April 2015 Newsletter

To my daughter for autism awareness month

By Helen Shafer 

Dear Serena-pie,


You were 16 months old the first time you met your brother, Hayden. In a pink frilly dress you came to the hospital, more than likely not knowing what was going on, with a huge smile and your always cheerful bounce. You took a look at your brother, stroked your finger down his check, and that was that. Such a simple introduction. Who knew how much Hayden would change your life and our family?


Both of you had fun during your infant and toddler years. You played side by side and as the big sister you always tried to direct your brothers activities which he let you do for the most part. You loved your brother; gave him hugs and kisses all the time.


But things did start to change. You noticed it first with reading. At 4 years old, Dad and I were trying to get you to read and you loved it. Until...You saw Hayden reading a book and you said, "Hey, I'm the big sister and I'm supposed to be reading first!"


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May 21
Breakfast & Books
The Blessing of a Skinned Knee
By: Wendy Mogel, Ph.D
Location: The Shafer Center 
Time: 9am
September 19 
Location: The Shafer Center
Time: 1-4pm

September 24 
Breakfast & Books  
Learning Outside The Lines 
By: Edward M. Hallowell (Foreword), Jonathan Mooney (Author), David Cole (Author) 
Location: The Shafer Center
Time: 9am  

A Bridge Client was telling his mom what we did during his session and at the end of the explanation said to the therapist, "you guys are inspirational, you really help me out!"

Dream 2 is reading the Lorax in class, one of the students looks really thoughtful and announces  ... " I hope when I grow up I can chop down a tree".

During a Bridge Building Session a client went out to eat at McDonald's! The Bridge Kiddo looked out the window toward the Target parking lot and said, " Look at that! The Target parking lot of CRAY CRAY!!!"


Shafer Stars

Caleb started Connect XYZ services August 2014 and has made so much progress! When he first began, his family reported that he would not even pick up a book, due to his confidence with sounding out words. Now, after intense intervention in the area of phonics, phonemic awareness, and comprehension, he can read simple stories to his mom at home, and is willing to try and sound out words. Caleb has an amazing drive to learn. His motivation to be successful is unprecedented and his work in Connect XYZ Tutoring truly shows this. He is gaining confidence and momentum, so we are doing more to bridge the gap between home and school now. We've sent home some of the materials that he's mastered in order to bring more reading into his world. His success is so rewarding and his motivation is inspiring. Thanks for your hard work, Caleb!


Shafer Staff Heroes

"It's amazing when you see a kid use a social skill naturally with friends, knowing that he had to practice it and put a lot more effort into that simple interaction than most other kids will realize"




Shafer Spotlight of the Month

The Shafer Center is a sponsor of Honestly Autism Day.  Bridge Program Director, Alicia Ingiosi presented at Honestly Autism Day on April 18th, 2015, on the topic of Pairing with Reinforcement. Alicia did a great job representing The Shafer Center and was beloved by the audience.

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