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- Tasty Tuesday: Our budget is in the pink!
- Saturday's Tasting: Get High (Altitude Vineyards)
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Isn't it lovely outside?
    Spring is in the air and all over our cars, decks, and doormats, but it looks as if the pollen may be starting to clear a bit.  We're beginning to see a little more green, a little less yellow, and a variety of other colors as additional blossoms emerge by the day.  That's a bit how it is right now at Wine Authorities (minus the pollen)!  We've a continually growing host of great new wines to share with you, and below are just a few new faces in stock from the US and Iberia.

Recent Arrivals:
  • Cooper Mtn. Vineyards - Pinot Gris "Reserve" 2011  $17.99 
  • Anne Amie - Pinot Blanc 2011  $19.99  
  • Anne Amie - Müller Thurgau "A" 2012  $17.99
  • Bethel Heights - Chardonnay "Estate" 2011  $26.99
  • Hook & Ladder - Zinfandel 2011  $23.99   
  • Husch - Pinot Noir 2010  $26.99
  • Husch - Chenin Blanc 2012  $13.99
  • Turnbull - Sauvignon Blanc 2012  $19.99
  • Stolpman - Sauvignon Blanc 2012  $22.99
  • Stolpman - "La Cuadrilla" Red 2011  $24.99  
  • Konstantin Frank - Dry Riesling 2012  $16.99
  • Encostas do Douro - Douro "Palestra" 2010  $10.99 
  • Soterraña - Verdejo "Olmedal" 2012  $11.99  
  • Amestoi - Txakoli Rosé "Rubentis" 2012  $17.99
  • Avinyo - Petillant (Vi d'Agulla) 2012  $13.99
  • Aliaga - Navarra Tinto "Cuvée" 2009  $14.99
  • Los Frailes - Valencia Tinto "Bilogìa" 2009  $13.99
Rosé Season 
is finally Here!
Pre-RoséGarden2013 .
    It's time to once again dust off our garden shears (and garden gnomes) in preparation for the Rosé Garden.  It will really be here in just a few short weeks!  In the meantime, our 20% off rosé sale continues for only a short while longer. The weather is absolutely perfect for dry pink wine right now, and each of these is awesome!
Rosé Garden Glasses


Why, thank you!     
Real Customer Comment:

"I forget this is a store!  It feels like
my second home."

  - Crystal S.    

Tasty Tuesday!
Rosé Sale Sampling 

  This Tuesday, April 16th, we present our mid-week FREE wine tasting.  Every Tuesday is tasty! From 5:00 - 7:00, we host this bonus tasting of three wines to get you through the early week and land you safely on hump day!
   Join us at this week's Tasty Tuesday for a celebration of our continuing (but not for very much longer!) annual Rosé Sale. The most springily delightful of pink drinks is gathering its strength and its numbers at WA, and we're eagerly awaiting the blooming of this year's Rosé Garden. At our tasting this Tuesday afternoon, we'll begin in the rosé capital of the world, Provence, with an old favorite. Next, we'll turn our attention toward Navarra where we'll sample a crisp but voluptuous example of a grape that always looks great in pink, Garnacha. We'll end our tour in Gascony with a lovely Cabernet-based rosé that exudes vibrant berries and spice.

These and all other non-sparkling rosés
are 20% off for a limited time!
This Saturday from 12 to 3 PM 
"try before you buy" at
our FREE tasting 

Get High:
Vineyards with Altitude
Get High This Saturday, on 4/20, we're going to get really high (altitude), and you're invited to join us! We're starting out in the foothills of the French Alps' Savoie, where we'll taste a clean, minerally white made from the Jacquere grape. Next, we're going to get as high as a kite - at about 6,000 feet above sea level in the Cafayate Valley of the Andes amid some of the world's very highest altitude vineyards. This region's specialty is the Torrontes grape, and even though Cafayate's rank among some of the most northerly vineyards in the Southern Hemisphere, its elevation keeps proximity to the Equator from being a heat liability. Our first red comes from the steep and winding Douro Valley of Portugal and exudes the dense purple fruit that is a hallmark of the region. Our final wine brings us back to the Andes for another Argentine treat, a stellar Mendoza Malbec that brims with black fruit and comforting chocolatey richness.  Be warned: each of these wines is great with food, so you might get the munchies. 

WEEKLY WINE™ $12 to $19.99  


Carrel Jongieux

Eugène Carrel

Jongieux 2011

100% Jacquère 

 (Savoie, France)

1,650 feet above sea level 

The Jongieux appellation is located in the alpine French region of Savoy (Savoie), which lies southwest of Geneva, Switzerland. Hailing from between the Rhone river and France's largest lake, Lake Bourget, the area's wines can prove difficult to find outside...
  On Sale! $11.99 [Full Description] 

WEEKLY WINE™ $12 to $19.99


Don Rodolfo

Torrontes 2012

100% Torrontes

 (Cafayate, Argentina)

6,000 feet above sea level 

This winery is high! Well, high in altitude at around 6,000 feet. And that elevation is the key to greatness here. Wicked high vineyards means super ripe fruit, both fresh and crisp with super acidity. No flabby, mushy...

WEEKLY WINE™ $12 to $19.99


Lua Cheia em Vinhas Velhas 

Douro Reserva 2009


Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca,

Tinto Roriz 

 (Douro, Portugal)

2,000 feet above sea level 

Representing a somewhat more modernist slant on the classically dark and elegantly rugged unfortified reds of the Douro valley, Lua Cheia's "Andreza" is named for a particularly stunning bend among the region's otherworldly (and very steep) vineyard-scape. The typical purple-black fruit and mouthfilling majesty are...
  On Sale $14.99 [Full Description]



MONTHLY WINE™ $20 to $49.99


Malbec 2010

100% Malbec  

(Mendoza, Argentina)

3,300 feet above sea level 

This cuvée's title (simply the roman numeral "I" ) identifies the Malbec grape, not surprisingly, as the Pulenta family's first priority. Eschewing the ultra-concentrated and monstrously fruity style of many contemporary Argentine Malbecs, they've focused on the balance which is possible between elegance and...
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Show me the six

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Whites (48˚F):


Domaine la Grangette 

Picpoul de Pinet 

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$12.99 on sale


Antonio Caggiano 

Irpinia Bianco 


$19.99 on sale

Chateau L'Hoste

Entre Deux Mers 


$22.99 on sale


 Reds (65˚F): 


Castello di Verduno 

Nebbiolo d'Alba 

$26.99 on sale


Domaine de Colette 


$18.99 on sale




$11.99 on sale


Domaine Amido
Lirac Rouge

 $16.99 on sale


Casa Santa Lima 

Lisboa Tinto 




Labranche Laffont 

Madiran "Tradition" 

$19.99 on sale


"Syrah - Syrah"

$11.99 on sale



Moulin à Vent


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