January 2015 Newsletter

Oh, the Weather Outside Is Frightful...What To Do On Unexpected Snow Days!
By Mark Butler, Lara Hayes & Caroline Watson 

Ahhhh, the unexpected snow day. While some see this as an unannounced blessing, a chance to stay at home in your sweatpants and binge-watch your favorite shows, others cringe at the thought of checking their email at 5am and reading the line "All county schools are closed due to inclement weather." If you or your children fall into the "NO SNOW" category, we have some helpful tips to get you through the day.

First, let's think of why your child is averse to a snow day. There are many factors here that can have a huge impact on a child with autism spectrum disorders. How will they be affected by a schedule change? Do they need structured activities at home? Do they hate the cold and other sensory aspects of the snow? Let's be honest, going from an expected school day to a free for all at home is a huge change. While some may love to get a break from school, others may still need that structure to get them through the day.

February 5 
Program Expansion Information Session 
Location: The Shafer Center 
February 6   
Parent Coffee
(TSC Families Only)
February 16 
Bridge Family Social  
Location: The Shafer Center 
February 19 
Breakfast & Books
Freeks, Geeks & Asperger Syndrome
By: Luke Jackson
Location: The Shafer Center  

In math class, I Bridge client was learning about how the number line goes on for infinity. His response was" But my mom had an infinity car and she couldn't keep that forever!"  

After playing a card game, the cards were a mess all over the floor.  The TSC Kiddo laid down in them and said, "Look I'm making snow angels!"   


A Bridge Student had to put on a dress coat costume for rehearsal (he is playing Beethoven) and he said, "I don't wanna be fancy.  Looks like I am going to a Bar Mitzvah or something"   

Shafer Stars

Anshu started at The Shafer Center with only a few word approximations but with great communicative intent. When he began with speech-language services, he began using the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) to convey wants and needs. As he quickly mastered phases in PECS, he also began acquiring and using more words. Within a year, Anshu was speaking in three-to-four words sentences, relying less on PECS to communicate. Eventually, Anshu no longer required assistive technology to convey his thoughts. Currently, Anshu uses lengthy and descriptive sentences to comment, request, and initiate with peers and adults. We are so proud of you Anshu!

Shafer Staff Heroes

"Being able to really focus on the individual needs of the students and being creative with the every aspect of daily instruction is rare, I truly love using a multi-sensory approach to help motivate and inspire my students.  The Shafer Center also has a highly trained and devoted staff, having a strong team allows the classroom to run smoothly and provides the students the best possible learning environment."



Shafer Spotlight of the Month

The Shafer Center is excited to announce the expansion of our school program. For the 2015-2016 school year, The Shafer Center will be adding two new class programs which will allow us to serve children from grades 3rd to 5th.


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