Join us on the 60th day of the year (March 1st)
for a celebration of Six for $60!
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Tasty Tuesday: Domaine La Bouysse
Saturday Tasting: Six for $60 Spotlight!
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In Like a Gentle Lion?
    Another March is upon us, marking the inexorable climb out of wintry stasis and towards Spring's blossomy unfurling. For those of us who have been drinking rosé all winter, this simply means that we go from "unfashionable" to "ahead of the curve". To celebrate our newfound status as vanguard trendsetters, all non-sparkling rosé is 20% off until further notice! And we've got other March treats in store, including moving into Phase 2 of our wine & cheese display (beware The Rinds of March), and our tastings are guaranteed to help you thaw out.
   So Happy March, y'all! Let's hope that if it does come in like a lion, it's a polite lion that protects us while we sleep. Talk to us in a month when March goes out like a lamb... a furious, rabid lamb.
Indy's Best of The Triangle!
Indy Best of 2014  
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Monsieur Contraste
Jean-Christian Rostagni

The Carrack Modern Art
February 19th through March 1st
   You're invited to the film and photography exhibit of the documentary Monsieur Contraste by award-winning film maker Rodrigo Dorfman featuring the work and workings of Durham-based photographer Jean-Christian Rostagni.  Wine Authorities is proud to present wines from Rostagni's Rhone Valley homeland.  Seats are limited to 50 for each night's screening at 7:30.  Check out the event's Facebook page for more information.


Why, thank you!     
 Real Customer Comments:

"Love this place! Great customer service, prices, location, and selection. Boutique quality but still a comfortable, neighborhood experience."

  -  Laura K. (via Yelp)        


Rosé Sale:

20% off ALL Still Rosé!

Rosé Thangs
  That's right, baby. It's time once more for our annual pre-spring rosé sale, and it's real, real nice...
Rosé Garden Glasses      Yes, the time has come for us to dust off our garden shears (and garden gnomes) in preparation for the monumental marvel of landscape architecture which is the Rosé Garden.  Just thinking about it instills in us an almost unquenchable thirst for this noblest of pink drinks!  Though it's not yet quite time for the Garden, we have a host of wonderfully vibrant rosés in stock to choose from at a deep discount.  All still rosé is 20% off for a limited time, so enjoy and celebrate the approach of spring!


Tasty Tuesday!
Domaine La Bouysse
This Tuesday, March 4th, we present our FREE
midweek wine tasting.  Every Tuesday is tasty!

  5:00 - 7:00 pm
        Corbieres is the Languedoc's southernmost region, resting just above Roussillon. It's also the largest single appellation within the Languedoc-Roussillon continuum, comprised of nearly a dozen distinctive subregions. At its center is Boutenac, home to the always inspiring wines of Domaine La Bouysse.  This Tuesday, join us as we sample two of the estate's signature reds (each starring old vine renditions of Carignan) and a white featuring a veritable who's who of Mediterranean French and Spanish grapes.
And don't forget:
Tasty Tuesday 15%
Half-Case Discount!
   After you taste, put together 6 bottles from our Tasty Tuesday lineup, and we'll take an entire 15% off!

This Saturday from 12 to 3 PM
in Durham & Raleigh
"try before you buy" at
our FREE tasting
A Sampling of this Month's Features!
   On the 60th day of 2014, we celebrate one of the most celebrated of the world's great, great deals: the monthly Six for $60™ at Wine Authorities. From just after the time of our Durham store's opening, six and a half years ago, we've offered these carefully selected care packages of goodness each and every month. Choose between the Red assortment and the White assortment (or double down for an additional five dollars off!) and receive a deep discount which brings your six-pack down to a cool $60 (plus tax).

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Viña Aliaga

Verdejo 2012


100% Verdejo 
(Navarra, Northern Spain)
Viña Aliaga continues to get better every year, and this wine is a great example. In previous vintages, their Verdejo was harvested very ripe and aged in oak barrels making for a rich, but non-distinct wine. For this vintage...

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Cave Freudenreich Riesling
Cave Freudenreich 
Riesling 2011 

{sustainable} 100% Riesling 

 (Alsace, France)

This is an example of classic Alsatian Riesling - dry, aromatic, and brimming with that signature honeyed lime flavor that we love about the grape and the appellation. Mouth-wateringly crisp and juicy, this Riesling's vibrant....

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Domaine Jacky Piret 
Beaujolais 2011
"La Combe"

{organic} 100% Gamay

(Southern Burgundy, France)

Jacky & Frédérique Piret have been among our wine heroes for years. Their affable "La Combe" Beaujolais is produced from 50 year old vines, three generations of family winemaking, hand harvesting, sustainable agriculture and old world character. Does it get any better at this price? Pinot and...

1 Daily Wine Banner  
Douro 2010
"Lua Nova"

Touriga Franca & many others! 

(Douro, Northern Portugal)

Often as grapevines grow older, their production of grapes diminishes to the point that growers will rip out the vines and replant younger, more vigorous ones. The problem is that younger vines rarely produce wines with as much richness and character as the older, more established ones do. This field blend of Touriga Franca and up to...
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Grand Poobah & the Wine Authorities staff 
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Six for Sixty
Here's our deal this month; a package of six reds or six whites for $60 plus tax.  You can double down and buy two: one of each or two of one for $110 plus tax.  Sorry, no other discounts apply.

Show me the six

Show me the six

[click links to see this month's selection!]

on the Enomatic
in Durham:
Here's what's on tap, subject to change on a whim or fancy

Whites (48˚F):


Domaine Chiroulet 

Cotes de Gascogne Blanc
"La Cote d'Heux"  

$16.99 on sale


Campanhia das Lezirias 

Tejo Branco


$7.99 on sale


Chateau de Brézé 

Saumur Blanc 

$17.99 on sale

Domaine Serol

"Cabochard" Rosé

$13.99 on sale


Reds (65˚F):


Domaine Vissoux  

Beaujolais Nouveau

"Vieilles Vignes" 

$13.99 on sale


Mas de Libian 

Cotes du Rhone


$19.99 on sale


Domaine Pinchinat 

"Venus Rouge" 

$10.99 on sale


Abbaye Sylva Plana 
"Les Novices"  

$17.99 on sale







Castello di Verduno 



$25.99 on sale

Anton Bauer 



$14.99 on sale


Ch Haut Plantade 

Pessac Léognan 

 $45.99 on sale


on the Enomatic
in Raleigh:
Here's what's on tap, subject to change on a whim or fancy

Whites (48º F):


Terrasses d'Eole 

Ventoux Blanc 

$12.99 on sale


Domaine Pinchinat 

"Venus Blanc 

$10.99 on sale


Domaine Mirail 

Cotes de Gascogne Blanc


$11.99 on sale


Pinot Gris

$17.99 on sale


G.M. Machmer



$15.99 on sale





$33.99 on sale


Domaine Herbauges 

Muscadet Vieilles Vignes 

"Le Legendaire" 

$23.99 on sale



$15.99 on sale



Reds (65º F):



Douro Tinto 

"Lua Nova"

$11.99 on sale


Bodegas Tempore

Garnacha Joven 


$10.99 on sale


Bodegas Los Frailes 


$9.99 on sale


Hyatt Vineyards 

$11.99 on sale


Ancient Peaks 




Stolpman Vineyards 


$26.99 on sale




$28.99 on sale


Anton Bauer



 $14.99 on sale




$13.99 on sale


Chateau Bel Air 

Sant Estephe 

$41.99 on sale


Domaine Le Garrigon 

Rhone Rouge

"Vin de Méditerranée" 

$10.99 on sale


Domaine du Vissoux 
Beaujolais Nouveau
"Pierre Charmette" 

$14.99 on sale


Domaine du Vissoux 

Beaujolais Nouveau

"Vieilles Vignes"



Marcel Giraudon 

Bourgogne Rouge 

Chitry Pinot Noir

$17.99 on sale

Fattoria Rodano 

Chianti Classico Riserva 

$34.99 on sale



Barbera d'Asti 


 $16.99 on sale  


Firsthand Foods


Fresh Local Sausages 

  • Bratwurst
  • Country Breakfast
  • Spicy Italian




Artisan Bacon



  • Applewood 
  • Garlic

 North Country 

  • Applewood
  • Peppered

Firsthand Foods 

  • Fresh & Local
Vande Rose Farms
  • Applewood
  • Caraway Rye 


  • Sorghum Sesame

Big Spoon

RoastersBig Spoon Logo 

Local peanut butters

  • Peanut  

8oz Jar - $8.00
16oz Jar - $12.00

  • Peanut Cashew
  • Peanut Almond
  • Penut Pecan
  • Chai Spice (8oz size only)  

8oz Jar - $10.00

16oz Jar - $15.00 


Counter Culture Coffee
counter culture logo
  • Rustico
  • Farmhouse Blend, Equador & Peru
  • Union El Triunfo, Mexico    
  • Finca Mauritania, El Salvador
  • Haru Buna Ababa, Ethiopia 
  • Espresso Toscano                

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