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- Saturday's Tasting: Holiday Selections 2012

top Greetings! 
Season's Greetings! 
     Can you believe Christmas is right after this weekend?! This is our busiest time of year, and our customers are buzzing with an infectious bounty of yuletide cheer.  There's a lot to be excited about this year - a steady stream of new wines which are chomping at the bit to be stuffed into the stockings of your friends and family or shared at the year's most festive parties and gatherings.

Recent Arrivals!
Straight outta Santa's sleigh:
Santa on Sleigh  
  • Aquila del Torre - (dry) Riesling "At" 2009  $9.99
  • Alberto Marsetti - Valtellina Sforzato 2007  $49.99
  • Don Rodolfo - Torrontes "Cornejo Costas Vineyard" 2012  $10.99
  • Bollig Lehnert - Riesling "Trittenheimer" Kabinett 2008  $19.99
  • Dr. Heyden - Riesling "Oppenheimer" Halbtrocken (1-Liter!) 2011  $15.99
  • Dr. Heyden - Rosé 2011  $14.99
  • Dr. Heyden - Sylvaner "Alte Reben" Trocken 2011  $14.99
  • Georg Albrecht Schneider - Dornfelder Trocken 2009  $15.99
  • Domaine Grosbos Barbara - Saint Pourçain Rouge "Chambre d'Edouard" 2010  $15.99
  • Domaine Grosbos Barbara - Saint Pourçain Blanc "Vin d'Alon" 2010  $15.99
  • Chateau Lusseau - Graves Rouge "Cuvée Bérengère" 2010  $19.99 (see more info below)
  • Chateau Lusseau - Graves Rouge "Cuvée Barriques" 2009  $27.99 (see more info below)
  • Stéphane Othéguy - Condrieu 2010  $49.99
Teachers Love Wine!
Teacher w/ Wine

   Show your kids' teachers just how much you appreciate their creativity, hard work, and patience with the gift of wine. Judging from the demand that we've already received this year, it's apparent that teachers absolutely love gift certificates and Enomatic cards from Wine Authorities!



Holiday Gift Wrap
     Nothing is more fun to unwrap than a bottle of delicious farmer-produced wine, and we have our team of highly skilled wrapping specialists at the ready to put a special touch on your gift bottles!
  • Four or fewer, we can wrap on the spot
  • Five or more can be picked up the next day
   Descriptions are included!  Gift certificates and Enomatic cards make sublime stocking stuffers as well!
We'd give you the shirts right off our backs!
   Well, perhaps we wouldn't give them too you, but we'd certainly be thrilled to see you giving them as gifts or wearing them!  We're all stocked up on both our break out hits, "Durham: Crunchy on the Outside" and "Farmers not Factories" tees for stuffing stockings or gettin' extra swanky at holiday parties.  Don't leave your friends standing, confused, clutching a cold fruit cake between their mittens this holiday season when it would be much more exciting to give them something fun to wear!

  • Durham: Crunchy on the Outside    (Blue or Red) 
  • Wine From Farmers Not Factories  (Brick or Cement)

Sizes: Small, Med, Large, X-L, 2X-L


Cheese for Dessert!
Rush Creek!  
    When it comes to seasonal cheese, Uplands Cheese Company in Dodgeville, Wisconsin, makes two of the finest examples, Pleasant Ridge Reserve and Rush Creek Reserve. Uplands is a farmstead dairy, meaning they make their cheeses with milk only from their own cows. Sounds familiar, huh? Estate wines, farmstead cheese. Andy Hatch makes excellent use of the richer autumn and winter's milk in the "Rush Creek Reserve," which he models after the legendary Vacherin Mont d'Or (a cheese that marks the holiday season just as much as mistletoe or eggnog). This is a 12 oz washed rind wheel wrapped in spruce bark that oozes with sweet, woodsy goodness - the kind of cheese you eat with a spoon! An exceptionally rare treat, this is perfect for the holidays! 
  • Very limited availability
  • $26.99/wheel


Holiday Hours

Closed Holiday Sign  

We will be closing early (at 5pm) on Christmas Eve, December 24th and will remain closed through December 25th & 26th, reopening with our regular hours on the 27th.

We will keep our regularly scheduled hours on

New Year's eve (10am-7pm) and will be

closed on January 1st, 2nd, & 3rd. 

Why, thank you! 
Real Customer Comment:

"You beautiful people make my life easier."

  - Sheila B.  

The Return of
Chateau Lusseau
  Discover (or rediscover) Bérengère Quelien's marvelous  reds and find out why we're so excited about the return of these delicious treats from Bordeaux.
       From the southern Bordelais region of Graves, Chateau Lusseau has, for years, remained one of our perennial favorites, representing excellent value and the specific mineral sturdiness much respected in the great wines of Graves.  Bérengère Quellien (pictured above) is the estate's current mastermind.  After a departure from the family trade as an attorney, she returned in 1997 to take up the reigns and endeavor alongside her parents to craft the greatest wines possible from the excellent terroir of her family's vineyards.
This Saturday from 12 to 3 PM 
"try before you buy" at
our FREE tasting 

Tree & Gifts This is it: the final Saturday tasting prior to this year's Christmas holiday!  We've chosen four of our favorite 2012 holiday selections to share with you this week - ones that pour on the value, deliciousness, and cheer needed to compliment your festivities and help spark your (last minute) gift-giving imagination.  We'll begin with a dry, juicy, and very aromatic Chenin Blanc from the Loire Valley's Saumur region before cozying up with a warm 'n cuddly Pinot Noir from California's Santa Lucia Highlands.  Next, we'll visit a western Corner of France's Languedoc where the country's Mediterranean and Bordeaux varieties all get together and party!  The final wine planned is an exceptionally lush, elegant and characterful blend of Merlot and Cabernets Sauvignon and Franc from Slovenia's western cradle of fantastic wine, Brda.  Happy holidays!
(WEEKLY WINE™ $12 to $19.99)



Domaine du Pas Saint-Martin 


"La Pierre Frite"

{organic} 100% Chenin Blanc 

(Middle Loire, France)

This is another case of the latest generation in an old family estate taking the reigns where his grandfather left off, when his father went into another business. Laurent...
On Sale $15.99 [Full description]


(WEEKLY WINE™ $12 to $19.99)


Paraiso Pinot Noir


Pinot Noir 2009

{sustainable} 100% Pinot Noir   

 (Santa Lucia Highlands, California)


The Smith family has maintained its course in central California, producing very California-styled wines for two generations. They are largely responsible for the Monterey region's rise to prominence and started out as grape farmers for many famous producers. This Pinot is...
  On Sale $19.99 [Full Description] 

(DAILY WINE™ $11.99 or LESS)


Cabardes Chateau Jouclary

Cabardès 2009

Merlot, Syrah, Grenache, Cabernet     

 (Western Languedoc, France)

Although the origins of Cabardes date back to the 1200s, this AOC wine region was designated in just 1999! On the northern border of the Languedoc-Roussillon, Pascal Gianesini uses both Bordeaux and Rhone varietals in a...
  On Sale $11.99 [Full Description]  


(WEEKLY WINE™ $12 to  $19.99)



Oton Reya
"Red 3" 2009   

{organic} 60% Merlot, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Cabernet Franc 

(Brda, Slovenia)

From just across Italy's northeastern border comes this deeply colored and elegant red brimming with vibrant black fruit, hedonistic chocolate notes, and a luscious but restrained melange of succulent oak & mineral. Following a... 
On Sale $19.99 [Full description]  
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6 for Sixty
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Whites (48˚F):


Dr. Heyden 

Riesling Halbtrocken

$15.99 on sale


Eric de Suremain

Rully Blanc 1er Cru 

$31.99 on sale





$15.99 on sale

Pas Saint Martin

Saumur Blanc 

$15.99 on sale


 Reds (65˚F): 




$48.99 on sale


Fattoria Rodano 

Chianti Classico


$34.99 on sale


Chateau La Colombière 

Fronton Rouge


$14.99 on sale


Cerusuolo di Vittoria 

 $17.99 on sale



Douro Tinto

"Lua Nova 



Poderi Elia 

Barbera d'Asti 

$16.99 on sale

Domaine Le Garrigon 

Vin de Mediterranée


$10.99 on sale


Chateau Lusseau 

Graves Rouge 

"Cuvée Barriques"
$27.99 on sale





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