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August 2013
Tele Dynamics' Tellings

Communication News For Your Business


If you're moving your office, and you don't have Hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), now might be a great time to switch. Consider the many great advantages of what the Internet brings to VOIP communications:

  • You can add phones without costly equipment
  • Tele-Dynamics can do most system changes remotely
  • Maintenance is included in one monthly fee
  • Office voicemails can appear on your smart phone

            And if you're concerned about making a change in your communications system and moving at the same

We are moving

time, don't be. We help our clients move every day, and can make it easy, seamless, and stress-free. We'll help you navigate building management requirements, manage circuit installation lead times, and coordinate with other vendors. In fact, while you're doing your business, we'll be:

  • determining the most appropriate network and cabling configuration for the new office
  • ensuring efficient reinstallation of all PCs, printers, servers and business phone systems
  • and testing all systems to the network

            So if you're moving your office, call on us to Piece of cake make the process a piece of cake. Whether you're changing your communications system at the same time-or not-we'll make sure your communication systems are up and running on your move date.

If you're in business, you need to be able to invite anyone into a video conference


Just as voice communications have become enhanced by the Internet, so, too has video conferencing. Thanks to Radvision, the 20-year leader in video technology, video conferencing is so life-like and voice is so immediate, it 

makes travel virtually unnecessary. In fact, Radvision is credited with creating the Video over IP industry, and now the entire video industry runs on Radvision technology.
Radvision Logo  

             Radvision, now owned by Avaya, enables you to do videoconferencing on conference room screens, desktop, a mobile device or tablet. So, whether you need real-time or scheduled room-based videoconferencing, meetings can happen anywhere, at any time, thanks to Avaya's collaboration platforms and networking infrastructure.

            Even if your current videoconferencing is still based on the H.323 protocol stack, we can provide a bridge to the future of personal video which will be based on the SIP standard. Videoconference on tabletEven if you have third-party video equipment, Radvision still gives you the ability to control, manage, schedule and monitor performance for your entire video network.

            Here are some additional benefits of using Radvision videoconferencing:

  • Scalable Video Coding that is intuitive and easy to operate
  • Distributed multipoint architecture
  • Bandwidth optimization
  • 3G Videotelephony
  • Conference initiation from IM

            By 2014, mobile internet users will exceed desktop users, and mobile workers have already reached 1.3 billion. Clearly, if you're in business, you need to be able to invite anyone into a videoconference. Make your communications more up close and personal with Radvision, the first and ultimate videoconferencing technology leader.

Call us today if you need VoIP, you're moving your

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office, or you'd like to have more effective, realistic communications-anytime, anywhere-with your team and partners with videoconferencing.

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