The Prodigal Wines have Returned!
Bunches of Boxes are Back!!
Enjoy April in Apalta!!!
In This Issue:
Tasty Tuesday: Cave Freudenreich of Alsace
Saturday Tasting: The Valle Central's Viña Apaltagua
The Prodigal Wines
Have Returned!
   All week, it's been a steady stream of happy returns as long-absent wines flock back to our opened arms. The 2013 rosés pulled up in a pink cadillac, Austrian and German selections parachuted in from a passing zeppelin, and - perhaps most excitingly - the Garrigon and Venus 3 liter boxes were hauled in via the starships of Box Worshipping Space Monkeys. Come join us in welcoming back these prodigal Wines!
   And in other prodigal news, the long-awaited Prodigal Farm goat cheeses are back in stock...
Prodigal Goats 
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Boxes are Blooming!

    While you might have heard of "Christmas in July," "Boxing Day in April" is probably slightly less familiar. That's okay! We're here to fill you in on all the juicy details. Returning just in time for all our favorite vernal festivities is a stable of beloved Rhone and Provençal boxed wines.  Domaine Le Garrigon's famous Vin de Méditerranée and Cotes du Rhone, along with Domaine Pinchinat's Venus Rouge and Rosé, are finally back!  We also welcome our newest arrival to the wild world of 3L, Apaltagua's "Gran Verano" Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile's Curico, which joins the estate's crisp, tropical box o' Sauvignon Blanc!
   To celebrate all the boxy goodness we have going on up in here, our next two Saturday Tastings feature estates which know that it's sometimes best to think inside the box, so glass bottles are going to be sharing the spotlight with space-age sachets forged of mylar and cardboard...

  • Apaltagua - Sauvignon Blanc "Gran Verano" 2013  $26.99 [3L] 
  • Herdade do Esporão - Branco "Alandra" NV  $24.99 [3L] 
  • Domaine Pinchinat - Venus de Pinchinat Rosé 2013  $29.99 [3L]
  • Domaine Pinchinat - Venus de Pinchinat Rouge 2012  $29.99 [3L]
  • Domaine Le Garrigon - Vin de Méditerranée 2012  $29.99 [3L]  
  • Domaine Le Garrigon - Cotes du Rhone 2012  $34.99 [3L]  
  • Apaltagua - Cabernet Sauvignon "Gran Verano"  2013  $26.99 [3L]

And behold our glorious box discounts!

  • 2 Boxes: 10% Off!
  • 3 Boxes: 15% Off!!
  • 4 Boxes: 20% Off!!


Tasty Tuesday!
Cave Freudenreich 
This Tuesday, April 28th, we present our FREE
midweek wine tasting.  Every Tuesday is tasty!

5:00 - 7:00 pm
   This Tuesday, as our springtime conditions continue to escalate, journey with us to one of France's most heralded regions for white wine.  Alsace is famous for the minerality, ethereal perfume, and breathtaking acidity often found in its wines, and we've fallen in love with these traits (as well as the exceptionally great value) in the wines of Cave Freudenreich.  Join us as we sample a medium-bodied Pinot Blanc and a pair of exceptional and very different dry Rieslings - one gentle and seductive, the other firm, crisp, and brilliantly bright.
And don't forget:
Our Tasty Tuesday 15% Half-Case Discount!
After you taste, put together 6 bottles from our Tasty Tuesday lineup, and we'll take an entire 15% off!

This Saturday from 12 to 3 PM
in Durham & Raleigh
"try before you buy" at
our FREE tasting 

The Valle Central's Viña Apaltagua
Bastions of Boxes: Part 1
    April in Apalta?  This Saturday, we're venturing to Chile's Valle Central, where we'll encounter the stunning values of Viña Apaltagua. With vineyards located not only in the Colchagua province's Apalta (from which the estate takes its name) but also in Curico and Casa Blanca, it produces powerful, balanced, and very representative wines. As if a series of Daily™ beauties in bottles wasn't enough, two of this week's offerings come boxed in 3-Liter gallons (well, almost gallons) of goodness!

1 Daily Wine Banner
Viña Apaltagua 

Chardonnay 2012


{sustainable} 100% Chardonnay 
(Casablanca, Chile)
From Apaltagua's vineyards in Chile's cooler Casablanca Valley, this fiercely tropical Chardonnay represents a delightful collision of powerful ripeness and crisp mouthwatering acidity, lending an impression of...

1 Daily Wine Banner
Gran Verano SB

Viña Apaltagua 
Cabernet Sauvignon 2013
"Gran Verano"

{sustainable} 100% Sauv Blanc  

(Curico, Chile)


Sauvignon Blanc is one of Chile's most sought-after specialties, and the Loire Valley native does excellent work in the nation's Valle Central. Arguably the antithesis of the cold-climate offerings associated with New Zealand's Marlborough or France's Sancerre, these...
(*The Equivalent of $6.75 per 750ml Bottle)

1 Daily Wine Banner
Gran Verano Cab
Viña Apaltagua
Cabernet Sauvignon 2013
"Gran Verano" 

{sustainable} 100% Cab Sauv 

(Curico, Chile)

Gran Verano translates roughly to "great summer", and this easy-going Cab is certainly an appropriate pick for the warmer months. It's produced by Viña Apaltagua and continues their streak of delicious...
  (*The Equivalent of $6.75 per 750ml Bottle)

1 Daily Wine Banner
Apaltagua Carmenere

Viña Apaltagua 
Carmenere 2012

{sustainable} 100% Carmenere 

(Colchagua, Chile)

The Carmenere grape yields some of the world's most readily recognizable red wines. Its signature combination of deep purple fruit, jalapeño and chocolate makes for reds that are highly memorable and very crave-able while its fascinating history as a long-lost component in Bordeaux strengthens its intrigue...
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Hope to see you Saturday!

Our best to you,
Grand Poobah & the Wine Authorities staff 
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Six for Sixty
Here's our deal this month; a package of six reds or six whites for $60 plus tax.  You can double down and buy two: one of each or two of one for $110 plus tax.  Sorry, no other discounts apply.

Show me the six

Show me the six

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on the Enomatic
in Durham:
Here's what's on tap, subject to change on a whim or fancy

Whites (48˚F):


Domaine Chiroulet 

Cotes de Gascogne Blanc
"La Cote d'Heux"  

$16.99 on sale


Campanhia das Lezirias 

Tejo Branco


$7.99 on sale


Chateau de Brézé 

Saumur Blanc 

$17.99 on sale

Domaine Pinchinat

Cotes de Provence Rosé

$13.99 on sale


Reds (65˚F):


Nugan Estate 


"Third Generation"

$11.99 on sale


Domaine La Bouysse 



$24.99 on sale


Chateau La Colombiere 



$12.99 on sale


Abbaye Sylva Plana 
"Les Novices"  

$17.99 on sale


Carlos Santos Lima 

Lisboa Tinto 





Pinot Noir 


$29.99 on sale



$10.99 on sale


Domaine Vissoux

Beaujolais Nouveau VV

 $13.99 on sale


on the Enomatic
in Raleigh:
Here's what's on tap, subject to change on a whim or fancy

Whites (48º F):


Pas saint Martin 

Saumur Blanc
"La Pierre Frite" 

$15.99 on sale


Borgo Moncalvo 


$11.99 on sale


Bodegas La Soterraña 



$11.99 on sale


Grüner Veltliner 

$13.99 on sale


Anton Bauer 

Wagram Rosé


$12.99 on sale


Chateau Jouclary 

Sauvignon Blanc 

$11.99 on sale


Chateau L'Hoste 

Entre Deux Mers  

$22.99 on sale



"Grand Firepeak Cuvée" 

$22.99 on sale



Reds (65º F):




$14.99 on sale


Viña Apaltagua 

Pinot Noir  


$11.99 on sale



Salice Salentino 

$11.99 on sale



$16.99 on sale


Ancient Peaks 







$20.99 on sale



$39.99 on sale




 $19.99 on sale


Anton Bauer 



$14.99 on sale


Chateau Mancedre

Pessac Leognan 

$39.99 on sale


Domaine Le Garrigon 

Rhone Rouge

"Vin de Méditerranée" 

$10.99 on sale


Domaine du Vissoux 
Beaujolais Nouveau
"Pierre Charmette" 

$12.99 on sale


Domaine du Vissoux 

Beaujolais Nouveau

"Vieilles Vignes"



Marcel Giraudon 

Bourgogne Rouge 

Chitry Pinot Noir

$17.99 on sale



$49.99 on sale


Bodegas Tempore 



 $17.99 on sale  


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