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Turkey Day 2013: 
 This time, it's personal...
In This Issue:
We're hiring in Raleigh
- Tasty Tuesday: "Garrigon Guaranteed"
- Saturday Tasting: Thanksgiving Selections (part 1)
Personal Turkey 
As personal as you want it to be!
   Our Thanksgiving display is explosively at it again (for the seventh year running!), and, in typical Thanksgiving Display fashion, it's making decisions about holiday wine pairings as easy as pie (prefer you pumpkin, apple, or pecan)!  These wines can be viewed a bit further down in this email's "Turkey Day" section and will be presented, four at a time, at our next two Saturday tastings. 
   That said, we always embrace the opportunity to help choose wines which will go splendidly with whatever more exotic Thanksgiving spreads you may have concocted.  Ask us about your meal, turkey or no turkey, and we'll help you pick out the perfect wines!
Equally ideal for the season:
A "Display o' Gamay"
   Among our Autumn stacks, one might notice that we have granted particularly fine real estate to one of our favorite grapes, the wondrously understated Gamay. There are many wines on our shelves that go well with the various feasts and parties of the season, but no single grape quite sums up that perfect Autumnal ideal like Gamay - spry and brightly fruity, with sprinklings of piquant pepper and a distinct earthy aroma of windswept leaves, Gamay is simply perfect for this time of year. We've got classics and upstarts from Beaujolais, genre-hopping takes from the Loire Valley, and of course we will soon welcome the yearly influx of fresh, fun, life-of-the-party Beaujolais Nouveau. Plus, we simply can't refrain from the obligatory Black Flag and ABBA references...
Currently in the display:
  • Jacky Piret - Beaujolais "La Combe" 2011  $14.99
  • Laurent Gauthier - Beaujolais Villages Rosé "Vintage" 2012  $13.99
  • Domaine Robert Sérol - Cote Roannaise "Les Blondins" 2010  $18.99
  • Domaine de Colette - Régnié 2011  $18.99 

In other parts of the store:

  • Jacky Piret - Cote de Brouilly "Vieilles Vignes" 2010  $19.99
  • Jacky Piret - Fleurie 2011  $21.99
  • Domaine de Colette - Moulin à Vent 2011  $18.99
  • Domaine Robert Sérol - Cote Roannaise "Les Originelles" 2012  $13.99
  • Domaine Robert Sérol - Cote Roannaise Rosé "Cabochard" 2012  $13.99
  • Domaine Robert Sérol - Vin Rosé Pétillant "Turbúllent" Non Vintage  S18.99
  • Chateau la Colombière - Fronton Rosé "Vin Gris" 2012  (mixing it up with 20% Gamay, 80% Negrette)  $13.99 

Beaujolais Nouveau on November 21st:

  • Domaine Vissoux - Beaujolais Nouveau "Pierre Chermette" 2013  $14.99
  • Domaine Vissoux - Beaujolais Nouveau Rosé 2013  $14.99
  • Domaine Vissoux - Beaujolais Nouveau "Vieilles Vignes" 2013  $14.99


Chag Sameach!


   Just in time for this year's early Hanukkah, we're very happy to reveal a great lineup of Kosher wines - some of which are entirely new to the store. 

  • Barkan - Sauvignong Blanc "Classic" 2011  Andulam, Israel  $14.99
  • Tishbi Estate - Chardonnay 2010  Zichron Yaakov, Israel  $24.99
  • Tishbi Estate - Cabernet / Syrah 2011  Shomron, Israel  $19.99
  • Tishbi Estate - Brut 2009  Shomron, Israel  $32.99  


Why, thank you!     
Real Customer Comment:

 "We're on our way back to New York City, but he (indicating her fellow traveler) thinks that your selection is much more interesting..."

  -  Brooke M.       

Turkey Day 
is on its way!

(With our Thanksgiving Display)

   The writing is on the wall (along with a bit of the stuffing).  Thanksgiving is just around the bend, and it provides us with not only some of our favorite encounters with family and friends but also opportunities for adventurous wine pairings with zany foods that the founders of this country somehow decided should be served together in order to celebrate the extent to which people weren't going hungry!  This year's Turkey Day treasure trove currently includes:
  • Cave Freudenreich - "Edelzwicker" [1L!] 2012  $14.99
  • Cave Freudenreich - Cremant d'Alsace  $19.99
  • Domaine Gandines - Viré-Clessé 2011  $24.99
  • Domaine Gouron - Chinon Rosé 2012  $15.99
  • Steininger - Grüner Veltliner Sekt 2010  $29.99  
  • Michlits - Pinot Gris "Graupert" 2011  $17.99
  • Michlits - "Burgenland Red" 2011  $13.99
  • Hacienda Villarta - Mentrida Crianza "Besanas" 2009  $11.99
  • Paraiso - Pinot Noir 2010  $19.99
(All Thanksgiving Display wines eligible for our 20%
Just in Case™ discount on UNMIXED cases) 



Also Great for Gatherings:

Boxes of Wine!

   We currently have in stock enough boxed wines to fill the mayflower!  Old favorites like Domaine Le Garrigon's famous Vin de Méditerranée,  Domaine Pinchinat's Venus Rouge, and Eric Texier's fabulous "Chat Fou" are unarguably all up in the house, but we're most excited about the new additions to our 3 liter menagerie.  Daniel Couston of Domaine Le Garrigon has finally acquiesced and sent us BiBs (short for "Bag in Box") of his Cotes du Rhone. And in a crazy bolt-from-the-blue Box event, Carussin has sent us their delicious Barbera d'Asti in a very nice-looking box. Look for the box with the donkey on it, or as we are calling it, the Boxdonkeydonk.  Just in time for Thanksgiving, southern Portugal's energetically tropical white "Alandra" will have also returned! 
  • Domaine Le Garrigon - Cotes du Rhone Rouge 2012  $34.99 [3L]  
  • Domaine Le Garrigon - Vin de Méditerranée 2011  $29.99 [3L
  • Carussin - Barbera d'Asti "Asinoi" 2012  $34.99 [3L]
  • Domaine Pinchinat - Venus de Pinchinat Rouge 2012  $29.99 [3L]
  • Eric Texier - Cotes du Rhone Rouge "Chat Fou"  2011 $94.99 [5L!]

And behold our glorious box discounts!

  • 2 Boxes: 10% Off!
  • 3 Boxes: 15% Off!!
  • 4 Boxes: 20% Off!!!
Wine Authorities Raleigh
   We're very excited to fill you in on the status of our impending second location in Raleigh!  Our original Durham store will remain unchanged and occupied by the same staff that you've come to know and trust. This fall, our Capital City home at 211 E Franklin Street in the Person Street Plaza will open its doors and welcome friends new and old to a space which should be familiar to anyone who knows Wine Authorities but with a few exciting new tricks up its sleeves!
Latest update:
**24 wines on tap with our brand new Enomatic wine dispensing machines!**
**Expanded deli case with cheese and charcuterie plates**
**3 beers and 3 wines on tap at the tasting bar**
**16ft wide bifold front window opens up on lovely days**
**Boules (petanque) out back**
**Cafe seating out front**
**3x more beer**
More details are soon to follow...


Attn. Raleigh:
     Yes, we are hiring new employees for our Raleigh store. If you or somebody you know may be interested, please click the link below.
     We are looking for full-time and part-time employees for our Raleigh store which will open this fall. Applicants must be friendly, outgoing, proactive, and funny with strong computer skills, a moderate to full knowledge of wine, and ability to very frequently pick up and carry boxes of wine (weighing 40 pounds) up to 50 yards. Raleigh residents preferred, and regular driving to the Durham store is required, especially this holiday season. Availability to work shifts on any day Sunday through Saturday required. Pay is modest to start, then based on performance. Training begins within two weeks.
Tasty Tuesday!
Garrigon Guaranteed!  
This Tuesday, November 19th, we present our FREE midweek wine tasting.  Every Tuesday is tasty!
  5:00 - 7:00 pm

From the Hands of Daniel Couston
  At the northern fringes of France's Southern Rhone, a Mediterranean haven where diversity meets consistency, exists one of our all-time favorite producers.  Daniel Couston's Domaine Le Garrigon has captivated the hearts of Wine Authorities and its customers from practically the very beginning thanks to the impressive quality and remarkable value presented by its wines.
   Join us at this week's Tasty Tuesday as we revisit the Garrigon Box (a sure contender for W.A. greatest hit) and unveil two brand new selections: the newest vintage of the estate's Cotes du Rhone (available in 3-Liter bag in the box for the first time in this part of the United States) and the  estate's delicous flagship Visan Cotes du Rhone Village, which has never before landed on our shores.  Vive Le Garrigon! 
And don't forget:
Tasty Tuesday 15%
Half-Case Discount!
   After you taste, put together 6 bottles from our Tasty Tuesday lineup, and we'll take an entire 15% off!

This Saturday from 12 to 3 PM 
"try before you buy" at
our FREE tasting 

The Wine Authorities
Guide to Thanksgiving
(Part 1)
    Ahhh, Thanksgiving: the quintessential American holiday of feasting, football, and...family.  Yes, hordes upon hordes of our nearest and dearest descend upon us like clouds of hungry locusts (enormous, talking locusts which we are compelled to feed).
   All joking aside, we love our families! But when it's our homes which have been sanctioned as the venues for this year's togetherness, it can prove a bit taxing emotionally and/or financially.
   Luckily, Wine Authorities is here to help (with the second part, at least). Come stock your larder with hand-picked Thanksgiving selections that are easy on the palate AND the wallet. This week's Saturday tasting focuses on four wines that have blown our minds with value-oriented deliciousness. Plus, they go great with turkey, football, and crazy uncles with unconventional hygienic ideals.

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Gouron Rosé
Domaine Gouron 

Chinon Rosé 2012

{sustainable} 100% Cabernet Franc  
(Middle Loire, France)
"Nos vies dans rosé" Our lives in pink! With Gouron's tiny production of Cabernet Franc rosé this dry pink wine is a rare yearly tease. Perfumy aromas with bits of chocolate and cherry make us...
  On Sale! $15.99 [Full Description] 

1 Daily Wine Banner
Freudenreich Edelzwicker
Cave Freudenreich 
"Edelzwicker" 2012
(equals $11.25 per 750 ml bottle) 

{sustainable} Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Riesling, Sylvaner, Muscat, Gewurztraminer...  

 (Alsace, France)

The term Edelzwicker means "Noble Blend", and serves as a catch-all for Alsatian wines blended from noble grape varieties. This example from Cave Freudenreich is a who's who of what Alsace does best, and it's more than the sum of it's parts. Heady aromatics conjure blossoms on a...

1 Weekly Wine Banner 2


Weingut Michlits 
"Burgenland Red" 2011 

{biodynamic} 60% Zweigelt,

30% Blaufränkisch, 10% Sankt Laurent 

(Burgenland, Austria)

Werner and Angela Michlits run the wine side of the family farm. Their farm is a true biodynamic universe. Their family grows vegetable crops, raises cows and pigs, makes wine, and produces micro-brew beer and heirloom apple cider - all biodynamically. Their Burgenland Red Blend is all-get-out...

1 Daily Wine Banner


Hacienda Villarta 

Mentrida Crianza 2009


Tempranillo, Syrah, Cabernet, Merlot 

(Southern Castilla y León, Spain)

The arid Mentrida appellation of northeastern Toledo is a stone's throw from Spain's capital, but its wines currently maintain a surprisingly low profile. The region's extreme climate helps guarantee a concentration of flavor in grapes and their resultant wines. This seamless blend of the native...
  On Sale $11.99 [Full Description]


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Our best to you,
Grand Poobah & the Wine Authorities staff 
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