Summer Nights parties: do what works for you!

Won't you consider hosting a Summer Nights party to benefit the extra programs and services we offer? A picnic, a dinner, a whatever works for you! Party planning help and ideas - including attractive invitations and donation cards for your guests - will be available at our wine and cheese meeting for potential party hosts on Monday, May 16 at 5:30 p.m. Join our Foundation staff at the Demere Center for Living, 6000 Business Center Drive, or call Ophelia at 912.629.1027. 
A home for Maggie and Fritz
Maggie, a hard-of-hearing bundle of love pictured above, along with long-haired Daschund, Fritz, recently needed to find a new home when their owner passed away under our care. Thanks to the collaboration between our Pet Peace of Mindİ coordinator and One Love Animal Rescue both pups are now happily re-homed.  We are grateful to our donors who make it possible for us to have a thriving Pet Peace of Mindİ program ensuring patients and their beloved pets can stay together during their time under our care.  Find out more here.
A new class for Family Caregivers: Saving time, money and heartache

Our Edel Caregiver Institute launches a new four-hour Family Caregiving course next week that is designed to save family caregivers time, money and heartache. Four sessions cover practical, hands-on caregiving skills; the financial costs of caregiving; long-term plans; and being a healthy caregiver. Full details are available here and participants are welcome to take one session or all. The class will be offered on the second Friday of each month at 12:30 p.m.  for a voluntary suggested donation of $25. 
Tax advantages for donors....Did you know?

If you are like many of our friends and supporters, you may own stock that has gone up significantly in value over the years,  and may  be concerned about paying a capital gain should you decide to sell it.  A good alternative to selling is to make a charitable donation to support our mission. As an example: imagine you had bought 100 shares of XYZ stock for $1,000 many years ago, and today, because of stock splits and price appreciation, the stock is worth $60,000.  If you sold it you would have to pay a significant tax on the $59,000 of appreciation in value. If, however, you donated the stock to Hospice Savannah, you would completely avoid the tax on the capital gains and be entitled to a $60,000 charitable contribution deduction.  Please call our Foundation at 912.629.1055 if you would like more information.
Thanks to Location Gallery@Austin Hill Realty
Following an on-line vote for a deserving not-for-profit, Location Gallery @Austin Hill Realty, at 417 Whitaker in Savannah, recently donated proceeds from its inaugural art show to Hospice Savannah. Warm thanks to gallery director, Peter E. Roberts, who presented a check for $2,938 to our Foundation VP, Kim Stangle (pictured center).
Appreciating our volunteers
We simply could not fulfill our mission without the hard work and dedication of our more than 150 volunteers. A one-day volunteer training is offered every other month and information and applications are available on-line. Pictured at last month's United Way Volunteer Awards luncheon is Full Circle volunteer Marcia Bererns (2nd from left) with the Full Circle bereavement counselors, Betsy, Barbara and Holland.
Camp Aloha
60 children experienced our annual overnight grief camp this past weekend. We thank our employees and volunteers who helped  give  the children the tools and resources necessary to normalize their feelings about their loss, and we thank the Kaminsky Automotive Group and all the other contributors who made Camp possible. Click here to read a list of donors
from April who helped support programs such as this.

Watch a short video (by clicking on the image) to understand better how we help families and patients.Thanks to Walker Media Management for donating this piece.