New Student Newsletter
June 21, 2013
Vol. 1
June 21, 2013 

Dear Mighty Oaks!


 On behalf of my colleagues in the Office of Student Affairs and across    campus, I am thrilled to formally welcome you to the College of Environmental Science and Forestry community! We are busy getting things ready for your arrival in August. I hope you are looking as forward to that day as we are.


You likely chose ESF because you know you will get an excellent education here. You will take classes from outstanding faculty members who are well regarded in their fields. And you may participate i n research projects with these faculty members. In addition to an excellent academic experience, a hallmark of an ESF education is the learning and experience you will have outside the classroom.


In the Office of Student Affairs, our mission is to advance individual student learning, well-being, and success by intentionally designing involvement and engagement opportunities to promote contributions to the College community and greater society. We do this by planning programs and service projects, by helping you prepare for your internship and job searches, by coordinating tutoring programs, by assisting you with any challenges you may face, and in many other ways. You will learn more about our offices and other offices on campus during your upcoming Orientation.


Enjoy the remainder of your summer. We look forward to seeing you soon!




Dean Lombard


Anne E. Lombard, Ph.D.

Dean for Student Affairs

General Reminders, Orientation Info, and
Centennial Hall:  Two Months to Go!
 New Student Checklist Reminder
As a reminder, the New Student Checklist on the Accepted Student website is live and waiting for you to complete the required items!  This includes emergency contact information, a photo for ESF, policies acknowledgement, and FERPA waiver.  You also must do the Syracuse University required tasks before Orientation starts.  You will need to set up your NetID and SU e-Mail so you can upload your photo for the ID card.  Please do not forget about the Health Form and Immunizations record.  Last there are new meal plan options so pay particular attention to the Meal Plan site for further details.
Second, we are exactly 2 months away from Orientation!  We are very much looking forward to meeting each and every one of you and having you get to know our 52 Orientation Leaders.  To take a sneak peak at what Orientation will look like for you, please visit the Orientation page.  For a look at the tentative First-Year Orientation schedule, click here.
Centennial Hall Logo
Centennial Hall Info: 
Living with a Roommate

 "My college roommate..."

There is a broad spectrum of experiences associated with that phrase. For some students, their college roommate becomes their new best friend. For others, they may get along fine, but never hang out beyond their shared time in the room. Most roommates fall somewhere in between. You will be receiving your room number and roommate information after July 4th, so here are a few tips to help you start your roommate experience off on the right foot.

  • Don't be quick to judge. You might first "meet" your roommate through email or on Facebook, but remember that people are different in real life than they are online. Don't judge your new roommate too harshly based on internet perceptions.
  • Have realistic expectations. You and your roommate may be into different types of things or want to go to different activities on campus, and that's ok! You may do some things together, but you'll also have your own separate lives.
  • Coordinate who will bring what. Talk to you roommate and figure out what you'll each be bringing to college. The rooms in Centennial are nice, and much more spacious than most residence hall rooms, but they still aren't big enough to need two large televisions. Decide which items you'll each want to bring your own versions of and which items only one of you will bring to share while you live there.
  • Communicate! If your roommate is doing something that bothers you, let them know (in a nice way). They might not realize what they're doing affects you if you don't say something. And be sure to talk with your roommate about the best way to communicate. Do they like to text? Prefer face-to-face conversations? Figure out what works best and keep the dialogue going!

Keep an eye on your email inbox for more information about living with a roommate from the staff at Centennial Hall. You will receive your housing assignment and roommate's name after July 4th.

Meet the staff in Student Affairs!
Student Involvement and Leadership
Student Involvement and Leadership is the office you will first meet before you arrive on campus, led by the Director Laura Crandall, an ESF alum.  This office is here to assist in your transition to ESF starting at Orientation with assistance from 52 OLs, faculty, and staff.  After Orientation has concluded, some OLs will stay on as Mentors throughout the fall semester and host a variety of social and academic events to further help you succeed at ESF. 
Student Involvement and Leadership also oversees all of the ESF student organizations and student government (Undergraduate Student Association or USA).  Consider joining a club your first year so you can get a nice flavor of all that ESF has to offer.  Through this office there are also many other ways to stay connected and get involved such as attending an Insomniacs event.  These are held almost every Friday night at 10pm in Nifkin Lounge. You might go to an SAPB event (see your student planner you will get at Orientation), or attend one of the many USA sponsored events such as Morning Munches, Ice Cream Socials, Earth Week events, or an awards banquet and dance.
The office is located in 14 Bray Hall in the lower level.  You will be greeted by Lela Randall, our secretary, and you will also work with Catherine Miller who is a program assistant.  Be sure to get involved and check your e-mail regularly for our weekly update!  For questions regarding our office, visit our website at
 Academic Support Services

The Academic Support Services Office, led by Scott J. Blair, is here to assist all students by providing a variety of development opportunities to assist students in their academic pursuits.  Academic Support Services oversees the College's Peer Tutoring Program, which provides ESF undergraduates with peer tutoring support for classes taught at ESF along with Physics support if taken at Syracuse University.  Students are encouraged to visit our office in 109a Moon Library to sign-up for a tutor once the semester has begun if such support is needed. Students are also encouraged to visit our office if they qualify to be a tutor as well.  ESF students are hired to serve as peer tutors and are required to attain a 'B' or better in the respective course while being in 'Good Academic Standing'.  Having taken the course at ESF is preferred.


In addition to our Peer Tutoring Program, our office also runs a variety of academic support workshops each semester to assist students in developing appropriate time management and study skills to be a successful student, support for Educational Opportunity Program students (EOP), Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (CSTEP) students, an academic Early-Alert program for first-year students and academic coaching for students on academic probation. 


For questions regarding our services, visit our website at for more details. 

Academic Information:  June is Math Placement Time!

Math Placement Exam Info

 All first-year students, along with transfer students without credit for the minimum required math course for their major, were sent an email on June 4, 2013 detailing a required Math Placement Exam that is to be completed by July 3, 2013. Completing the Math Placement Exam assists the math faculty with correct course placement for academic success. The math faculty will use the score, along with a review of previous math coursework, to advise the Registrar's Office when placing Fall schedules.


The Math Placement Exam will not have an impact on admissions decisions but the exam should be taken seriously and without assistance. It is 50 questions and should take about an hour to complete. It is also administered online through Syracuse University.


A few common questions that the Admissions Office has received about the

Math Placement Exam are:

-I just logged into MySlice but I cannot get into Blackboard. What is the problem?

After logging into MySlice, the system needs a moment to refresh. This could take up to 24 hours. So, after logging into MySlice, give the system a rest and log into Blackboard after 24 hours has passed.

 -I am a transfer student and I took the prerequisite for the required math course that I have yet to take for my degree. Do I still have to take the Math Placement Exam?

Yes, the math faculty is requesting that all students, who have not completed the minimum required math course for their major, take the exam. Your scores will be used to assist the math faculty with a general understanding of your knowledge. Taking the exam will not hold you back from taking the next level math course.

- I am taking the exam but I have to stop for now. Will the exam save so that I can come back to it to finish?

Yes, the exam can be saved without submitting and, when you return, you can pick up where you left off.


For additional information about placement exams, including step by step instructions and frequently asked questions visit:


If you have questions concerning the exam, please contact the Admissions Office at (315) 470-6600.

Meet ESF Student Leaders
The Role of the Orientation Leader

Hi! We are Maureen and JP, your 2013 Head Orientation Leaders (OLs)! We are highly involved on campus, with events such as late night programming, student government and class marshalls. As your head OLs it is our job to oversee the 50 student Orientation Leaders who will be welcoming you to your new home. The Orientation Leader team aims to relieve any anxiety associated with the college transition, help establish ties to ESF faculty, staff, other students and the campus, and give you tips to succeed at ESF. In addition we are here to answer any and all questions to help prepare you for the start of classes. During Orientation week you will meet your best friends for the next four years and learn what it takes to be an ESF student. Your crazy energetic OLs are here to encourage participation in campus life events to help make this possible!


Click here to meet the rest of the Orientation Leader Team!

In This Issue
Quick Links
ESF Traditions
Join an ESF or SU Club

Many of the major events and programs at ESF are created, planned, and managed by students. Conducting campus tours through the Ambassador program, assisting new students during Orientation through Mighty Movers or Orientation Leaders, planning the Annual Awards Banquets, or hosting families and friends during the Fall BBQ are all ways in which you can become involved. You will have the opportunity to gain new skills, manage finances, expand your knowledge about a particular topic, contribute to and improve campus life, and most importantly have a good time doing it!


During your first year at ESF you should make it a priority to attend at least one USA meeting,  an Insomniacs event, join at least one club, tie-dye one of your ESF shirts, participate in an Eco-Rep program, and check out Earth Week. There is so much more to do than that at ESF but it will give you a nice snapshot of the traditional events and programs we have at ESF. Do not forget to check out all the events that are going on across the street at SU, too! 


Click here to see a list of ESF student organizations that are either directly related to your academic program or of particular interest to ESF students. You are also eligible for membership in all student groups at Syracuse University (except NCAA Division I sports). Currently there are about 30 organizations at ESF and more than 325 at SU in which you can become involved. Click here to see a list of clubs and organizations at SU.


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