Silver items brought for appraisal.
Appraisal Fair at Ayr 
Ayr Mount Historic Site
Hillsborough, NC  

    On April 17th Classical American Homes Preservation Trust and Ayr Mount hosted its first major public program, the Appraisal Fair at Ayr.  Almost 100 guests joined us on this spring evening to learn about their cherished belongings and meet other arts and antiques enthusiasts. Items brought to the fair included paintings, jewelry, war memorabilia, and silver. The lush, green hills at Ayr Mount served as a backdrop while guests enjoyed wine and refreshments and also attended lectures both in and outside the house. David Lindquist gave an interesting and informative lecture about qualities to look for when viewing and purchasing an antique, and Craufurd Goodwin gave a talk on the extensive collection of coverlets he generously loaned to Ayr Mount, which were on view during the month of April.


David Lindquist examining the silver objects.

Leslie Crews holding a portrait of Abraham Lincoln.











UNC-TV team with Julia Carpenter (second from right).

     Julia Carpenter of UNC-TV's series Collecting Carolina was also on site with a film crew to catch the action, with the episode featuring the event at Ayr Mount airing just weeks later on May 1st (click here to watch the episode - segment on Ayr Mount begins at 1:15 into the video clip). 


     We want to thank all of those who joined us for this event, and we hope you will continue to visit us at Ayr Mount. We would also like to express our deep appreciation for all of the help provided by our local friends and business owners: Craufurd Goodwin of Montrose, Doug Lay of the Persian Carpet, David Lindquist and Elizabeth Lindquist of Whitehall at the Villa Antiques, and Leland Little and his staff from his auction house - Claire Fraser, Nancy Blount, Mark Solomon, and Rob Golan. Stay tuned for upcoming events at Ayr Mount!




Installation of a range of different coverlets at Ayr Mount.

Coverlets: Treasures from the Loom 


     April was a busy month at Ayr Mount! In addition to the Appraisal Fair at Ayr, the house museum also hosted a month-long exhibition of coverlets generously loaned to us from private collections, predominantly that of Craufurd Goodwin.


The exhibit featured over 80 coverlets that date back as far as the late 1700s woven in various 

styles - double weave, overshot, figured and fancy, jacquard, and Biederwand. The coverlets were
Various types of cotton and samples of fabric on display.
thoughtfully integrated into Ayr Mount's permanent collection keeping color in mind within a narrative that followed the makers, dates, locations, and patterns of the coverlets. The third floor featured a display of photographs, weaving tools, and other objects related to the trade such as cotton, wool and shuttles.


We are thrilled that we were able to share these special pieces of history in a setting that seemed quite fitting for their display. What an enjoyable way to welcome visitors back for house tours and celebrate the start of spring! 


Dick Jenrette holding the gift of the leather-bound edition of Adventures with Old Houses.
Dick Jenrette Receives the Inaugural Founders Award
Charleston Library Society
Charleston, SC  
     Beginning with his purchase of the Robert William Roper House and the historic Mills House Hotel in 1968, Dick Jenrette has greatly advanced the cause of historic preservation in the city of Charleston, S.C. over the past 46+ years.  On Friday, April 11th, the Board of Trustees of the Charleston Library Society honored Mr. Jenrette for his dedication to the field of preservation with its inaugural Founders Award.  Coinciding with the 100th anniversary of the completion of the Library Society's main building, the Trustees created this award "to honor persons who exemplify the values of the 19 young men who collaborated in 1748 to promote knowledge and shared learning by founding what is now recognized as one of America's earliest cultural and intellectual centers", according to Steve Gates, President of the Board of Trustees. 
     On hand to give the keynote address was Stephen Schwarzman, Chairman, CEO and
Left to right: Steven Gates, CLS President; Dick Jenrette; Anne Cleveland, CLS Executive Director; Stephen Schwarzman, Chairman, CEO Blackstone Group.
Co-Founder of The Blackstone Group, a global private equity and financial advisory firm.  Mr. Schwarzman, who worked for Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette (DLJ) in his early days in finance, lauded Mr. Jenrette's efforts to further preservation in Charleston and credited him with mentorship and advice that laid the groundwork for his own prosperity and success.  Mr. Schwarzman has notably given $100 million to the New York Public Library and established the Schwarzman Scholars, an elite scholarship program in China inspired by the Rhodes Scholarship program at Oxford. Read more....

     Read the article from the Post and Courier about this honor being given to Richard H. Jenrette "who helped put Charleston on the map.""

Louie Hall, site supervisor at Millford.
Profile: Louis Hall
Site Supervisor at Millford Plantation
Pinewood, South Carolina 

We are delighted to introduce Louis Hall, our experienced and dedicated site supervisor at Millford Plantation in Pinewood, South Carolina. Louie, as he prefers to be called, came to Millford in June 1982 as the caretaker for the Emory Clarks. When Dick Jenrette purchased the house and grounds from the Clark family in 1992, Louie continued as the site supervisor to this 400-acre property. Evident to anyone who has visited Millford, the immaculate condition of the buildings, the collections and the surrounding landscape are a reflection of Louie and his family's care and dedication to this extraordinary site.
Louie and his wife, Paula, along with their three sons, Luke, Matthew and Adam, all play a role in the efforts that continue to make Millford sparkle. The property consists of 15 buildings and structures, over 550 collection objects, and at least 30 acres of lawns that are maintained daily. Paula, who Louie describes as his "right-hand lady," coordinates the public tours and cares for the buildings' interiors. Matthew and Adam concentrate on the maintenance of Millford's extensive grounds and gardens. Luke, who is a Sergeant at the Sumter County Sheriff's Department, keeps an unofficial eye out for Millford. On any given day, you will find Louie doing "hands on" work: whether it be climbing a high ladder to inspect a roof, driving the tractor, overseeing the installation of new shutters, or doing all of those things -- and then getting ready to greet a group of visitors for a tour!

Louie is a devoted family man who enjoys camping and spending time with his six (soon to be seven!) grandchildren. He is known as a one-man Humane Society with ten dogs and two cats (mostly strays and rescues he has taken into his home). With his warm and welcome nature, most cannot resist his offer to try one of his beloved treats: a Moon Pie microwaved for precisely 8 seconds or a honey-bun with freshly sliced bologna!

When asked about his favorite spot at Millford, Louie describes a very specific location and time - standing on the mansion's elegant porch, looking East toward the Spring House at around 4 o'clock in the afternoon. At this serene hour, Louie loves to watch the long shadows being cast across the front lawn, highlighting the majestic beauty and grandeur of this unique place.
This month Louie celebrates his 32nd anniversary as a caretaker and site supervisor at Millford. On behalf of Dick Jenrette and Classical American Homes Preservation Trust, thank you to Louie and his family for their years of dedicated service and stewardship of this National Historic Landmark. Hats off to the Halls!

Dick Jenrette and Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney
Spring Patrons Party
The George F. Baker Houses
New York, NY

'Twas a Spring party that put some spring in our step! Over 200 friends and guests joined us at the Baker Houses on May 22nd. Many thanks to everyone who came out that evening to make it such a fun event. It is always such a pleasure to see all of our friends and supporters gather together to have a cocktail, share in some laughs, and catch up with one another at our annual get-togethers! Cheers!

Here are just a few photos from the evening... more pictures are available on our Facebook page, not to mention behind-the-scenes sneak peaks of our team at CAHPT getting ready for the event!

Dick Jenrette, Joe Roby, Sharon Jacquet
Kathy Nye, Andrew Holter, John Hays, Peter Kenny
Jane Mack Gould and Judy Donner
Marlee and George Pushkar

Hornor, Tilden and Warren Davis

William Ivey Long and Ken Jennings
Dupie Cochran, Tony James, Peyton Cochran
Margize Howell and William Banks

Mark Gilbertson and Andy Blum

Future Preservationists
A Class Visit to Millford
Pinewood, SC 

      The fifth grade classes from the Laurence Manning Academy visited Millford on May 5th and toured the plantation with site manager, Louis Hall. The students were excited to visit the home of their school's namesake, John Laurence Manning, who built Millford Plantation before becoming Governor of South Carolina from 1852 to 1854. Each student wrote a letter to thank Mr. Jenrette and Mr. Hall and also included drawings of Millford and other scenes on the grounds. Their enthusiasm is inspiring and we were proud to host these young, future preservationists!
Drawing by Logan.
Text and drawing by Morgan Berry.
Some quotes from students:
"Dear Mr. Jenrette, This was a field trip to remember! Sincerely, Bailey Moore"
"I loved the flying staircase, it was amazing! Thank you, Austin D. Kirby"
"I love history now! Thank you so much, Grace Lane"

Spring 2014

     After what felt like a lengthy winter, we were delighted to witness signs of spring with blooming azaleas, dogwoods, wisteria, and even narcissus eventually peeking through in the northern climes in early April. These wonderful spring blooms coincided with the real start to our tour season.


     The Roper House in Charleston, which remains Mr. Jenrette's private residence and has attracted the most groups and attendees this year to date - site manager, Ernie Townsend welcomed visitors who traveled near and far to see this extraordinary house. We greeted many wonderful groups such as the Coastal Carolina University's Adult degree program, The French Heritage Society, Art Institute of Chicago, National Trust for Scotland USA Foundation, Greenwich Garden Club as well as a perennial favorite by participating members in the Historic Charleston Foundation's 67th Annual Festival of Houses and Gardens.


      In May, we saw the opening of Edgewater, Mr. Jenrette's private residence, after its closure during the winter months. Edgewater opened its season by welcoming the Friends of the Arts from Wellesley College, Mrs. Field's Literary Club (Brooklyn) and the Rotch-Jones Duff House and Garden Museum in New Bedford, MA, as well as the a group of docents from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Also during this month, we received visitors from the Finch College Alumni Association Foundation Trust, Monmouth Museum of Art, and members of the Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum to the Baker House in New York City. Bartow-Pell is celebrating their Centennial Anniversary this year and we send our congratulations to them! Read more.... 



"What a treasure Millford is! So grand, so elegant, yet so welcoming. I felt I could easily live there comfortably. We [Greenville County Museum of Art] enjoyed a delightful picnic lunch on the back terrace and all of us could feel ourselves slipping back in time to the days of more gracious living."

Bev Whitten 


"Dick's personal tour and the splendors of the Roper House on a sunny Monday morning made for a memorable conclusion to our Charleston weekend. CAHPT will certainly have an important role in sustaining historic preservation movement and informing American tastes in the years ahead."
Chuck O'Boyle, Jr.


"I hope what you have accomplished continues to inspire the next generation, especially the appreciation of American arts, antiques and decorative arts."

Kathleen M. Doyle


NEW Annual Report
Available now!

We are delighted to announce the release of our Annual Report 2013.

This report features Ayr Mount, the first historic house given by Richard H. Jenrette to Classical American Homes Preservation Trust, beautiful new images of the house, as well as reflections on our programs and activities from the past year. Highlights include: CAHPT celebrating the 20th Anniversary of AyrMount's opening as a house museum, and looking forward to the upcoming 200th Birthday of this elegant, historic 1815 house.

This report is now available as a PDF (digital) or in print - please go to our website to request your copy today.

Music at Millford - Save the Date
September 21, 2014
Pinewood, SC

Mark your calendars for our third annual Music at Millford this coming September!

We are delighted to present this year Robert deMaine, Principal Cello of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, and James Wilhelmsen on piano.

Join us for this special event to hear world-class music within the intimate setting of one of America's finest examples of early 19th century Greek Revival architecture. Reserve your seats today!

Press and Other Coverage

Our houses are featured in two recent articles - read here and enjoy!

      WALTER magazine (May issue) published an in-depth interview with Richard Jenrette by P. Gaye Tapp. Reflecting on his love of old houses and restoring them for future generations, this article describes the "heart" of what we do at Classical American Homes Preservation Trust and the man behind our mission. Click on this link to download a copy of the article in WALTER. We even made it on the cover! Ayr Mount is at the "top" of the state!

     MILIEU magazine (Summer issue) highlights the legacy of Richard Jenrette and the work of his foundation to open the doors of six historic homes to the public. Click here to download a copy of the article in MILIEU.

Support our mission to preserve, protect and open to the public examples of classical American residential architecture, surrounding landscapes and scenic trails, as well as fine and decorative arts of the first half of the 19th century.

Photos at top: Gardens and blossoms at Millford, Pinewood, SC. 
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