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This Saturday, Fattoria Corzano e Paterno:
Taste with the Estate's Aljoscha Goldschmidt!
In This Issue:
- Tasty Tuesday: "Tuesday à la Toulouse"
- Saturday's Tasting: Tuscany's Corzano e Paterno!

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Taste with Tuscany's
Aljoscha Goldschmidt
Corzano Skyline 3
     This Saturday afternoon, at our free weekly tasting, we will be joined by Aljoscha Goldschmidt of Tuscany's Fattoria Corzano e Paterno.  The wines of his family's organic estate are brand new to the store, and we're thrilled to present them to you this weekend. Check out our Saturday tasting section below for more details!
Romance is in the Air!
(or more precisely, in the carbon dioxide)

"Lovin' Bubbles" 


On February 14th, you'll swoon over our 

Valentine's class on sparkling wine & chocolate.

7:33 pm

     Bubbles are terribly misunderstood... until now. Don't know your Cava from your Sekt? Just what is the difference between Spumante and Frizzante?  Why must Champagne always be so French? Well, this class will take you through the world of sparkling wines (and feature bubbly from around the world).
     We'll dispel myths, defy logic and drink fizzy drinks. The evening will end up with dessert sparklers and exceptional chocolate. If you've been afraid of effervescence, fear no more!  We'll show you the good stuff that won't cost you a monk and a leg.
Thursday, February 14th at 7:33 pm
$48 per person*
Reservations required


(Corkscrew) Operators are standing by:
(919) 489-2884

*All jokes are free.


Why, thank you!     
Real Customer Comment:

"This is what I like about coming here!  I can get a great case of wine, and your recommendations make it painless."

  - David R.  

Tasty Tuesday!
"Tuesday à la Toulouse" 

  This Tuesday, January 5th, we present our mid-week FREE wine tasting.  Every Tuesday is tasty! From 5:00 - 7:00, we host this bonus tasting of three wines to get you through the early week and land you safely on hump day!
Chateau la Colombiere
    Less than half an hour north of what can be described as France's southwestern capital, Toulouse, lies Fronton, the rustic stomping ground for the unique Négrette grape.  Join us this Tuesday as we sample three wines from Chateau la Colombiere (pictured above) starring the juicy dark-skinned varietal.  We'll begin with the estate's Vin Gris, a rosé which is as sumptuous and ripe as it is crisp and refreshing before tasting a bright but earthy example of the grape flying solo.  We'll finish with a Négrette-centric blend featuring Syrah and the Cabernets (Franc & Sauvignon).

And don't forget:
Our Tasty Tuesday 20% Mixed Case Discount!
After you taste, put together 12 bottles from our Tasty Tuesday lineup, and we'll take an entire 20% off!

This Saturday from 12 to 3 PM 
"try before you buy" at
our FREE tasting 

Aljoscha Goldschmidt Join us this Saturday as we welcome Fattoria Corzano e Paterno's Aljoscha Goldschmidt to our weekly Saturday tasting.  Aljoscha, who represents his family's farm less than ten miles south of Florence, will be pouring three of the estate's sincere, wholesome, and vibrantly characterful wines from noon to three. Working organically,  the fattoria not only farms grapes but produces a range of cheeses as well from their fleet of Sardinian sheep.  Samples of one of these cheeses, though currently unavailable for purchase, will be served to complete our weekend Tuscan vignette.  Cin Cin!



(WEEKLY WINE™ $12 to $19.99)


Corzanello Bianco

Fattoria Corzano e Paterno 

Bianco Toscana 2011

"Il Corzanello) 

{organic} Trebbiano, Malvasia,

Semillon, Petit Manseng 

 (Tuscany, Italy)

An adventurous blend of four varietals spearheaded by Tuscany's native Trebbiano, the "Corzanello" ushers in a combination of the famously fresh drinkability of central Italy's white mainstays and exotic flourishes of a less expected nature (provided in part courtesy of the ethereal...
  On Sale! $14.99 [Full Description] 

(WEEKLY WINE™ $12 to $19.99)


Corzanello Rosso
Fattoria Corzano e Paterno

Rosso Toscana 2011

{organic} Sangiovese, Canaiollo 

 (Tuscany, Italy)

Aljoshcha Goldschmidt's family farm commands both sides of a picturesque Tuscan valley where the grapevines share space with centuries-old olive groves and 700 sheep (the milk from which goes into the...
  On Sale $14.99 [Full Description] 



(WEEKLY WINE™ $12 to $19.99)


Terre di Corzano
Fattoria Corzano e Paterno 
Chianti 2009
"Terre di Corzano" 

{organic} 95% Sangiovese,

5% Canaiollo   

(Tuscany, Italy)

The culmination of carefully hand-harvested organic Sangiovese and Canaiolo grapes, this Chianti spends a year in oak and stainless steel before bottling. A double triage (sorting of by hand) ensures that only those  grapes of the highest quality make it into the wine. Steep, south-facing slopes imbue the grapes with a...
On Sale $17.99 [Full description]  
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Hope to see you Saturday!

Our best to you,
Grand Poobah & the Wine Authorities staff 
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