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Issue 2April 2014
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The purpose of this newsletter is to keep our alumni, parents and other friends of the department updated with our latest news and announcements. We are hoping that the newsletter becomes ever more interactive, so please use the Social Media links on this page to share and connect. 

Best wishes from Stocking Hall. 

-Dennis Miller & Olga Padilla-Zakour



What's New in Stocking Hall?
  • Teaching Winery Open House- the Department hosted local and regional wineries and vintners for tours of the new Teaching Winery and the chance to network. More information about the facility may be found here.
  • Dairy Extension program debuts a new website including information on the Dairy Foods Extension Certificate Program, a complete course calendar, and many other helpful resources.
  • Department of Food Science Annual Fundraising Campaign coming soon.
Save the Date
Cornell Reception at IFT: Monday, June 23, 5:00 to 7:00 pm. Details coming soon!
Summer Scholars
Where Playing With Your Food Becomes a Career
We are happy to announce this year's Scholars:
  • Cornell University
    • Naa Ankrah, Chemistry, Mount Holyoke College '16
    • Avery Becker, Biochemistry, Ithaca College '16
    • Madeleine Bee, Chemistry, American University '15
    • Jie Cheng, Chemistry, Bryn Mawr College '16
    • Max Holle, Biochemistry, Monmouth College '15
    • Emily Mishina, Microbiology, University of Hawaii '16
    • Anissa Taylor, Food Science, Alabama A&M '15
  • North Carolina State University
    • Naomi Brouard, Microbiology, Wagner College, '15
    • Brittany Miles, Biology, Georgia Institute of Technology, '15
    • Katherine Speight, Food Science, NC State University, '15
  • Texas Tech
    • Currey Nobles, Food Science, NC State University '15
  • Purdue University
    • Erina Gunawan, Food Science, Iowa State University '15
Product Development Teams
Science Never Tasted So Good
It is another banner year for Cornell University Product Development Teams with five teams going to the finals:

Competing at the ADSA Joint Annual Meeting 
Kansas City, MO, July 20-24, 2014

Dairy Research Institute

Product: Cranberry Mookies

Co-leaders: Chris Aurand and Dongjun Zhao


Competing at the IFT Annual Meeting and Food Expo 

New Orleans, LA, June 21-24, 2014

IFTSA Disney Team

Product: Finding Dori

Team leader: Meagan McKeever

Team members:  Delia Hughes, Benjamin Majkszak, Jiani Shen, Adam Wolford


IFTSA Disney Team

Product: Donald Duck Quinoa Quackers

Co-leaders:  Camille Kapaun and Sam McDermott

Team members:  Haley Finnerty, Sophia Schertzer, Jake Smith


IFTSA Discovering Solutions for Developing Countries

Product: So-Sweet

Co-leaders:  Neaz Noor and Christine Akoh


IFTSA Mars Product Development Competition

Product: Popples

Co-leaders:  Kyle Clark, Shan Huang, and Rebecca Mangona

Team members:   Lee Cadesky, Rochelle De Loach, Michael Freund, Margaret Geary, Angira Jhaveri, Susana Jimenez, Charles Lee, Sara Piano, Rebecca Phillips, Jade Proulx





Awards and Commendations
  • Robert Gravani, honored with IFT Calvert Willey award
  • Olga Padilla-Zakour, elected Fellow of the Institute of Food Technologists
Graduate Students
  • Giselle Guron- awarded Goya Foods Prize
  • Rachel Miller-awarded Germain Mocquot Award
  • Claudia Pazlopez-awarded Kosi Award in Food Science
  • Lindsay Springer- awarded JPA-Davies Scholarship
  • Jessie Usaga-awarded Kosi Award in Food Science
  • Dongjun Zhao- awarded Unilever United States Graduate Award
  • Claire Zoellner- awarded Downing Graduate Student Excellence Award 
Undergraduate Students
  • Kyle Clark -awarded TIC Gums Undergraduate Award
  • Robert Divine -awarded CIFS Advisory Council Undergraduate Award
  • Margaret Geary -awarded CIFS Advisory Council Undergraduate Award
  • Christine Gutchess -awarded CIFS Advisory Council Undergraduate Award
  • Shan Huang -awarded Unilever United States Undergraduate Award
  • Angira Jhaveri -awarded CIFS Advisory Council Undergraduate Award
  • Susana Jimenez -awarded CIFS Advisory Council Undergraduate Award
  • Camille Kapaun -awarded Virginia Dare Academic Award
  • Caroline Kesselem -awarded the Ruth Herzog and Albert Flegenheimer Memorial Scholarship
  • Rebecca Mangona -awarded General Mills Undergraduate Award in Food Science
  • Hanna Mielke-Maday -awarded CIFS Advisory Council Undergraduate Award
  • Rebecca Phillips -awarded CIFS Advisory Council Undergraduate Award
  • Lauren Poindexter -awarded Kraft Foods Fund Award
  • Katherine Strickland -awarded CIFS Advisory Council Undergraduate Award
  • Genevieve Sullivan -awarded Eastern Frosted Foods Association Undergraduate Award
  • Samantha Van Wees -awarded CIFS Advisory Council Undergraduate Award
  • Maia Vernacchia -awarded Unilever United States Undergraduate Award
  • Yumin Xu -awarded CIFS Advisory Council Undergraduate Award




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