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Prepare for Txakolifest and 
other Spanish delights! 
In This Issue:
- Tasty Tuesday: The Oregon Trail
- Saturday's Tasting: A Tour of Spain's Best Values
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¡Hay Txakolina!
Txakoli Fest!
 It's TxakoliFest!
June 1st 
     It's the one day of the year that Durham breaks out its secret stash of porrons and is transformed into an unlikely sister city to San Sebastián complete with spritzy Basque wine, oysters, and pintxos (tapas.)  This is one of the greatest celebrations in town, and it's become the largest festival of Txakoli in the United States.
    You may think that you know TxakoliFest, but you've never seen it quite like this.  As usual, Durham's Basque transformation is scheduled to take place in two fabulous "sessions," but this year the first session is a tasting and food extravaganza which is also a fundraiser for the Housing for New Hope charity.  The second session is an all out party where all wine and food is available for separate purchase.  Get your tickets for either session via Six Plates or Wine Authorities.
    Join the festivities and experience at least seven unique Txakolis available by the glass (the glass, itself, is a Basque souvenir that you'll take home with you), fantastic food, and live music from Andrew Kasab and Newkirk!
6 Plates Txakoli
TxakoliFest @ Six Plates Wine Bar
Saturday, June 1st, 2013
2812 Erwin Rd
Durham, NC 27705

1st Session - 1:00 to 4:00pm 
Fund Raiser: Homes for New Hope
$75 per person
2nd Session - 4:00pm to 12:00+ am 
General Admission
$15 per person
The May Six for $ixty is locked and ready to go!  Check 'em out to the upper right.


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"Your recommendations are always
really excellent!"

  - Gregory B.    

Tasty Tuesday!
"The Oregon Trail"

  This Tuesday, May 7th, we present our mid-week FREE wine tasting.  Every Tuesday is tasty! From 5:00 - 7:00, we host this bonus tasting of three wines to get you through the early week and land you safely on hump day!
Oregon Trail
Next Tuesday, we venture into the great untamed west - the Pacific Northwest, to be precise.  Gaining momentum and a multitude of admirers, Oregon has rapidly become a force to be reckoned with in the arena of classical cooler climate European varietals.  At our next Tasty Tuesday, we'll present not only everyone's favorite Oregonian adoptees, Pinot Noir and Gris, but also an example of a more obscure specialty, the Müller Thurgau grape.  Harness the oxen and bring your spirit of adventure! 

And don't forget:
Tasty Tuesday 20%
Mixed Case Discount!
   After you taste, put together 12 bottles from our Tasty Tuesday lineup, and we'll take an entire 20% off!
This Saturday from 12 to 3 PM 
"try before you buy" at
our FREE tasting 

Spanish Delights
SpainTourSpring Join us this Saturday as we conduct a whirlwind tour of Spain, stopping along the way to collect some of the nation's very best values perfect for your Spring cookout.  Among them will be a couple of new vintages of reds that are old favorites, a knockout white that's entirely new to the Triangle, and a pink and poignant reminder that some of the most refreshing rosés around come complete with festive bubbles.  Scheduled stops in Penedès, Rueda, Valencia, and Navarra will guarantee that our cross country afternoon jaunt is a diverse and memorable one. Ole!  

WEEKLY WINE™ $12 to $19.99 


Cava Rosado

Mas Codina 

Cava Brut Rosado

{sustainable} 100% Pinot Noir    

 (Penedès, Spain)

By law, all Cava must be produced utilizing a secondary fermentation in the bottle - "Méthode Champenoise," but few in this price range warrant such close comparison to the singularly elegant...
  On Sale! $14.99 [Full Description] 

DAILY WINE™ $11.99 or LESS


Bodegas la Soterraña

Verdejo 2012


100% Verdejo

 (Rueda, Spain)

Rueda is known for its autochthonous grape, Verdejo, its gravelly soils, and the marriage between the two - a union which forges whites of intense tropical character and refreshingly...

WEEKLY WINE™ $12 to $19.99


Bodegas Los Frailes 

Valencia Tinto 2009


{biodynamic} 50% Monastrell,

50% Syrah  

 (Valencia, Spain)

Bodegas Los Frailes, taking its name from the friars which once inhabited the estate, produces wine with the utmost respect for nature and its vineyards. Monastrell, the premier varietal of Spain's southeast, is clearly their first...
  On Sale $13.99 [Full Description]



WEEKLY WINE™ $12 to $19.99


Vina Aliaga 
Navarra Tinto 2008

85% Tempranillo,

15% Cabernet Sauvignon  

(Navarra, Spain) 

Carlos Aliaga created this cuvée (a blend) by blending modern and traditional grapes and techniques at his Navarra estate. Mostly traditional Tempranillo with France's Cabernet Sauvignon give us a rich berry quality with a hint of...
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Hope to see you Saturday!

Our best to you,
Grand Poobah & the Wine Authorities staff 
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Six for Sixty
Here's our deal this month; a package of six reds or six whites for $60 plus tax.  You can double down and buy two: one of each or two of one for $110 plus tax.  Sorry, no other discounts apply.

Show me the six

Show me the six

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Here's what's on tap, subject to change on a whim or fancy

Whites (48˚F):


Cascina Val del Prete 

Roero Arneis  

$22.99 on sale




$12.99 on sale




$19.99 on sale

Chateau L'Hoste

Entre Deux Mers 


$22.99 on sale


 Reds (65˚F): 


Castello di Verduno 

Nebbiolo d'Alba 

$26.99 on sale


Domaine de Colette 


$18.99 on sale




$11.99 on sale


Anton Bauer 

$14.99 on sale


Casa Santa Lima 

Lisboa Tinto 




Labranche Laffont 

Madiran "Tradition" 

$19.99 on sale


"Syrah - Syrah"

$11.99 on sale



Moulin à Vent

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