December 2014 Newsletter

By Alicia Ingiosi: Bridge Program Director  

Hi Families! I'll admit it. I didn't always love December or the holidays. Growing up in a big, Italian, Catholic family lent itself to a lot of crazy, loud gatherings, hugs and gifts from people I barely knew. It wasn't until I met my husband and had my own children that I really started embracing December and all the wonderment that comes with it.  


Let's face it, though, this time of year can be a lot to handle for a neuro-typical person, let alone someone with an autism spectrum disorder. The stores are busier, the lines are longer, and the music plays louder at the mall. Not to mention that nothing looks the same, smells the same, or just is the same as usual. It is stressful and can be even harder to manage if any person(s) in your family has special needs. Here are some tips to help us all be a little more sane and full of holiday cheer.


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January 9  
Parent Coffee
(TSC Families Only)

January 21
Transition Parent Panel 
(Snow Make up Parent Panel January 27)

January 22
Breakfast & Books
Freaks, Geeks & Asperger Syndrome
By: Luke Jackson

Firemen came to school to talk to the students and show them their equipment and fire engine. During the fireman's talk he asked if anyone had any questions. The Bridge Client raised his hand, was called on, and said... "What is the capital of South Dakota?!"


A Bridge Therapist asked,
"What do you do if someone gives you a gift and you don't like it"
The kiddos response, "Trash it"
A Bridge student wanted to ride in a car on the playground but I told him he needed to find a peer to ride in it with him first. He responded "but I'm running late to work! I need to go now!" 

Shafer Stars


Maddie began attending a full day program at a local elementary school with an ABA therapist from The Shafer Center where she receives a combination of classroom based instruction and ABA therapy.  She had no functional communication system when she started the program this year and has become a whiz at using PECS, as well as making verbal approximations to ask for, "help" when she is frustrated.  Music has been a great reinforcer for Maddie and she loves to sing along or will start singing on her own, "Jingle Bells" has been a favorite this holiday season!  She has made great strides with classroom readiness and academic skills this year as well.  Way to go Maddie!!

Shafer Staff Heroes

"I get to work with the best staff, kids and families every day! "



Shafer Spotlight of the Month
The dream 2 classroom helped make William's holiday wish come true by writing letters, to take part in "Letters to William".  The classroom choose to reach out to the autism community in a way in which our students could participate!


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