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This Saturday, Castilla y León! 
Tonight, our "Lovin' Bubbles" class...
In This Issue:
- Tasty Tuesday: "Tuscan Tussle," a new dance craze?
- Saturday's Tasting: Castilla y Leon

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Romance is in the Air
(or more precisely, the CO2)
"Lovin' Bubbles" 
Lovin' Bubbles & Floating Heads
You'll swoon over our Valentine's class 

on sparkling wine & chocolate.


     Bubbles have been terribly misunderstood... until now. Don't know your Cava from your Cremant? Just what is the difference between Spumante and Frizzante?  Why must Champagne always be so French? Well, this class will take you through the world of sparkling wines (and feature bubbly from around the world).
     We'll dispel myths, defy logic, and drink fizzy drinks. The evening will conclude with dessert sparklers and a lesson about exceptional chocolate including four from Escazu. If you've been afraid of effervescence, fear no more!  We'll show you the good stuff that won't cost you a monk and a leg.
Tonight! February 14th at 7:33 pm 
$48 per person*
Reservations required


(Smooth) Operators are standing by:
(919) 489-2884

*All jokes are free. 
Recent Arrivals: 

  • Abbaye Sylva Plana - Faugeres "Les Novices" 2011  $17.99
  • Abbaye Sylva Plana - Faugeres Blanc 2011  $20.99
  • Mas Bruguiere - Coteaux du Languedoc Blanc "Les Muriers" 2011  $24.99
  • Mas Bruguiere - Pic Saint-Loup "La Grenadiere" 2009  $35.99
  • Saint Damien - Gigondas "Souteyrades" Vieilles Vignes 2010  $35.99
  • Duseigneur - Lirac "Antares" 2010  $24.99
  • Jacky Piret - Cote de Brouilly "Vieilles Vignes" 2010  $19.99
  • Schoffitt - Pinot Blanc Auxerrois Vieilles Vignes 2010  $23.99
  • Chateau de l'Hoste - Entre-Deux-Mers Vieilles Vignes 2010  $22.99
  • Clos du Pavillon - St. Emilion "La Petite Folie" 2009  $26.99
  • Chateau Beynat - Saint Emilion 2009  $29.99
  • Campi di Fonterenza - "Petti Rosso" 2011  $14.99
  • Corzano e Paterno - Blanco "Il Corzanello" 2011  $14.99
  • Corzano e Paterno - Rosso "Il Corzanello" 2011  $14.99
  • Corzano e Paterno - Chianti "Terre di Corzano" 2009  $17.99
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  And from New Zealand...
Thursday, February 21st
5:00pm - 7:00pm
Eric Platt  
A Special Thursday Tasting 
Hosted by Eric Platt

   Next Thursday, we welcome Eric Platt of Pacific Prime Wines as our special guest.  He'll be pouring three very different selections from his dynamic New Zealand portfolio.  There'll be fresh takes on familiar face's like the nation's favorite adopted grape, Sauvignon Blanc, as well as some unexpected new arrivals.  Kiwi Grüner, anyone? 


Why, thank you!     
Real Customer Comment:

"Thanks for the great learning session yesterday. We learned a ton and look forward to testing out our new skills."

  - Donna L. (via Facebook)   

Tasty Tuesday!
"The Tuscan Tussle"

  This Tuesday, February 19th, we present our mid-week FREE wine tasting.  Every Tuesday is tasty! From 5:00 - 7:00, we host this bonus tasting of three wines to get you through the early week and land you safely on hump day!
Tuscan Tussle
    "The Tuscan Tussle" may not look like much in print, but when you imagine it to the tune of Van McCoy's "The Hustle,"  you begin to fathom just how massive is the potential for it to be the next big dance craze!  Let's all just take a moment to think about that, and while we're thinking, we should probably taste some really groovy Tuscan wine.  Join us this Tuesday as we sample a deeply colored and lushly textured white and two aromatic, medium bodied reds - one from Montalcino and one from Montecarlo.  Get down with the boogie!

And don't forget:
Our Tasty Tuesday 20% Mixed Case Discount!
After you taste, put together 12 bottles from our Tasty Tuesday lineup, and we'll take an entire 20% off!

This Saturday from 12 to 3 PM 
"try before you buy" at
our FREE tasting 

Castilla y León

Join us this Saturday for a tour through the huge swath of central northern Spain known as Castilla y León.  We'll begin close to the origins of the Duero river to sample a deeply colored rosé representative of one of Tempranillo's grape's most significant stomping grounds, Ribera del Duero.  We'll continue along the river to find our next two destinations, Rueda and Toro, for a taste of a glimmeringly bright Verdejo-based white and an oak-infused red made from the local strain of Tempranillo, Tinta de Toro.  Next, we'll venture northward in the direction of the ancient city of León for a meeting with the illusive Prieto Picudo grape, whose evocative name can be translated to "black beak."  Our final destination is the rather Galician outcropping of Bierzo, home to some of the most imposing examples of the quintessentially northwestern Mencia grape.

(DAILY WINE™ $11.99 or LESS)


Monte Castrillo

Peñalba Lopez 

Ribera del Duero Rosado 2011

"Monte Castrillo"

100% Tempranillo 

 (Ribera del duero, Spain)

The estate's younger Tempranillo vines (12-15 years!) are the source for this dry rosado. The limestone soils contribute the dry minerality flavors we love. Look at that color! Bright cherry red with all the cherry/raspberry fruit you can...
 (Deep Discount From $17.99) On Sale! $11.99 [Full Description] 

(WEEKLY WINE™ $12 to $19.99)


Bodegas Angel Rodríguez

Rueda 2011


100% Verdejo  

 (Rueda, Spain)

Angel Rodríguez was officially honored by King Juan Carlos of Spain for saving the Verdejo varietal from extinction during the 1970's when under political and financial pressure, he refused to uproot the last vines from his...

(WEEKLY WINE™ $12 to $19.99)


Gamazo Seleccion
Bodegas Francisco Casas

Toro Tinto 2010

"Gamazo Seleccion" 

100% Tinta de Toro (Tempranillo) 

 (Toro, Spain)

BLACK PLUM & CASSIS, VANILLA, SMOKE & BITTERSWEET SPICE Toro, an ancient growing region in western central Spain has a history of viticulture which predates the arrival of Romans. A local variant of Tempranillo dominates in Toro's arid climate, yielding deliciously concentrated fruit and...
  On Sale $14.99 [Full Description] 


(DAILY WINE™ $11.99 or LESS)


Prieto Picudo! Bodegas y Viñedos Meoriga 
Prieto Picudo 2010

100% Prieto Picudo 

(Valladolid, Spain)

Prieto Picudo is a fantastically rare grape indigenous to the northwestern reaches of Castilla y Leon. Its name translates basically to "black beak" referring to the crow-headed shape of each cluster of grapes. Rich and filled...

(WEEKLY WINE™ $12 to $19.99)


Bad or Bueno?
Bodegas del Abad
Bierzo Roble 2009
"Abad Dom Bueno"

100% Mencia 

(Bierzo, Spain)


It might come as a surprise, when considering the passion for history exemplified by Bodegas del Abad, that the estate has existed for just under a decade. Despite the bodega's recent arrival onto the scene, its proprietors are dedicated to the traditional grape varieties of northwestern...
On Sale $18.99 [Full description]  
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