegas Los Frailes - Monastrell Rosado 2013  $9.99 
  • Mas Codina - Rosé Penedès 2013  $9.99 
  • Domaine Gouron - Chinon Rosé 2013  $17.99
  • Barnard-Griffin - "Rosé of Sangiovese" 2013  $14.99
  • Jean Paul Brun - Beaujolais "Rosé d'Folie" 2013  $16.99
Tasty Tuesday!
"From Iberia 
with Love"
This Tuesday, September 16th, we present our FREE
midweek wine tasting.  Every Tuesday is tasty!

5:00 - 7:00 pm
      Among the many new arrivals nestled throughout our shelves and stacks are some very exciting wines from Spain and Portugal.  At this week's free Tuesday tasting, we'll begin with an example of one of Portugal's many outstanding and virtually exclusive grape varietals, the white Arinto - in this case, coming to us from just outside the nation's capital of Lisbon. Next, we'll rocket from the giant peninsula's southwestern extreme to near its center. Arriving in Spain's arid Toro, we'll find a grape that most of us know best as Tempranillo but which is here called Tinta de Toro. Our final wine stars Bobal, the bold, black emperor grape of Spain's southeastern Utiel-Requena region. This is a plump, inky, powerhouse that will win your heart with its generosity and swarthy savoir faire. To our tasting bar and to you, from Iberia with love!
And don't forget:
Our Tasty Tuesday 15% Half-Case Discount!
After you taste, put together 6 bottles from our Tasty Tuesday lineup, and we'll take an entire 15% off!

This Saturday from 12 to 3 PM
in Durham & Raleigh
"try before you buy" at
our FREE tasting
2007 Time
       What were you doing in the September of 2007?  We had just opened our doors!  Join us this Saturday as we continue to celebrate the week of our birthday with four wines whose grapes were preparing to be harvested just as Wine Authorities was taking its first breaths!  We'll begin with an anniversary toast featuring an absolutely gorgeous vintage Cava of flawlessly firm, waxy elegance.  Next we'll turn our sights to two of the earliest "Wine Authorities Selections" (which, as you may recall from earlier in this email, are currently on sale by the case and half-case), majestic examples of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from their native Burgundy and a producer whose work never ceases to awe us, Eric de Suremain.  The final wine is a broad shouldered Chianti Classico Riserva which, hailing from 2007, represents not only our inaugural year but one of Tuscany's finest in recent memory! Cheers to estate-grown wine, our lovely customers, and many more years of viticultural adventure!

1 Monthly Wine Banner 2
2007 Cava
Heretat Mestres 

Cava Brut Nature 2007  

Gran Reserva 

40% Xarel-lo, 30% Macabeu,
30% Parellada 
(Penedès, Spain)
The Mestres family has presided over and protected the same 80 hectares for seven centuries, maintaining just as secure a grip on their traditions. Not only was Josep Mestres, in the first quarter of the 20th century, among the earliest pioneers in Spain's production of sparkling wine, he apparently is responsible for the coining of the term "Cava" as well...

1 Monthly Wine Banner 2
Rully Blanc 2007

Eric de Suremain 
Rully Blanc 1er Cru 2007 

{biodynamic} 100% Chardonnay

(Central Burgundy, France)


Savvy wine buyers already know that the wines of Rully are among the best values in Burgundy. Within earshot of Meursault, the whites often very closely resemble their more famous neighbor, but at more reasonable prices. This one is among the...

1 Monthly Wine Banner 2
Monthelie 2007
Eric de Suremain
(Chateau De Monthelie 
Monthelie 1er Cru
"Sur La Velle" 

{biodynamic} 100% Pinot Noir 

(Central Burgundy, France)

Insider's secret: This vineyard is directly next to Volnay "Clos des Chenes", from which you can find wines that sell for as much as $150 a bottle. We'd be willing to bet that most Burgundy experts could not tell the difference with this wine. A profound...
1 Monthly Wine Banner 2
CCR 2007

Fattoria Rodano 
Chianti Classico Riserva 2007

{organic} 100% Sangiovese

(Tuscany, Italy)

Rodano's vineyards have been the source of classic Tuscan wines since the 1700s. Today the wines are made by the Prez... the President of the Chianti Classico Consortium that is, Vittorio Pozzesi, and his son Enrico...
Join us, read us, communicate with us...

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Hope to see you Saturday!

Our best to you,
Grand Poobah & the Wine Authorities staff 
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Six for Sixty

Here's our deal this month; a package of six reds or six whites for $60 plus tax.  You can double down and buy two: one of each or two of one for $110 plus tax.  Sorry, no other discounts apply.

Show me the six

Show me the six

[click links to see this month's selection!]

on the Enomatic
in Durham:
Here's what's on tap, subject to change on a whim or fancy

Whites (48˚F):


Anton Bauer 

Grüner Veltliner

$19.99 on sale


Dr. Heyden 

Riesling Kabinett 


$16.99 on sale


Jean Paul Brun 

Beujolais Rosé 

"Rosé d'Folie" 

$16.99 on sale

Chateau Jouclary 

Sauvignon Blanc 

$11.99 on sale


Reds (65˚F):


Quinta do Encontro 

Beira Atlântico 


$11.99 on sale


Viña Aliaga 


"Syrah Syrah"

$13.99 on sale



Pinot Noir 

"Firepeak Vineyard" 

$22.99 on sale


Grosbos Barbara 
Saint Pouçain Rouge
"Chambre d'Eduard" 

$15.99 on sale


Bodegas Arrocal 

Ribera de Duero 





Pinot Noir

$19.99 on sale

La Quercia 


$16.99 on sale




 $19.99 on sale


on the Enomatic
in Raleigh:
Here's what's on tap, subject to change on a whim or fancy

Whites (48º F):


Cooper Mountain 

Pinot Gris 

$19.99 on sale



Syrah / Grenache Rosé

$11.99 on sale


Bodegas Los Frailes 

Monastrell Rosado 

$9.99 on sale

Eric de Suremain 

Rully 1er Cru 

$29.99 on sale


Clos Lapeyre 

Jurançon Sec

$38.99 on sale




$19.99 on sale


Cave Freudenreich 


"Terre d'Apollon" 

$17.99 on sale




$19.99 on sale



Reds (65º F):


Bodegas Arrocal

Ribera del Duero 

$19.99 on sale


Mas Granier 

"Cuvée Psalmodi"

$11.99 on sale


Paul D 


$12.99 on sale


Pinot Noir 

$26.99 on sale



Dolcetto d'Alba




Tre Ricci 

Cabernet Sauvignon 

$29.99 on sale

Bodegas Los Frailes 

Valencia Monastrell 

$9.99 on sale


Bodegas Perica

Rioja Crianza


$16.99 on sale


Anton Bauer



$14.99 on sale


Chateau La Colombière 


"Coste Rouge" 

$24.99 on sale



"Il Frappato" 

$34.99 on sale


Domaine Magellan 
Hérault Rouge
"Le Fruit Défendu"

$11.99 on sale




"Bliss Vineyard"




"Old Vine Red" 

$14.99 on sale


Cabernet Sauvignon


$49.99 on sale


Laurent Combier 

Crozes Hermitage "L"

 $26.99 on sale  


Firsthand Foods


Fresh Local Sausages 

  • Bratwurst
  • Country Breakfast
  • Spicy Italian




Artisan Bacon



  • Applewood 
  • Garlic

 North Country 

  • Applewood
  • Peppered

Firsthand Foods 

  • Fresh & Local
Vande Rose Farms
  • Applewood
  • Caraway Rye 


  • Sorghum Sesame


  • Bacon Jam 

Big Spoon

RoastersBig Spoon Logo 

Local peanut butters

  • Peanut  
8oz Jar - $9.99
16oz Jar - $16.99

  • Peanut Cashew
  • Peanut Almond
  • Penut Pecan
  • Chai Spice (8oz size only)  

8oz Jar - $12.99

16oz Jar - $17.99   

  • Mission Almond

8oz Jar - $13.00 


Counter Culture Coffee
counter culture logo
  • Rustico
  • Farmhouse Blend, Equador & Peru
  • Tsheya, Congo    
  • Baroida Late Harvest, Papua New Guinea 
  • Remera, Rwanda 
  • Espresso Toscano                
Raleigh CIty Farm
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  • Community supported farms & entrepreneurs. 
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