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                                                                SPRING 2015

Much has been accomplished over the last several months as we seek to achieve optimal health care for animals. Here are the highlights:
Research is Underway: What are the true benefits of collaborative care for primary care veterinarians, for specialists, and most importantly, for pets?

Understanding what motivates or hinders referral and collaboration will allow us to demonstrate through data, the actual effects of a team approach to care. Are patients ultimately healthier? Are practices?  Are clients more loyal? 


Research has been divided into three phases.

  • Phase 1 - Referral dynamics - a first-of-its-kind comprehensive literature review and white paper including perspectives from all veterinary industry stake-holders with input from the human and dental field. This is intended to help identify key gaps in collaborative patient care data and then direct subsequent outreach efforts (completion May 2015).
  • Phase 2 - Qualitative analysis - statistically explore the economic and medical benefits such collaboration provides to: veterinary clients, general practitioners and specialists. (beg. June 2015).
  • Phase 3 - Quantitative analysis - drivers and barriers to collaboration; myth vs. fact - actual benefits of collaboration.

Support is Growing 

As an industry-wide initiative, VetSOAP has begun to actively reach out to the specialty colleges, veterinary associations, industry, universities, veterinarians, and veterinary practices, to garner both endorsements and financial backing. We have a strong base of support which continues to expand. 

  • Recent endorsements - ACVS, ACVD,  AAHA, ACVECC, ACVIM
  • Participating sponsors - AAHA, ACVD, ACVS, Aratana, BluePearl, BluePrints, Covidien, Live Oak Bank, Royal Canin, VCA, Zoetis, and several specialty practices.
If you would like a representative of the VetSOAP board of directors to provide your college, company, or practice with more information, please contact us at



How You Can Help


  • Spread the word among your colleagues that there is an initiative underway to promote the benefits of collaborative care.
  • Encourage others to sign up to receive periodic updates on VetSOAP's progress.
  • Let your college know you would like them to support VetSOAP including becoming a sponsor and provide more value for your membership.
  • Provide a testimonial from your own experience as a general practitioner, specialist, or pet owner regarding how collaboration between a primary care veterinarian and veterinary specialists helped your practice, patient, or pet. (Submit here)
  • Make a donation and help support the cause. As a 5016, we are a non-profit entity. Funds support research and outreach efforts. You may contribute securely through PayPal.
Next Up - Stay tuned for the publish date of the Phase 1 research white paper. The board of directors will meet again at ACVIM Forum (6.5.15) and ACVS Symposium (10.23.15).


VetSOAP's Purpose:

To achieve optimal health care for animals, advance the veterinary profession, and evolve the relationship between primary care veterinarians and specialists.


VetSOAP's Mission:

To create awareness in animal owners and the animal care community of the benefits of collaboration among primary care veterinarians and specialists.



Join Us:

If you would like to participate in this important initiative, click here to learn how you can get involved.

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