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April 2013 Edition
food safety
There are many possible causes of food poisoning: bacteria, viruses, pesticides, natural toxins, molds, parasites, and more. There are so many types of food poisoning that there are many possible symptoms. Food poisoning is especially dangerous for infants, and others. Learn more...
The puffer fish may be poisonous, even if it's not spoiled by bacteria or viruses. Some fish and shellfish swallow toxins, so their flesh is poisonous to eat. Others cause illness because of spoilage, even though there are no clues that the fish is spoiled. Learn more...
wash vegetables
No matter how complicated the topic, home cooks need to do just a few things to keep their food safe. If you follow Clean, Separate, Cook, and Chill, you are well on your way to preventing food poisoning in your home. recommends four steps. Learn more...
Two ways to get help for a poison emergency:

Both are free and confidential.  Both provide expert guidance based on age, weight, and amount.